I've Got A Secret

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  • Season 1
    • Episode #40
      Episode #40
      Episode 40
      First up is Franz Spoon, who makes murals out of bubble gum. He stumps the panel, and we get to see his art. Next guest is none other than Barbara Eden. Her secret is she is a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin. After naming a roster of names, Jermaine gets it. Next Bonnie Morgan, who is an extreme contortionist, and she's in a box. Suzanne nails this, and we get a performance.moreless
    • Episode #39
      Episode #39
      Episode 39
      First up is Marguerite Johannis, who serves sushi off her naked body. She stumps the panel, though Frank knew the secret after his turn. She wins dinner and $1,000. Next we meet Michael Sessions, who also stumps the panel with his secret: I am the youngest U.S. mayor. Next is Dan Menendez, who juggles while playing piano. He completes a sweep for the guests.moreless
    • Episode #38
      Episode #38
      Episode 38
      First guest is Gail McNally, who was Jack Nicholson's high school sweetheart. Billy gets it, with a lot of help from Frank. Next is special guest star Rip Taylor, who once had an interesting job. He stumps the panel. His secret is: I was a page in the U.S. Senate. Finally, the blindfolds are on for Cody, the bartending chimp. He stumps the panel, and serves up a round for all.moreless
    • Episode #37
      Episode #37
      Episode 37
      First up are Gloria and Simone Howe, who are mother/daughter Playboy playmates. Suzanne gets their secret. Second is guest Barry Williams, of Brady Bunch fame. He stumps the panel with his secret: before I was an actor I was a junior rodeo champion. Finally, we meet Leticia Whitman, can sing with her mouth closed. The panel calls a conference, but singing weird is as close as they get.moreless
    • Episode #36
      Episode #36
      Episode 36
      First up is Don Gorsky, who has eaten Big Macs every day for 34 years, and he\'s saved all the cartons! Billy gets it. Next is George Vlosic, who is an Etch-A-Sketch artist. He wins dinner for two and $1000. Finally we meet Nancy Judd, who makes clothing from garbage. Suzanne gets it.moreless
    • Episode #35
      Episode #35
      Episode 35
      First up is Theo Nelson, who made a half-court basketball shot for $1,000,000. Billy gets it, and we see the video. Next is David Lopez, and Suzanne get his secret. He is J-Lo's father. Finally we put on the blindfolds for Martha Wash, of the Weather Girls, who wrote and recorded "It's Raining Men". Frank gets it for a clean panel sweep.moreless
    • Episode #34
      Episode #34
      Episode 34
      First, the blindfolds go on for Tasha-Nicole, a model, and a UN peace envoy, who holds the world record for soccer ball juggling. Billy gets it. Next up is Lucas Trerice, who tin-foiled his friend's entire house. Again, Billy gets it. Finally, we meet Al Glinecki, who is the world's fastest cherry stem knotter. Suzanne, who can do it herself, gets it for a clean panel sweep. Al and Suzanne then have a competition. Al wins, 9 to 2.moreless
    • Episode #33
      Episode #33
      Episode 33
      First up are Sara and Kay, who are mother/daughter acrobats. The blindfolds go on, the panel gets the mother/daughter part, but that's all. We get a show, and they win dinner for two and $1,000. Next up is Phillipe, a man who has a star alter ego. Jermaine thinks he has seen him before, and he gets it. Phillipe is the Indian from the Village People. Last we meet Rick Smith, Jr., who is a card-throwing champion. Suzanne gets it. His record throw was 216' 4".moreless
    • Episode #32
      Episode #32
      Episode 32
      First up is Donna Lee Kang, who was a cheerleader alongside Sandra Bullock. She stumps the panel, and wins dinner for two and $1,000. Pictures are presented. Next up is James van Praagh, the world famous psychic medium. Frank figures his secret out, he studied to become a priest. More pictures are presented. Finally, we meet Joel Freeborn, who can open bottles with his navel. Jermaine gets his secret, but a few seconds too late. And we get a demo.moreless
    • Episode #31
      Episode #31
      Episode 31
      First up is Lily Chin, who is the world's fastest crocheter. The blindfolds go on, Lily goes to work, and the panel go at it. They are sharp tonight, and by the time it's Billy's turn, he gets it quickly. And they each get scarves. Next up is Jeff Harris, who's failure made news. The panel get that close, but not close enough. His secret: he lost an election to a dead man. Finally we meet Larry Thompson, who is a rocket scientist. The panel is still sharp, and Suzanne gets it. He is Carrot Top's father.moreless
