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  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Jack and Bobby McCallister are two bright young brothers growing up in Hart, Missouri, under the watchful eye of their eccentric single mother Grace, a college professor whose strong personality helps shape both of these young men's lives and secure one a place in the history books - as President of the United States. Grace and Jack's temperamental mother/son relationship takes a dangerous toll on Bobby as he gets caught in their rival forces, prompting a major change in the McCallister household. The arrival of a new college president, Peter Benedict, and his daughter, Courtney, makes an impression on the McCallister boys.moreless
    • Better Days
      Better Days
      Episode 2
      Grace and Bobby help with a College Democrats rally. Jack explodes after catching Grace smoking pot again and gives her an ultimatum. One of Grace's co-workers gets fired, and Grace goes to bat for her without all the facts in hand. Courtney and Jack continue to explore their relationship.

      Meanwhile, Bobby tries to help make things better for Jack, both with Courtney and in school, but only succeeds in making things worse. Also, it is revealed how President McCallister became affiliated with a surprising political party.moreless
    • The Kindness of Strangers
      Bobby joins the "challenge program" at school and learns a powerful lesson. Jack plans a party at the house while Grace is away. Grace is conflicted on what to do when she finds out her student TA plagiarized one of her papers and in a separate instance, Grace is startled by news from Bobby's teacher regarding Jack. Lastly, the flash-forward segments reveal how a surprising ally helps President McCallister out at a critical moment in his political career.moreless
    • A Man of Faith
      A Man of Faith
      Episode 4
      Bobby's interest in religion is piqued when he helps Warren study for his Bar Mitzvah and asks why Grace never took him to church. Elsewhere Grace insults Hebba, an Arab-American female student with deep religious beliefs which prompts a campus-wide boycott of her classes. Jack gets a chance to rejoin the track team when the coach needs a replacement runner for Marcus who is on academic probation. In the future, pre-President McCallister struggles with his faith.moreless
    • The First Lady
      Episode 5
      The future reveals a dark secret about the soon-to-be First Lady. Back in the present, Jack offers to escort a depressed Courtney to her father's work fundraiser leading to an unexpected confession and kiss. Bobby is having problems with another school bully. Meanwhile, much to the consternation of her sons, Grace offers to let a homeless man stay at their house for a few days until she can find him a better place to live.moreless
    • An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister)
      Grace is stunned after Benedict informs her that her fellow colleague and good friend has been accused of sexually harassing a student. Grace immediately defends her co-worker but must re-think her loyalty when new evidence arises. Meanwhile, Bobby is spending so much time with his new girlfriend causing him to neglect his school work. Under pressure from Grace to succeed, Bobby cheats on his test. Still reeling from the guilt of kissing Courtney, Jack is horrified to discover she and Missy have become friends. Lastly, in the future, President McCallister is accused of sexual harassment.moreless
    • Valentino
      Episode 7
      Bobby's relationship with Dex continues to grow until Grace walks in on them kissing in her study. After failing to convince Bobby to break it off with Dex, Grace and Jack take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Peter shows his overprotective side when Courtney considers going out with a college frat boy, and though he has Courtney's best interests at heart, it ultimately causes her embarrassment among her peers. Also, the future reveals that President McCallister has trouble with his oldest of four sons, Jack, and the secret service.moreless
    • Election Night
      Election Night
      Episode 8
      Bobby is heartbroken over his break-up with Dex and decides to get even with Jack after finding out he was responsible for their split. To get even, Bobby's subsequent actions cause Jack, Missy and Courtney much embarrassment and anger, resulting in a feud between the brothers. Meanwhile, Grace, awaiting to see who won the 2004 presidential election, sneaks out of the Election Night party to smoke pot with Tom, which proves to be a terrible mistake for Grace and her family. Lastly, in the future 2040, political leaders talk about President McCallister and the night he won the election by only a few votes.moreless
