Jack & Bobby

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on The WB

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  • Good

    The lives of teenaged Jack and Bobby (Robert) McCallister as they went to high school and generally matured. Much conflict was generated between the boys and their mother, Grace, played by Christine Lahti, who was both smart and volatile, and always a dominating influence in their lives. The names of the main characters are unmistakable references to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother, Senator Robert Francis Kennedy, who were commonly referred to as "Jack" and "Bobby," though it was stated in the show they were named after their father, Juan Roberto del Alba.
    The main storyline was paralleled by a series of interviews with figures associated with the McCallister presidency, who spoke of events from Robert McCallister's later life. Typically, there was a thematic link between the main plot, set during Bobby's adolescence, and the reminiscences of his adult life and political career.
  • Good.

    Usually, I don't watch shows like "The West Wing." I don't know why. I just can't get hooked up. And today I saw the pilot for "Jack & Bobby," and I really liked it.

    The pilot tells the story of two brother, Bobby & Jack, who are having a complicated relationship with their mother. We meet these three characters and find out A LOT about them.

    Interesting stories, introduction of complicated but normal characters and much more.

    First of all, I though this was a middle-season episode, and when I discovered it was a pilot, I was stunned. What a great pilot. Many pilots are dissapointing, but this promised a really great series. It's just sad that the series lasted for one season only.
  • And I thought this would be another 'boring old stuff and no more creative series', which doesn’t seem to be when I first watched it, well done, to these producers for their creative way of expressing themselves and a great ending song for their series…in

    As I was saying at first, I was fooled or rather being tricked by the producers of this series. ‘Jack and Bobby’, by the name, I thought it would just be another boring old kind of series which is not interesting like ‘The West Wing’ anymore (actually there are no more series like that nowadays). But it turned up that it is very interesting. The pilot of this series started with a very eye-catching scene and touching indeed, the protagonist’s brother (Jack) turned up as a very good runner but his little brother Bobby has asthma. That sounds very ridiculous to me but that are what the producers hope for.
    Grace, their mum decided that she would get Bobby something he wanted for his birthday, which is a TV. That which is also Jack’s dream since he was born he said, is very precious to him until he can run to the shop and asked the salesman to only recommend the TV to his mum. Well, the ‘clever’ Grace is not fooled, she noticed Jack’s ‘shadow’ and at the end of the day, instead of buying a TV for Bobby, Grace bought a keyboard for him after telling him her tales when she wanted to learn piano. (It was a keyboard that can compose a symphony, how ridiculous!!)
    As the series go on, I can only tell you guys some information I know. You should really watch this show as I really came to TV.com to search for this series (because i thought this series was based on a true story until I noticed the year..), this series was too real. It can teach you a lot, much more than the things or books you read. It teaches you how to be you and live happily in this world. If anyone ask me, that's my review to it, a 14-year-old girl's thoughts. Enjoy.
    peace out!
  • Introduced the main charaters in the show, how the first lady met the president, and the president had a illness too.

    A very special series. At first, I truly think Bobby is the real US President. Then I went online to check the US President list. Only then I know they fool me! They acted everything like a documentary, as if Bobby is the real President.They interview the First Lady, the Chief of Staff and other staffs in the White House. They made everything looked like real! A show that watchworthy! I like West Wing, and I like this show too!