    • Episode #30
      Episode #30
      Episode 30
      First up today is Erin Connelly, who is a champion flair bartender in Las Vegas. Blindfolds are needed, because she is demonstrating while she answers. The panel get close, but not quite. She wins dinner for two and $1000. Next are Chuck and Sandra McKee, grandparents of eight. The panel get it right, though, after a conference. Their secret is: they live in a house that is an exact replica of TV's The Munsters. Finally, we meet Danny Higginbottom, who is the world's best belly-flopper. The panel get it's about jumping into water, but that's all. He wins, and flops twenty feet into 12" of water.moreless
    • Episode #29
      Episode #29
      Episode 29
      First up is Kelly Butler, who makes lampshades out of lingerie. The panel get as far as a lighting fixture in the bedroom, but that's it. She wins $1000 and dinner. Next they put the blindfolds on for Mike Eruzione, who was the U.S. 1980 Olympic hockey team captain. Billy gets it, and we see the gold medal. Finally, we meet Jim Blauvelt, whose bulldog Tyson rides a skateboard. Jermaine gets it, and we get a demonstration.moreless
    • Episode #28
      Episode #28
      Episode 28
      First we meet Jamie Canopi, who lost a beauty contest to Eva Longoria. Billy gets it with major help from Jermaine. Second is Felix Baumgardner, who is a daredevil. Billy and Suzanne almost have it, and Jermaine calls a conference. They get it. The secret: 'I jumped off the world's tallest building.' It was the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, which is 1479 feet tall. Finally, we come to John Mitchell, who is a world champion baton twirler. He stumps the panel for $1000 and a dinner.moreless
    • Episode #27
      Episode #27
      Episode 27
      FIrst, we put the blindfolds on the panel for Emily Fox, who is a world champion cup stacker, and she does it while they are guessing. Billy gets the secret, though, just as she is finishing her tower. Next is Betty Wilson, who makes art out of human ashes. Believe it or not, Jermaine gets it, with the help of a conference. And we end with music legend Glen Campbell, who can play the bagpipes. After guessing it's musical, Suzanne gets that it is played in Scotland. Game over for Glen.moreless
    • Episode #26
      Episode #26
      Episode 26
      First guest is Betty Chul, whose rabbit won best in a show. Even with blindfolds on, the team get it, and we see the rabbit in action. Next up is Will Scillin, who stumps the panel with his secret. He cuts artistic designs in cornfields. We see some of his huge mazes. Finally, we meet Dr. Tom Addleberry, who holds the record for consecutive basketball shots. He doesn't stump Billy, who goes on to compete against him. Billy gets 3, the doctor, 4, game over.moreless
    • Episode #25
      Episode #25
      Episode 25
      First guests are Mark and Jackie, who paint clothes on naked people, and they do it while the blindfolded panel get stumped. Next is the infamous Jerry Springer, who's secret is that he was born in a subway station. Again, the panel is stumped. Finally, we meet Gary Weimer, whose dog can do arithmetic. Frank gets this one, and we get a demonstration.moreless
    • Episode #24
      Episode #24
      Episode 24
      First up is Cathy Smith, a grandmother who owns the world's smallest cat. Billy gets it, and we see Mr. Peebles. Next we meet Brandon Jerwa, who was a model for the G.I. Joe doll. But Billy again comes through. Finally Krandall Newton appears, and he draws people's butts. He also stumps the panel before drawing Jermaine's backside.moreless
    • Episode #23
      Episode #23
      Episode 23
      First we meet Thomas Koet & Jill Smith, who are champion sandcastle sculptors. The panel gets that they build something artistic from natural resources, but that's all. They win $1000 and the dinner. Next is the one and only Phyllis Diller. Her secret... she posed nude for Playboy. Again, the panel is stumped. And we end with a construction foreman who shatters glass with his voice. Jermaine gets it, but he's too late. It's a clean sweep for the guests.moreless
    • Episode #22
      Episode #22
      Episode 22
