Jack & Jill

Season 2 Episode 1

What Weddings Do to People

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 2001 on The WB



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    • Jack: What's she like?
      Elisa: Pretty, skinny, big boobs. The kind you love to hate, except she's nice.
      Jack: Ew, well, that makes me hate her more. And you stayed friends with her after she and Jill broke up and then you started dating Jill?
      Elisa: I stayed friends with all Jill's girlfriends, before and after.

    • Elisa: (to Mikey) Look at you, on the prowl, like a hound dog in a penguin suit.

    • Jack: Who would have thought that the same guy who barges into your apartment and professes you're his greatest wish turns out to be the same guy who strings you along until your nipples are in a different zip code than your collar bone?!

    • Jack: What? Did I do something wrong?
      Jill: You've done so many things wrong it feels unfair to pick just one.

    • Jack: Am I allowed to go to the bathroom?
      Jill: No.

    • Jack: I shouldn't be allowed at weddings. They get me a little excited.
      Mikey: Too bad you're dating my best friend.

    • Audrey: Barto, whatever this is, it isn't over. But we can't just act like everything's okay. I mean, maybe it will be, but it isn't yet.

    • Elisa: I think I finally met someone more desperate than me.

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