Jack of All Trades

(ended 2000)





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  • A sitcom that, perhaps, the world just wasn't ready for yet.

    This show can be compared to many other shows for various reasons. Like so many other of Sam Raimi's shows (Hercules, Xena, Brisco County, etc.), it's a period piece that combines crimefighting and anachronism, along with taking multiple creative liberties with historical accuracy. There are also Robin Hood elements, maybe what some would call "lighthearted Batman" elements, and since the villain of the piece is really tiny, some Wild Wild West elements.

    Sometimes you just want a laugh...and if you took Sam Raimi's hourlong dramedies and removied the drama half, you'd get this half-hour beauty. I guess Cleopatra 2525 was supposed to be the serious half...I couldn't tell, I barely watched it.

    Bruce Campbell always goes all out no matter what he does, and this show is no different; Bruce once again proves why he's the best B-movie actor in the business.

    The show was cancelled most unceremoniously, and perhaps, had TV.com existed back then, I'd know why. I just tuned in one day at its usual timeslot...to discover that it was gone and Cleopatra was now running an hour. What? WHAT!? Sorry, you don't do that to Bruce Campbell fans.

    Perhaps the world just wasn't ready for a sicom about a 19th century womanizing vigilante. Well, I'm not the world. So a pox on whomever chose to cancel this gem.
  • Jack of all trades is by far the biggest waste of time but also one of the best ways to relax at the end of the day. Pure comedy with a little sexual tension to make it fun.

    I remember coming across this one Sunday afternoon when I was still in middle school. It looked so ridiculous that I had to watch it. Jack is beyond the mans man, he is the man and who better then “M” to control or should I say curb his male tendencies. The characters are rich and full no mater how you look at them. The actors obviously had a good time with this show there fun showed on the screen. The best quote from the entire show is still “M” saying “…or I will eat your brains!” The villains are next to worthless as real foes but they bring the necessary drive to keep our heroes around. The absolutely ridiculous sayings that Jack spouts off when he is the Dragoon are so bad they are good. For anyone looking for pure fun and no strings attached this is the show for you. Enjoy!
  • Well, we can't have the Stooges, back, so this is a reasonable replacement

    Bruce Campbell and his pals from the Detroit movie mob loved the The Stooges. And I mean loved the Stooges. They worked in Stooges homages into their movies, and even named miscellaneous characters "fake Shemps" in their credits. Once the Hercules and Xena franchises had run their course, "Renaissance Pictures", their production company, cast about for projects to do -- they came up "Cleopatra 2525", and "Jack of all Trades", starring Bruce. "Jack" was a a farcical adventure series, with Bruce "ha-HA"ing it up with abandon. But the way to think about this show is as Three Stooges short subject films, with only one Stooge (well, one Stooge and a snooty sidekick). Just like in the Stooges, there is cartoonish violence, bad puns, bad jokes, and double-entendres (though much racier than the Stooges could do -- after all, 30 years and more have passed), with a dimwitted hero overcoming somewhat more dimwitted villains. So, yeah, it's dumb, yeah, it's coarse, yeah, it's silly, and occasionally just plain stupid. But it is fun. You may find yourself laughing at something and wondering why you did, but just go with it. (One last bit of Stoogism, the voice of the parrot is "Shemp Wooley.")
  • WOW, the single greatest opening theme to a show ever, ever...

    this show is amazing, an if you havent noticed that pirates of the carrabian ripps alot off from this show, like a girl smaking jack so his face turns towards the camera, and the fact that his name is jack s. the hole pirate ora and campiness was just stollen, but the show its self was so histarical, I fell out of my chair numerous times, and if you dont believe me, well watch it then and tell me im wrong i dar you. bruce campell is one of the best out there, and he is in his prime in the show, to bad it was short lived, but then againg, it could have been alot shorter
  • Bruce Campbell blue light special. Zaney and silly comedy. A must see to believe.

    Could it be anymore off the wall on the history of America. Get Smart in the early 1800s. Classic 60s style comedy with a wink and a smile. Just fun entertainment. Bruce Campbell puts his charm and silliness to work. A show not to offend but laugh. American agent of Thomas Jefferson\'s America working with the king\'s agent a british spy to keep tabs on the french in the carribean. Pirates to boot. Adventure and slapstick humor keep it a fast pace sitcom. Although history is stretched never the less a blast from the past. Only from Bruce Campbell genius makes this show work. A hilarous 30 minutes of fun.
  • "Jack of All Trades"....the very definition of a Guilty Pleasure.

    Lets be clear about one thing....there was nothing that could be taken seriously about this show. The acting wasnt great, the sets were cheesy and the writing was average at best. But...it worked. "Jack" was always funny and the cast, including the supporting cast, was perfect in thier rolls. Tongue was definately planted firmly in cheek at all times and that is what made it great. I was shocked that it was not given 1 or 2 more seasons like other, worse, syndicated shows. The only real problem I had with the show was the final few episodes. As someone else mentioned it was clear the cast knew the show was over and they were mailing it in. That just should not happen.
  • Bruce Campbell is at his greatest in this show.

    I loved this show. Nothing was better than having bruce campbel in his own show. Plus, I thought it was cute the was he was picked on by the girl. I loved how it took place in the port town in the late 18th early 19th century. It was so much fun watch the main character goof his way through things. I was so upset that this show did not do well. It was neveer really given a chance. Everyone in its cast was so much fun to watch. They seemed like they had a good time doing this show.
  • A fun series... all good things come to an end...quickly.

    It's a shame this had to end. It started off great, got better and better, but suddenly around the final few episodes, I felt that Bruce Campbell's charm was wearing off and his usual quick remarks weren't funny anymore. It felt as if the actors were bored, but I still enjoyed this series and I was to sad to see it disappear.
  • A Good Series That Never Got A Real Chance

    Jack of All Tardes takes place about 10 years or so after The US becomes a Nastion after wining America from the British.

    Jack is a US embassaor on a Harbor in a sort of nutral zone where the US and British work out there difference and talk about trade agreements.

    But due to the corrutopn and evil british rule there Jack, as a way to save face of the new Born USA take a mask and the name The Dragoon and fights the evil on this harbor.