      First we meet Kelly and Colleen, who stump the panel with 'We are mother/daughter champion body builders'. Next up is Jack Condon, who has a collection of memorabilia from 'Charlie's Angels'. The panel is stumped again. Finally we meet Dwayne Flatmo, who plays guitar with a hand mixer. The guests go three for three.moreless
    • Episode #21
      Episode #21
      Episode 21
      First guest is Hilda Marshall, who makes jewelry from human bones. But she loses as Billy gets the secret. Second is Alison and Anna, who won a mother-daughter lookalike contest. The panel comes close, but not quite. Thirdly we have David Fisher, who jumps rope on his butt. But Suzanne calls a conference and gets it.moreless
    • Episode #20
      Episode #20
      Episode 20
      First is Tina Marie Holowinski, who is a world champion domino builder. The panel get it, and we get a demonstration. Second is special guest 'Cindy', who is Jermaine's mother. Of course, he gets that one. Then we get a Double Dutch rope team from New York. Jermaine gets it for a clean sweep.moreless
    • Episode #19
      Episode #19
      Episode 19
      First up is Brian Berg, who builds the world's tallest house of cards. But Billy figures it out. Next we see Lorenzo Lamas, who was Regis Philbin's personal trainer. The panel gets Regis, but not the secret. Third is Aaron and April Armstrong, who won a wife-carrying race. Suzanne gets it right, then Bil knocks down Brian's card house.moreless
    • Episode #18
      Episode #18
      Episode 18
      First guest is Jeff Beck, who spent $40,000 on Ken dolls. After a conference, Billy gets it. Second is Janice Flissfetter, who got mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Matthew McConnaughey. But Jermaine figures that one out. Third, Ryan Burrus wears a beard of 20,000 bees, which he demonstrates. He does stump the panel to win.moreless
    • Episode #17
      Episode #17
      Episode 17
      First up is Dixie Emmons, who went to her prom with Elvis Presley. Billy figures it out, so she loses. Next is Alan Kligerman, who invented Beano. He stumps the panel to win. Finally we see Angel Tolentino, who paints using her breasts. But Billy and Frank put it together.
    • Episode #15
      Episode #15
      Episode 15
      First up tonight is George Reeger, who has 1800 mini tattoos on his chest. He stumps the panel to win. Next is Sandy Hall, who owns the world's tallest dog, a 7'2" great dane. But she loses when Jermaine figures it out. Third we have a group of four dwarfs, who are a KISS tribute band, MiniKISS. Billy gets that they are a tribute rock group, but that's all, so they win.moreless
    • Episode #14
      Episode #14
      Episode 14
      First guest is Scott Dragolovich, who can turn his feet backwards while standing. He wins as the panel can't get it. Next is JJ, Jimmie Walker. He also stumps the panel with his secret. He was a vendor at Yankee Stadium. Thirdly we see David Adamovich, who is a world champion knife thrower. But he loses as Billy gets it.moreless
    • Episode #13
      Episode #13
      Episode 13
      First up is Stephanie Curtis, who blows two balloons with her nose. The panel comes close, but not quite. She wins the dinner and $1000. Second is Steve Jenne, who owns Richard Nixon's half-eaten sandwich. The panel can't get this one. Third is Victoria Pettigrew, who makes bikinis out of dog hair, but loses as Suzanne gets it.moreless
    • Episode #12
      Episode #12
      Episode 12
      First guest is Sarah Knepp, who makes cheese bust sculptures. She stumps the panel to win. Next is the one and only Ben Stein, whose secret is that he stuffed his dog after it was run over. Jermaine gets it. Thirdly we see Matt Gazzardo and Miles Cain, who juggle while stripping. He takes the prize.moreless
    • Episode #11
      Episode #11
      Episode 11
      The first guest is Paul Miller, who has a ten-foot long moustache. Billy figures that one out. Next is Mark Zeabin, who makes furniture out of caskets. He stumps them and wins. Finally, we see Lilia Stepanova, who shoots a bow and arrow with her feet. She also stumps the panel to win.moreless
    • Episode #10
      Episode #10
      Episode 10
      First we meet Bernie Barker, who is the world's oldest male stripper. He stumps the panel. Second is Will Belai, who won a 'Desperate Housewives' lookalike contest, as Nicolette Sheridan. He also stumps the panel. Finally, we get Rob Law, who smashes watermelons with his head. But Suzanne gets it.