    • Chess Lessons
      Episode 9
      Grace promises to be on her best behavior when she and Jack go to Missy's house for dinner but loses her cool after the Reverend starts attacking her ideals and political policies. Upset by the event, Grace turns to Tom and the two share a very romantic moment. Meanwhile, Bobby intentionally loses at chess games with Peter in order to spend more time with him. Also, Courtney uses Marcus to get back at Jack. Lastly, in the future Pres. McCallister uses chess in his way of strategizing a war.moreless
    • Lost Boys
      Lost Boys
      Episode 10
      Grace's warm, intelligent, gay younger brother, Jimmy, makes a surprise visit for Thanksgiving. At first, she is thrilled of his visit but her feelings change after Jimmy lands in jail on drug charges. Meanwhile, one of Jack's teammate on the track team, Matt, is gay and has a crush on Jack, and is distraught when Jack finds out his reaction. Later on Matt commmits suicide and the whole entire school is surprised by the matter and Jack feels responsible.moreless
    • Today I am a Man
      Today I am a Man
      Episode 11
      Jack is mortified after Grace catches him buying condoms in preparation for his big night with Missy. Trying to be supportive of his actions, Grace insists that Jack talk to her about sex and questions him about whether he is sure Missy is the right girl. Meanwhile, Jimmy slips back into his old habits, forcing Grace to make a difficult decision about her family. Also, Bobby tries to help Warren win over his crush Deena but is surprised when she declares she has feelings for Bobby.moreless
    • Running Scared
      Running Scared
      Episode 12
      Jack tries to resume a sense of normalcy after his brutal attack, but finds that the injury may keep him from returning to his old life when he visits the doctor with Grace. Also, Grace accidentally runs into one of her students, Natalie, while she is leaving Tom's apartment, but may get busted as she tries to subliminally blackmail Grace with her grade in a later conversation.
      Meanwhile, Courtney meets a college student who's tied up in front of her house as a fraternity hazing. He captures her interest and Courtney tries to get to know him later on but his feelings for her arise new complications. Lastly, the future reveals President McCallister's unique actions after a horrific bombing in Chicago.moreless
    • A New Frontier
      A New Frontier
      Episode 13
      Bobby becomes suspicious of Grace's relationship with Tom after Tom coincidentally shows up during a camping trip. Jack and Missy's relationship seems to be coming to an end as he competes with Truman High's football captain Randy for Missy's affection. Courtney's dating life is heating up with college freshman Nate. Also, Jack befriends a patient, Katie, who also goes to school with him, while in the waiting room of the doctor's office for his knee appointment. The future reveals that President McCallister, despite risks involved, supports space travel to the planet Mars.moreless
    • Into the Woods
      Into the Woods
      Episode 14
      Bobby convinces Grace to allow him to attend a hunting trip with Peter by blackmailing her with threats to tell Jack about her relationship with Tom. His hunting experience with Peter proves to be an eye-opening experience. Jack walks in on Grace and Tom in a compromising situation and later tells Grace of his disapproval. He also begins hanging out with Katie as he adjusts to Missy and Randy now coming together. Meanwhile, Courtney contemplates moving her relationship with Nate forward. In the future, a non-lethal gun has been invented causing President McAllister to ban lethal guns in cities with a population greater than two million but meets resistance from Dennis Morgenthal.moreless
    • Time Out of Life
      Time Out of Life
      Episode 15
      A bad snow storms hits Hart, Missouri. Grace and Tom's relationship is exposed when a fellow professor catches them kissing in her office. Later in the evening, Peter turns to Grace for advice when he finds out Courtney is having sex with her boyfriend. In an effort to become popular at school, Bobby and Warren decide to have sleepover and come up with a shocking idea to make the evening memorable with Tom supervising. Meanwhile, Jack's relationship with Katie progresses as the two, Courtney, Nate, Randy and Missy are also trapped together due to the storm where they play a game of dare causing tensions to rise in the group.moreless
    • And Justice for All
