Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Apr 12, 2000 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Johnny Knoxville gets shot out of a cannon onto netting.
Opening theme
Johnny Coxville: Johnny Knoxville puts a rubber penis in his pants to fool people into thinking he has an erection. Then he does many activities to see people's reaction.
Port-a-Potty Bike Smash: Bam Margera goes accelerates down a hill on a bike and crashes into an occupied port-a-potty.
Food for the Team: Ehren Mcghehey puts on a football uniform and runs through a drive-through grabbing some food before throwing it on the floor as he acts out a touchdown.
Look Ma, No Hands!: Steve O drinks a whole glass of juice without the use of his hands.
Self Defense: Johnny Knoxville undergoes a test to see the power of certain self defense weapons: Red pepper spray, a 120K volt stun gun, 50K volt taser gun. He claims the pepper spray is the most effective.
Jess on the Sled: Jess Margera gets pulled down a sloping road on a sled.
Johnny kidnaps Pontius: Johnny Knoxville drives around a city with a tied up and stripped Chris Pontius in his boot, who keeps on escaping and running around to the horror of the bystanders.
Bam on the Golf Course: Bam Margera runs down a hill on a golf course doing forward rolls into a group of golfers.
Shopping Carts: Bam Margera, Brandon Dicamillo, Ryan Dunn and others sit in a shopping cart and go full speed into curbs sending them flying forward.
Bam under the Bridge: Bam Margera does a huge drop-in underneath a bridge on his skateboard and inevitably bails.
Oompa Loompa: Weeman dresses up as an Oompa Loompa and does skateboarding tricks.
Mattress Headache: Bam Margera deliberately trips and falls face first onto a mattress.
Daddy and Baby: Dave England puts a dressed up doll in a baby seat on a bicycle and cycles into pavement curbs sending the bicycle and baby flying into the floor causing pedestrians to scream in horror and run to the aid of the baby.
Fat F*ck: Brandon Dicamillo and Bam Margera dress up as fat people and do various stunts such as pushing each other into roads in wheel chairs, falling down stairs, falling out of trees, skateboarding tricks and constantly not being able to get up when fallen over.
Bam Falls w/ Food: Bam Margera runs with a food tray and food and falls over spilling it everywhere in a restaurant.
Poo Cocktail: Johnny Knoxville sits in a port-o-potty which is full feces and urine, the port-o-potty is then turns upside down using a waste disposer, soaking Johnny with all the potty's contents.
He then gets out of the port-o-potty and chases the crew members with his soiled hands.
The episode ends with Johnny Knoxville being showered down and commenting on how horrible the 'poo cocktail' was.
End Credits