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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • 8/1/19

      Liv, Ravi, and Clive head back to Seattle with the cure from the CDC, and Ravi struggles to make a cure and prove to the public that zombies can be restored to humans. The Dead Enders and FG fight it out in the streets as Enzo takes control, and Peyton is killed trying to escape Blaine's clutches.

    • Bye, Zombies
      Episode 12

      Liv, Ravi, Clive, and Charlie go "Ocean's Four" to recover the formula from a locked vault in the CDC after Saxon sells out. Major deals with insurrection in the ranks, and Blaine has a reunion with Peyton.

    • Killer Queen
      Episode 11

      A drag queen is murdered and Liv eats his brain to help Clive with the murder... and provide him with some fashion tips. Ravi asks Major to go with him when he gets a lead on missing Freylich's kids.

    • 7/11/19

      While Liv turns private eye to investigate the death of a private eye and a prostitute, Martin obtains information on the zombie cure from Ravi.

    • 6/27/19

      Liv eats the brain of a recently-deceased 90s beauty pageant contestant who went into a coma after her makeup was sabotaged and recently died. Eva turns to Liv for help, and Major searches for a missing Sloane before her father can destroy Seattle.

    • 6/20/19

      Liv and Ravi vie to solve the murder case of a car salesman after eating his brain. General Mills demands to see his daughter, and Don E finds out who the matchmaker wanted to set him up with.

    • Filleted to Rest
      Episode 7

      Liv eats a murdered chef's brain and becomes a perfectionist on the case and off. Ravi helps Charlie reestablish her relationship with her twin sister Lyla, Major deals with a traitor within the ranks, and Liv finds out who her father really is.

    • The Scratchmaker
      Episode 6

      Blaine deals with the fallout of Al's story, and is forced to find an alternate stream of revenue when Stacey and Don E take over his business. Major deals with the brain shortage, and Liv eats the brain of a murdered matchmaker.

    • 5/30/19

      Eighteen-year-old Harris Burrows is murdered, and Blaine is the prime suspect. Lambert makes a move while Major is under the influence of Alzheimer brain, and Al challenges Peyton's interest in Blaine.

    • Dot Zom
      Episode 4

      Liv, Clive, and Ravi investigate the death of a tech guru and his "Project Z". Peyton tries to make Hi, Zombie a reality but Jimmy gives her problems. A reporter interviews Blaine but has an ulterior motive.

    • 5/16/19

      Liv eats the brain of a dead dancer to find out who killed her and her partner, and goes undercover with Ravi to find out more. An elementary school institutes a "licing check" to find zombie children, and Major and Peyton both have objections.

    • Dead Lift
      Episode 2

      Liv, on fitness guru brains, and Liv and Clive continue to find the victim shown in the video of the zombie attack. Peyton tries to get the remaining city council members on her side but things don't go as planned.

    • Thug Death
      Episode 1

      After human resentment of zombies rises after a woman's zombie-murder is captured on video, Liv and Clive are on the case. Meanwhile, Ravi meets with a new colleague at the CDC and Blaine worries about the interruption to his brain supply.

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