Jack of All Trades

Season 1 Episode 8

One Wedding and an Execution

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2000 on
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One Wedding and an Execution
Napoleon tells Emilia he'll refrain from attacking England if she'll wed him. Will Emilia's conviction that she can change the little man's evil ways, actually send her down the aisle?

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    Verne Troyer

    Verne Troyer

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Guest Star

    Celia Nicholson

    Celia Nicholson

    Josephine Bonaparte

    Guest Star

    Paul Norell

    Paul Norell


    Guest Star

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      • Croque: To some, marriage is like a morning sunrise which reflects the dawning of a brand-new day. To others, it is like a red-hot poker shoved, without remorse, up the wazoo.

      • Emilia: If you wanted to wear my clothes all you had to do was ask.
        Jack: Hey in case you haven't noticed I'm trying to help.
        Emilia: Oh you call that helping
        Jack: Yeah! Nothing scares away a man like the sight of his new mother in law.

      • (Jack dressed in drag)
        Jack: Emilia! Oh! I am so pleased
        (Jack kisses Emilia)
        Emilia: (shocked to see Jack) My god!
        Napoleon: Who is this!?
        Jack: I'm your new mother-in-law. So nice to have you in the family son.
        (hugs them both in each arms)
        Emilia: Are you clearly insane?
        Jack: Eh, Eh, Eh. Wouldn't want to share our family secrets with everyone now would we? Em? Aren't you going to introduce us?
        Emilia: Napoleon. meet my mother.
        Napoleon: Impossible!
        Jack: Oh! You are such a charming little fellow.. I could just put you on a stick and eat you.
        Emilia: Oh mommy thank you for the visit. Don't forget to take your medications.

      • (Napoleon farting while eating dinner with his date Emilia)
        Emilia: Charming, your flatulence.
        Napoleon: Now time for desert.
        (runs across the table to Emilia as she knocked him on his butt covering him with a big lid.)
        Emilia: Promise to behave!

      • (Napoleon inspecting a line of women)
        Napoleon: Open! (Checks prospect's teeth) No, No, No! they're all wrong!
        Emilia: Governor Croque, there seems to be some mix up with. (Looks confused)
        Jack: With all due respect, whatever is going on here, I don't approve. Unless I was invited.

      • Jack: (In disguise) Please call me Jack... elin.

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