Jack of All Trades

(ended 2000)





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  • Well, we can't have the Stooges, back, so this is a reasonable replacement

    Bruce Campbell and his pals from the Detroit movie mob loved the The Stooges. And I mean loved the Stooges. They worked in Stooges homages into their movies, and even named miscellaneous characters "fake Shemps" in their credits. Once the Hercules and Xena franchises had run their course, "Renaissance Pictures", their production company, cast about for projects to do -- they came up "Cleopatra 2525", and "Jack of all Trades", starring Bruce. "Jack" was a a farcical adventure series, with Bruce "ha-HA"ing it up with abandon. But the way to think about this show is as Three Stooges short subject films, with only one Stooge (well, one Stooge and a snooty sidekick). Just like in the Stooges, there is cartoonish violence, bad puns, bad jokes, and double-entendres (though much racier than the Stooges could do -- after all, 30 years and more have passed), with a dimwitted hero overcoming somewhat more dimwitted villains. So, yeah, it's dumb, yeah, it's coarse, yeah, it's silly, and occasionally just plain stupid. But it is fun. You may find yourself laughing at something and wondering why you did, but just go with it. (One last bit of Stoogism, the voice of the parrot is "Shemp Wooley.")