Jack of All Trades

Season 1 Episode 3

The Floundering Father

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 2000 on
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The Floundering Father
Jack and Emilia must rescue the kidnapped Benjamin Franklin, who is en route to France to be forced to build a weapon of mass destruction for Napoleon.

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    John Sumner

    John Sumner

    Benjamin Franklin

    Guest Star

    Hori Ahipene

    Hori Ahipene

    Blackbeard the Pirate

    Guest Star

    Bruce Campbell

    Bruce Campbell

    Voice of Jean-Claude (as Shemp Wooley)

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Nitpick: The main story revolves around Blackbeard kidnapping Benjamin Franklin for profit from the French. The show takes place in 1801. Blackbeard died in 1714 and Franklin died in 1790.

      • Nitpick: Croque tells to get Blackbeard a shot of penicillin. Penicillin was not invented until 1928.

      • Nitpick: Jack pulls out a hundred dollar bill with Franklin on it, but that was an anachronism- they didn't even print hundreds until much later.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Emilia: That's Benjamin Franklin? Author of Poor Richard's Almanac? Inventor of the stove? Creator of the lightning rod?
        Jack: Yeah, you left out one small detail. He's also the Founding Father of the greatest country in the world. See? America ain't looking too shabby now, is it?
        Emilia: Well, I hate to rain on your Independence Day parade, Jack, but Franklin was born to British parents who clearly infused him with proper traits of ingenuity, self-discipline, and culture.
        Jack: Oh really? Well, let me ask you a question. If his parents were so thrilled to be a couple of English muffins, why were they so willing to suffer a four month black-plague-rat-infested ship cruise just to get the hell out of there?

      • Jack: You can't pass for a French soldier with those jubblies. You....you gotta hide them.
        Emilia: It may surprise you to know, Jack, they're not detachable.
        Jack: Too bad, it'd be a nice addition to my teddy bear.
        Emilia: Yeah, it's a shame your Andrew Johnson's not detachable either. I could use it to cork wine.
        Jack: A pinot noir no doubt.

      • Emilia: Jack, Jack, Jack, you must learn to think three dimensionally.
        Jack: Oh I do. What are you, 36-24-36?

      • Blackbeard: (licking Captain Brogard) I knew it! Tastes like chicken!

      • Benjamin Franklin: May I suggest we make like shuffleboard players and get the puck out of here!

      • Emilia: Ten of your American dollars says God is a woman.
        Jack: Well, that explains why we're always trying to please Her and nothing we ever do is good enough.
        Emilia: That would also explain why we're no longer covered in fur while we hunt our neighbors for recreation.
        Jack: Next thing you'll tell me God is British.
        Emilia: I'm trying to break you in slowly, Jack.

    • NOTES (2)

      • "Shemp Wooley", who is credited with voicing the parrot Jean-Claude, is rumored to be an alias for Bruce Campbell. The term "Shemp" is known to go back to Bruce, Rob Tapert, and Ted and Sam Raimi's love for The Three Stooges, and frequently used the alias "Shemp" for cameos that they performed in various projects, including The Evil Dead movies.

      • Benjamin Franklin was a US Ambassador to the King of France during the Revolutionary War. He was also an Ambassador to England before the war started, but after being deliberately humiliated in the House of Lords he returned to America to help prepare for the Revoltion.

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