Jack & Bobby

Season 1 Episode 11

Today I am a Man

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2004 on The WB
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Today I am a Man
Jack is mortified after Grace catches him buying condoms in preparation for his big night with Missy. Trying to be supportive of his actions, Grace insists that Jack talk to her about sex and questions him about whether he is sure Missy is the right girl. Meanwhile, Jimmy slips back into his old habits, forcing Grace to make a difficult decision about her family. Also, Bobby tries to help Warren win over his crush Deena but is surprised when she declares she has feelings for Bobby.moreless

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  • a special episode

    I still think this is a special episode. There is just so much drama in this and a bit humor. Like when Jack was caught buying condom by her Mom. Then there is Tom Cavanaugh who plays Jimmy, brother of Grace. I still think that Jimmy should have stayed with McCallister. I was even happy when Grace agreed to stay Jimmy for good then it completely breaks my heart when I found that she wants him out of the house. Tom Cavanaugh was really memorable in his role here.

    My fave scene here was when Bobby told Jimmy that he is the best Uncle or Father something like that. The way he said it was really honest.

    In the ending, Bobby found out about Jimmy and he was mad at his mother for talking Jimmy out of the house. Sometimes when you love a person it's hard to let go.

Christine Lahti (I)

Christine Lahti (I)

Grace McCallister

Edwin Hodge

Edwin Hodge

Marcus Ride

John Slattery

John Slattery

Peter Benedict

Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

Missy Belknap (also starring, episode 2-20)

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Tom Wexler Graham (also starring, episode 4-17)

Jessica Pare

Jessica Pare

Courtney Benedict

Thomas Cavanagh

Thomas Cavanagh

Jimmy McCallister

Guest Star

Courtney Jines

Courtney Jines

Deena Greenberg

Guest Star

Saul Rubinek

Saul Rubinek

Nahum Mayhew

Guest Star

Dean Collins

Dean Collins

Warren Feide

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • How can Bobby have so much trouble with his tie when you could see him do it flawlessly in episode 4 ("A Man of Faith", during the end)?

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Grace: Jack, we need to talk about this [sex].
      Jack: Fine, you talk, I'll be upstairs.

    • Bobby: It's Hebrew. No one will notice except for the Rabbi and... God.

    • Jack: We don't talk about normal stuff. I'm not talking to you about this.
      Grace: Oh, so there is a this.

    • Jack: I didn't want us to run out of milk again.
      Bobby: You didn't get any milk.
      Jimmy: There's no milk.
      Jack: We were going to but we needed to get some supplies for a project.
      Bobby: Cool, what project?
      Jack: Math. We needed some magic markers.
      Bobby: I have a bunch of magic markers there's a bunch on my desk. (sees condoms)
      Jimmy: Must be honors math.

    • Grace: (whistle) Big night, huh?
      Jimmy: Not really.
      Grace: You've been working for ten minutes on that cowlick. Must be one hell of a movie.

    • Jack: He (Jimmy) gets his own room? Thanks.
      Bobby: I thought you liked sharing a room with me.
      Jack: Yeah, it's a dream.

    • Jimmy: Does anyone want garlic toast? I can make some garlic toast.
      Grace: Jimmy! Please! I am having a conversation!
      Jimmy: You're not having a conversation. You're having a die-try is what you're having. Look if he's not facing you that means he doesn't want to talk to you. No man screeching like a harpy is gonna change that.
      Jack: Thank you.

    • Missy: You know if you're not good, I'll tell Stephanie not to take me to Victoria Secret after school.
      Jack: Surprises are great.

    • Jimmy: You know what, Grace? When you die old and alone, you're the only one who's gonna wonder why.

    • Courtney: What about you?
      Jack: Uh, Mercer and I are just friends.

    • Jimmy: (to Bobby) Look at you. Your voice doesn't match. You're a foot taller than you were a week ago. Sooner or later your nadz are gonna be droppin. Like coconuts.

    • Grace: Put these [condoms] on my bill please. (to Jack) My contribution.
      Jimmy: Seperate bags, please

    • Bobby: I never knew they (condoms) came in boxes.
      Jimmy: May we put those down Bobby?

    • Jack: She's been a cheerleader about sex all week.

    • Tom: (hand over Grace's mouth) Grace I know if you keep talking it will be our last conversation! I got a minute before you chew through my hand so I'm gonna make it quick. I've got three things to say. Don't be embarrassed. I picture this a lot actually, at inappropriate times. And you exceed my imagination in every way. And two... I know you're gonna try and slam the dorr on this but I really hope you don't cause I'm not even close to done with you yet. And three...ok I got no three but the other two came out pretty well. So I'm gonna take my hand away now, I'm gonna hand you your shoes...and you're gonna go. I'm gonna kiss you first. And then you're gonna go...quietly. Can I do that?

    • Jimmy: Assume a virtue if you haven't not.
      Grace: You have a problem, Jimmy! And I can't have it here!

    • Grace: (to Tom) I'm sorry. You were very very sweet and distressingly attractive.

    • Marcus: I can't believe you're going to bet me.
      Jack: It was never a race man. (pause, then chuckling) Ok, maybe it was a race.

    • Nahum Mayhew: (repeating President McCallister's speech) It has taken too long to regain our innocence. We had to forget. We had to remember. Here under the shadow of a new skyline, its scars a source of our pride. I ask you, what should we do with this gift, now that we have it? What endeavor is worthy of innocence reborn?

    • Jack (to Jimmy): (about Grace) Can you hit her with a newspaper or something?

    • Jimmy (to Bobby): I can tell you're never gonna be gay.

    • Bobby: It's girl stuff.
      Jimmy: Oh, girl stuff. You think your big gay uncle doesn't understand girl trouble? Cause I don't.

    • Jack: You're actually insane.
      Missy: Oh get over it! I covered up all the weird pictures of Jesus.

    • Jimmy: You smoked pot like a cancer patient since you were 13.
      : But I quit.
      : For like a month.

  • NOTES (4)