Jack of All Trades

(ended 2000)





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  • A sitcom that, perhaps, the world just wasn't ready for yet.

    This show can be compared to many other shows for various reasons. Like so many other of Sam Raimi's shows (Hercules, Xena, Brisco County, etc.), it's a period piece that combines crimefighting and anachronism, along with taking multiple creative liberties with historical accuracy. There are also Robin Hood elements, maybe what some would call "lighthearted Batman" elements, and since the villain of the piece is really tiny, some Wild Wild West elements.

    Sometimes you just want a laugh...and if you took Sam Raimi's hourlong dramedies and removied the drama half, you'd get this half-hour beauty. I guess Cleopatra 2525 was supposed to be the serious half...I couldn't tell, I barely watched it.

    Bruce Campbell always goes all out no matter what he does, and this show is no different; Bruce once again proves why he's the best B-movie actor in the business.

    The show was cancelled most unceremoniously, and perhaps, had TV.com existed back then, I'd know why. I just tuned in one day at its usual timeslot...to discover that it was gone and Cleopatra was now running an hour. What? WHAT!? Sorry, you don't do that to Bruce Campbell fans.

    Perhaps the world just wasn't ready for a sicom about a 19th century womanizing vigilante. Well, I'm not the world. So a pox on whomever chose to cancel this gem.