Jack of All Trades

Season 2 Episode 4

The Morning After

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2000 on

Episode Recap

While preparing for yet another Croque dinner party, Emilia shows off her latest invention, a 'maleable titanium solution', rendering the Dragoon's cape bulletproof. At the party, they are suprised to find Napoleon has arrived in secret to test "the grapes of wrath", a new wine. Unbeknownst to them, the wine is fortified with a powerful hypnotic. The next morning, they are amazed to find themselves in bed, together, naked.

They rush off (after dressing) to find out what they might have revealed to the French under the influence of the wine, and are relieved (but embarrassed) to find out they only embarrassed themselves. Suspecting the wine is more than wine, they sneak into the winery to overhear that the drug in the wine makes the drinker very suggestible, and that Napoleon intends to use it on world leaders to conquer the world. Securing a sample of the wine for their own use, they go to see what they can learn from Goveneur Croque.

Dosing Croque, they learn the details of Napoleon's plan, and that while they were a source of great amusement when they were under its influence, Jack and Emilia's secret lives were unrevealed, and that their 'just friends' relationship was not tarnished.

Jack, as the Dragoon, breaks into the drugged wine storage facility before it can be gotten off the island -- acting as a decoy while Emilia tries unsuccessfully to sabotage the wine itself. Napoleon uses the melee to test out a surprisingly modern gaoling gun. Jack makes use of his fortuitously bulletproof cape to Gatling the bullets to smash all the wine casks. The day, once again, is saved.
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