Jack & Jill

Season 2 Episode 3

Caution: Parents Crossing

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 2001 on The WB



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    • Mikey: A party is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Jill: This marriage stuff is tricky.
      Jack: Mm.
      Jill: Let's make a pact... that we'll pull it off.
      Jack: I think that's the idea behind the wedding vows.

    • Barto: I want to be your friend.
      Audrey: Well, good, 'cause I have this old boyfriend who's really pissing me off.

    • Mikey: What did you think of Ken?
      Elisa: What did I think of Ken? I think Ken is a human sleeping pill.

    • Jill: Hey, mom, I'm all grown up now. How about you quit trying to teach me to see the good in people.
      Hannah: Okay.
      Jill: Just commiserate with me, okay?

    • Jack: I thought maybe you and my dad cou...
      Jill: No. No, not if you promised me sex twice a day for the rest of our natural lives.

    • Jack: I was thinking maybe we can have a do-over on this whole parents thing?
      Jill: You mean pick new ones?

    • Jack: I can't believe you didn't go home.
      Jill: I guess I fell asleep while I was sitting here trying to figure out who should apologize.
      Jack: Me.
      Jill: That's where I was going.

    • Jack: They're gonna be around for every single birthday and holiday for the rest of our lives.
      Jill: Can't we just keep Christmas a secret like you did our engagement?

    • Barto: High pressure time, bro. When Audrey met my parents that was the beginning of the end.
      Mikey: What about the cheating?
      Barto: And then there was that.

    • Jack: When did you tell your mom about me?
      Jill: The day we met.
      Jack: Yeah, well, what'd you say?
      Jill: What did I say? Oh, yeah, that I was gonna marry you. Huh.

    • Jack: I can explain.
      Jill: No, you can't.

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