Jack & Jill

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Barto's peeved by Audrey's attitude about her future movie career. He doesn't feel supported because she's spending a lot of time schmoozing with her agent and other Hollywood types, knowing that they only have a few more days together before they head in opposite directions (Los Angeles, North Carolina). Audrey thinks Barto isn't being supportive of something she's worked all of her life to get. Barto ends up sleeping with his med school study buddy after he thinks Audrey is sleeping with her agent. Audrey won't forgive him. He asks her to marry him. She leaves New York without answering, crying as she gets on the plane.

Jack and Jill decide to move in together but decide against it after they argue about Barto and Audrey's situation. They both agree that they are not ready. Meanwhile, Mikey is romancing a famous actress, Paris Everett, with a new no-sex tactic. His plan is to hold out until she's bubbling with anticipation and then let her have it. The tactic backfires in his face when Paris reveals that she's bisexual and that Mikey's waited too long because she's now focused her attention on Elisa. Elisa is flattered while Mikey wallows in devastation.

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