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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 5/28/18

      Major joins forces with the Underground to save Liv's life, and Ravi, Clive, and Peyton pitch in. Meanwhile, it's armed fighting in the streets as Angus leads his followers against the Army when the U.S. government cuts off the brain supply to Seattle.

    • 5/21/18

      When Liv prepares to turn herself in, Major takes a surprising step to stop her. Meanwhile, Ravi eats the brain of a selfie-obsessed girl to help Clive with a case, and Blaine provides his father with a "sign" to take his religion to the outside world.

    • 5/14/18

      Liv consumes a germophobe's brain to solve his murder. Meanwhile, Clive and Dale change their relationship, Ravi grows closer to Isobel, and Major draws closer to the head of the brain-tube-skimming organization.

    • Liv and her team of resisters continue their efforts against Fillmore-Grave, and Major learns what they're up to. Meanwhile, Brother Love gets a new recruit to his church, and Clive and Liv investigate the death of Detective Leo.

    • Mac-Liv-Moore
      Episode 9

      While Major tracks down a serial killer and Fillmore-Graves puts Seattle on lockdown, the others are holed up in the station. Ravi finds out about Isobel and discovers that Liv is running the underground. Meanwhile, Blaine comes up with a new scheme to make money.

    • Chivalry is Dead
      Episode 8

      Liv and Clive hunt down the killer of a LARPer knight wearing armor, and Liv takes on his more chivalrous qualities when he eats his brain. Meanwhile, Stacey returns to Seattle and Peyton unwittingly has what he's looking for.

    • Liv tries to solve the murder of a player by eating his brain. Meanwhile, Clive navigates his open relationship with Dale, and Major sides with Chase in shutting down a newspaper critical of Fillmore Graves.

    • My Really Fair Lady

      Liv uses the skills of a theater actor's brain that she's eaten to take over Mama Leone's position as head of the underground. Meanwhile, Ravi does Peyton a favor and Blaine gets a visit.

    • Goon Struck
      Goon Struck
      Episode 5

      A hockey player is shot to death along with three zombies, and Olivia's vision reveals that Blaine is the killer. Meanwhile, Major and Don E take a road trip to get leverage against a general.

    • Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

      Olivia and Clive continue their hunt for the serial killer. Meanwhile, Major runs into a familiar face and Blaine tries to track down Renegade.

    • Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

      Liv eats the brain of a rom-com fanatic and falls instantly in love with the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Chase finds himself facing a shortage of brain and asks Blaine for help, and Ravi and Peyton accompany Olivia to the Scratching Post.

    • Blue Bloody
      Blue Bloody
      Episode 2

      While Dale and Clive try to work out their intimacy issues, Clive and Olivia try to solve the murder of a snobbish dowager. Meanwhile, Angus' zombie church continues to grow.

    • 2/26/18

      While Major mentors young homeless zombies, Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a Seattle Seahawk fan.

  • Season 3
  • Season 2
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