    • Episode #9
      Episode #9
      Episode 9
      FIrst up is LuAnne Best, who owns a water-skiing squirrel. The panel gets squirrel, but that's all. She wins. Next is MTV's Tom Green, who has a bird that cleans Tom's teeth. The panel is stumped. Next is Mark Kenney, who is a world champion hand walker. Jermaine gets it right away, though.moreless
    • Episode #8
      Episode #8
      Episode 8
      First guest is James Thompson, who can jump rope with three women on his back. But Billy gets his secret, and we get a demonstration. Next is Staci Jo Watson, who won a sexiest legs pageant. Again, Billy gets the secret, and we see the merchandise. Last, we meet Carlene and Rich LeFevre, who are the world's fastest eating couple. The panel comes close, but not quite. The LeFevres win $1000 and a dinner, and we see them inhale some hotdogs, while Bil and Billy start chewing.moreless
    • Episode #7
      Episode #7
      Episode 7
      First up, we meet Abby Jay, who plays the flute...with her nose! But Billy gets it just in time. Next we see George Wendt (Norm). His secret is, he was expelled from Notre Dame University with a zero GPA. But Jermaine gets it. Finally we meet Chris Harriman, who is a human jump-rope. Suzanne calls a conference, but they come up short. And we see a demonstration. Chris wins $1000 and dinner.moreless
    • Episode #6
      Episode #6
      Episode 6
      First guest is Lori Barghini, who invented nipple enhancers. Too bad for her, as Frank, with some help from Suzanne, nails it. Second up is George Blair, who is 91. Jermaine get his secret - he is the world's oldest barefoot water skier. Finally we meet Douglas and Draper Mauldin, who are champion turkey callers. But the panel is 3 for 3 tonight, as Suzanne gets it.moreless
    • Episode #5
      Episode #5
      Episode 5
      First guests are Donald and Nancy Featherstone, who have been dressing alike every day for 28 years. The panel flops, so they win $1000 and dinner. Next is Wendy Gold, who is a toilet seat artist. Too bad for her, Jermaine gets it. Finally we meet Steve McGranahan, who rips decks of cards with his teeth. The panel misses, he wins, and then sets a new record - eleven decks in 25 seconds.moreless
    • Episode #4
      Episode #4
      Episode 4
      First guest is Lisa Bowlick, who stumps the panel with 'her breasts dance to music'. Second up is Conway Downing Jr., who played high school basketball with President George W. Bush, but Billy nails this one. Third guests are a couple, Paul and Lauren, who made their prom outfits out of duct tape. The panel doesn't come close on this one, so we get to see the winners demonstrate their fashions.moreless
    • Episode #3
      Episode #3
      Episode 3
      First up tonight is Kathy, who has the world's smallest waist, or so she says. Frank gets it, and she shows it, 15". Second guest is Corbin Bernson, who has an interesting collection. Frank gets it again, a snowglobe collection. Finally, we meet Caroline, who's secret is she is a champion saw player. Frank makes it a clean sweep for him, then Caroline plays us out with "Star Spangled Banner".moreless
    • Episode #2
      Episode #2
      Episode 2
      First up tonight is Henry, who trains lizards. The panel gets his secret. Next we see Phil and Jena Malm. They stump the panel with their secret; they are identical twins, married to identical twins, and they all live in the same house. Then we meet Doug & Jill Malm. Final contestant is Mike Lloyd, who can kick himself in the head 42 times in one minute. He wins, though Jermaine knew his secret, but had already had his turn.moreless
    • Episode #1 - Premiere
      And we're off and running with IGAS2K6. After introducing Bil and the panel, the first ever contestant on the show is Laurie Lomeli. The blindfolds go on, because she is a hula-hoop champion, and she demonstrates while answering the questions. The panel gets that she's a champion, doing something physical, but that's all. She wins $1,000, and dinner for two in Beverly Hills. Second is guest Adam West, TV's Batman. His secret is he has a bat symbol on his crowned tooth. He stumps the panel, who are awed to meet him. Third is Alex Mooney, who breaks pencils with his butt cheecks. He also wins, though Jermaine gets that he breaks things with his 'boom-boom'.moreless