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I LOVE this show!

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    I remember watching bits and pieces of this show back when it was still on the air, but I never got into it or watched a full episode (besides, I think, the Pilot, which I guess didn't interest me to really continue). I've been watching the episodes 1.07 - 1.21 (finale should be soon!) on Comcast OnDemand and the show is AWESOME. I remembered Grace's relationship with her grad student, but never saw any of the details or fall out. I also remembered the car crash. That's all, pretty much. I would just watch seconds of it during commercials of other shows.

    Anyway, having now seen most of the episodes through, the show is BRILLIANT! What turned me off before were the flash forwards to the future. Those parts were, and still are, boring. But if you really listen and realize they intertwine with the current storyline, they are a bit more watchable.

    But the central storylines are so great. The relationships - romantic, and the relationship between mother and sons - are wonderful. And between the brothers, too. I just LOVE Kate/Jack. It was really sad when Kate found out about Missy, and then Jack tried to console her and she's just like, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!

    Also I liked where they were heading with Courtney/Marcus. I loved everything, really.

    It makes me really disappointed now that there was never a season 2. I so would love to see what would have happened in season 2.

    Seems like all the brilliant written shows get canned (Everwood, Jack & Bobby, etc).

    Kind of funny, but when I first watched the Pilot five years ago, I thought Bobby was suppose to be retarded.

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