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  • Jack and Jill, a couple fated to be together, it was on late at night but it was no sacrefice to skip sleep to stay up and watch this show.

    Jack and Jill one of my all time fave shows and fave couples, it was funny, serious, realistic yet almost like a fairy tale sometimes. From the first ep it was obvious opposites Jacka nd Jill were destined for each other, even if she had only just jilted her groom and he was dating a girlk who would become one of Jack's best friends, these two were meant for eachother. And if anyone doubted it Jill would have some romantic gesture to remind everyone that Jack and Jill just go together. The ending was a shame, what type of cliffhanger was that, if only we got another season. Thankfully the stars of Jack and Jill went on to appear in many new things. all the ebst to them.
  • It's realy funny. too bad it's only two seasons

    At the first time, i didn't like this show. But finally I love it, it's romantic, funny,... We don't have to stop at the first look!
    Their name, it's really funny. Jack is the girl and jill the boy These are their nickname. So the story : jack and jill are neighbors and gradually they fall in love. Too cute...
  • Y'see jack's a gal and Jill's a guy. Geddit? That's the twist this 'dramedy' hung from. Unfortunately, Jack never broke her 'crown' but Jill certainly went tumbling... towards the axe.

    Forget Amanda Peet as Jack and whatshisface as Jill, this swingin-doods-of-urban-chic drama/soap/comedy of manners was all about Rex! Simon Rex. The troubled star had previously kept a tight grip on his rising career, standing erect amongst his fellow WB aspirants. Giving the rub to his previous attempts at the money shots via guest stints in Felicity and, ahem, cameos in low budget 'art' flicks, Rex attempted to go all ensemble in Jack & Jill. But, as in the past, he may as well have gone solo in this outing as he was the only cast member putting any spunk into the otherwise listless characters. But it got him out of the likes of the straight-to-the-shelf Hot Sessions 11 & 12 and into his hard won pole position at WB, as a part of the What I Like About You team.
  • This was "Friends" in a 1-hour drama show. It was more than "A decent show", but we had to stick to the classification options.

    Producers may not like this show to be called 'Friends in a dramatic format' but that was exactly what it was. They shouldn't take it as an insult, considering that Friends was one of the most successful comedies ever.

    Jack & Jill tells the story of six extremely good looking best-friends living and struggling in New York, falling in love with other members of the gang and breaking-up in the meantime.

    The story starts pretty much the same as in Friends: Jack is a spoiled suburbs bride who finds out that his groom-to-be slept with her maid of honor. She runs away on the day of her wedding, hurt but relieved, as she realizes that she was marrying her fiancée more to please her parents and friends than out of love. She then seeks refuge with the only person she is acquainted with in the city, her childhood's best friend, whom she has not spoken with since school days were over and who was not even invited to the wedding. While moving in, she meets her handsome neighbor Jill, and they both have an immediate crush on each other.

    If you didn't have the chance to watch it when WB aired it but have it now, go for it. The acting is good (not award worth good, but more than convincing, and all six actors are beautiful people to watch). The best part of Jack & Jill is, in my opinion, its well written dialogues.

    It probably didn't fare better because at the time people had enough with a much lighter Friends, but most likely because the network failed -as usual- in promoting the show the way it deserved.
  • What happened? where did they go?

    I loved thios show. I loved tuning in every week to see Amanda Peet on regularly scheduled tv. What happened? Where did they go?
    Damn bring it back. I was so pissed when they took it off the air.Well we have new shows to replace the but they should have gotten rid of that stupid show REBA and some other crap that people don't watch on that station.
  • I remeber when I was younger watching this show...

    I really miss it. It was a great show. I didn't see all of the episodes but I saw quite a few and they were awesome. I can't believe it was so long ago. It seemed like it. Now it was replaced by most of the stupid shows there are out now. I want it back so badly.
  • One of my favorite comedy series, but not the very best

    A fabulous comedy about two young people and their thoughts, actions, conflicts and sucsesfull moments. A fantastic comedi series, guarantied to make you laugh and also think about life and couples around you. Some way throu the episodes, you'll find out that you and your dearest are not the only ones to have souch comlicated relationships and it helps to keep your's in order and lasting.