Jack & Jill

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2000 on The WB



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    • Jack: Favorite bra.
      Jill: Favorite bra?
      Jack: Well, favorite sweater one. It has a certain rounding quality that works really well with sweaters as opposed to my shirt one that's more of a low-cut cleavage kind of thing.

    • Elisa: Paris, I'm going to my bedroom.
      Paris: Yeah.
      Elisa: Are you going to my bedroom too?
      Paris: Yeah.
      Elisa: Paris, I don't want you to go to my bedroom.
      Mikey: Neither do I.
      Paris: Oh. Oh, my mistake.
      Elisa: Oh no, it's just, I didn't realize that you were...
      Paris: Bisexual.
      Elisa: Oh, that's a big word.
      Mikey: Not a bad word.

    • Annie: I'm sure that I'm the last person in the world that you want to see right now.
      Audrey: Takes two.
      Annie: True. But I think that it was more me. Because I wanted it to happen. Because I'm totally in love with him.
      Audrey: Oh, thanks, yeah, that makes me feel so much better.
      Annie: But he's totally in love with you, and he's scared to death of lsoing you.
      Audrey: I see. And when exactly did you guys discuss this? Before, during or after?

    • Barto: I'm starting to get dizzy.
      Audrey: Yeah, me too.

    • Mikey: I figure she usually deals with two kinds of guys: the ones who try to get into bed immediately, and then the ones who can barely even speak to her.
      Jill: Yeah, aren't you, like, president/CEO of category 1?

    • Elisa: I'm having dinner with Paris Everett at 93 East. Pinch me. I'm not wearing this.

    • Barto: I'm an idiot. I'm scum.

    • Barto: (to Audrey) I'm not letting you get on the plane until I tell that I love you.

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