Jack of All Trades

(ended 2000)





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  • Jack of all trades is by far the biggest waste of time but also one of the best ways to relax at the end of the day. Pure comedy with a little sexual tension to make it fun.

    I remember coming across this one Sunday afternoon when I was still in middle school. It looked so ridiculous that I had to watch it. Jack is beyond the mans man, he is the man and who better then “M” to control or should I say curb his male tendencies. The characters are rich and full no mater how you look at them. The actors obviously had a good time with this show there fun showed on the screen. The best quote from the entire show is still “M” saying “…or I will eat your brains!” The villains are next to worthless as real foes but they bring the necessary drive to keep our heroes around. The absolutely ridiculous sayings that Jack spouts off when he is the Dragoon are so bad they are good. For anyone looking for pure fun and no strings attached this is the show for you. Enjoy!