      Peter is forced to take action after learning about the relationship between Grace and Tom causing Grace to go up against the University Ethics Committee. Bobby and Warren solicit themselves to members in the neighborhood to do odd jobs to earn some money and during one of the jobs, they find Jack's wallet that was stolen from him. Upon hearing this, Jack and Marcus decide to take action. In the future, President McCallister has to handle being criticized by former President Adler in retaliation to when he criticized Adler during his time as president in regards over the War of Americas.moreless
    • Querida Grace
      Querida Grace
      Episode 17
      Bobby must research his family history for a school assignment which leads to more unanswered questions about his father's real life. Jack and Katie's relationship progresses, while Courtney's comes to a screeching halt after Jack discovers Nate is cheating on her with another girl. Grace and Tom face the reality of their relationship as she is shocked to learn that her affair with Tom has cost her more than she had bargained for.moreless
    • Friends with Benefits
      Grace is now working with a new TA, Margaret, which leads Grace at a lost without Tom. To add to her consternation, Grace's was to be the opening speaker at an event for her mentor, Julius Edelman, but is later asked not to speak due to her scandalous relationship with Tom. Jack finds out Bobby is taking a shot at joining the track team and he instantly shows his disapproval. Later, Jack finds out that his relationship with Katie isn't what he thought it was and is shocked to find out that Courtney and Marcus may have feelings for each other. Lastly, Missy joins a Bible Study Group after her break up with Randy, but it doesn't go so well for her.moreless
    • A Child of God
      Episode 19
      Missy and Jack go to the school nurse and find out she's pregnant where her father threatens to disown her if she has a child out of wedlock. She eventually goes to an unlikely person, Grace, for guidance Bobby decides he wants to go further into religion by wanting to be baptized and joining the church as he's been attending frequently and being guided by Rev. Reinhart. However, he needs a family member to accompany him since he doesn't have a godparent, leaving him on a search to find the right person.moreless
    • 4/27/05
      After getting into a big argument at the school dance, Jack, Courtney, Marcus, Missy and Randy decide to drive to an after-party, but a deadly car accident prevents them from making it to their destination. Meanwhile, Grace agrees to chaperone Bobby's school field trip, much to Bobby's dismay, which proves to be a hurtful and eye-opening experience for Grace.
      Lastly, in the future Pres. Robert McCallister's eldest son, John "Jack" McCallister talks about the day his younger 16-year-old brother, Henry, died in a car accident after driving drunk and his involvement in the matter of his brother's death.moreless
    • Stand By Me
      Stand By Me
      Episode 21
      The aftermath of the fatal car accident starts with all the kids' parents meeting up at the hospital to claim their children as well as seeing Missy's parents shatter in grief when they find out about their daughter's death. To protect Marcus, Jack tells the police that he was driving the car the night Missy died but the guilt becomes too much. Meanwhile, the group's sadness turns to outrage after Reverend Belknap delivers a shocking eulogy at his daughter's funeral.
      Bobby and Warren say goodbye to each other as Warren moves away, promising to stay in touch. In the future, an adult Warren talks about reuniting with his former best friend, Pres. Bobby McCallister, decades later after saying goodbye and never staying in touch with each other like they promised but their reunion has deeper motives.moreless
    • Legacy
      Episode 22
      Jack and Bobby discover that Grace plans to visit their father, Juan, in a Texas prison. Even though Bobby was originally the one who wanted to see their dad, Jack is the brother who meets him, and he feels responsible for their dad leaving, but Juan says that he left because he was a screw-up. During their meeting, Juan says he is in prison for murder, but there appears to be hints he was unjustly convicted and is innocent allowing Jack the right motivation to pursue his future career as a public defender. Jack and Courtney finally reveal their true feelings for one another. Tom returns and goes to Grace's house. She answers the front door in a bath robe. In the future documentary, there is a host who explains Jack's life from fighting in the War of Americas where he became a war hero, later a public defender, elected into Congress and his untimely death. Initially, it was Bobby who encouraged Jack to run for Congress but Bobby inherited his late brother's seat when he died.moreless