Ivor the Engine

BBC (ended 1982)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Retirement (2)
      Retirement (2)
      Episode 20
      The Dragons are in danger of being caged. Luckily, Mr. Dinwiddy knows just the place for them to live. But will everyone have to say goodbye to the Dragons forever?
    • St. George (1)
      St. George (1)
      Episode 19
      There are some problems with Smoke Hill again. So, Jones, Ivor go to Merioneth to see Mrs. Griffiths. While there, Gaian and Blodwen encounter an old enemy...
    • Chickens
      Episode 18
      Ivor has gone off on his own again. Dai gets quite cross about it, while Jones finds Ivor at Mr. Pugh's farm along with some guests.
    • The Bird House (3)
      The Bird House (3)
      Episode 17
      Ivor returns along with a small fortune and knows just what he wans to buy...
    • Juggernaut (2)
      Juggernaut (2)
      Episode 16
      Ivor goes off with Banger's Circus as "The Singing Engine". His replacement is a Juggernaut built by Bynon Smith. It turns out to be a lot less reliable than Ivor.
    • Sheep Herding (1)
      Sheep Herding (1)
      Episode 15
      Jones and Dai are watching the sheep dog trials and a very large contestant turns up to enter...
    • Half-Crowns
      Episode 14
      The Dragons have nearly run out of Half-Crowns for their gas meter at Smoke Hill. Jones and Ivor find some in one of the most unlikely places.
    • The Outing (3)
      The Outing (3)
      Episode 13
      The choir are going on their now annual outing to Tewyn beach. They are planning a very special surprise for Ivor...
    • The Lost Engine (2)
      Jones discovers Ivor has gone and Mrs. Porty suspects bandits. It isn't bandits, of course, and they find the engine at Tewyn beach.
    • The Seaside (1)
      The Seaside (1)
      Episode 11
      The Grumbly Choir decide to spend some time having fun at Tewyn Beach after taking part in the Eistedford. Of course, Ivor is left alone and feels very sad. Back at Grumbly, standing sad and alone again, he decides to go off on his own...
    • Time Off
      Time Off
      Episode 10
      It's lovely summers day and Ivor has finished all his work. Jones and Dai decided to go and relax by the river. Ivor feels a little left out standing by the station platform so he goes off on his own...
    • The Trumpet
      The Trumpet
      Episode 9
      Ivor receives a mysterious package in the post. In turns out to be a trumpet from some old friends and comes in handy for rounding up Old Idwoll's sheep.
    • The Cuckoo-clock (2)
      Jones and Ivor desperately need to find the birds a home. Perhaps Mrs. Porty has the answer?
    • Mrs. Bird (1)
      Mrs. Bird (1)
      Episode 7
      Jones and Ivor decide to help a family of birds that have built a nest on the line.
    • The Water Tower
      The Water Tower
      Episode 6
      Something's very fishy when Ivor won't go under the water tower.
    • The Rescue (2)
      The Rescue (2)
      Episode 5
      Some old fashioned pushers and pullers come to Ivor's rescue.
    • Sledging (1)
      Sledging (1)
      Episode 4
      Ivor is having a lovely time in the snow. With a winch attached to his front, he is pulling the children on sledges up the hill. He pulls too many at a time and ends up wheel-deep in the snow. Various rescue attempts prove futile. Who can save Ivor now?
    • The Fire Engine
      The Fire Engine
      Episode 3
      There's a fire at Mr. Pugh's barn but the new fire engine has got stuck in the snow. Ivor comes to the rescue, taking along the firemen and a hand-pump.
    • Cold Sheep (2)
      Cold Sheep (2)
      Episode 2
      Thanks to a new snowplough, Jones and Ivor have collected supplies from Grumbly. On the way back the come up against an unusual snowdrift...
    • Snowdrifts (1)
      Snowdrifts (1)
      Episode 1
      It's winter in the top left-hand corner of Wales and Ivor's railway is not running because of deep snow. Llaniog needs supplies soon, though, as Eli the Baker is nearly out of flour. What Ivor needs a snowplough...
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