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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Where Are They Now
      Where Are They Now
      Episode 14
      The cast of Jackass talk about life before the show, how they got on the show, and what they're up to now that the show's over.
    • Jackass Number 2
      Jackass Number 2
      Episode 13
      The gang of Jackass return for the second movie of Jackass.
    • Jackass: The Movie
      Jackass: The Movie
      Episode 12
      The entire gang reunites for a movie. They're back to doing what they do best, only this time the stunts are bigger, badder, and more memorable!
    • The Making of Jackass The Movie
      The Jackass cast tells us about the making of the movie and you get a good look behind the scenes of all the action that went on while making the film. They also show how they did each stunt and the props needed to pull it off. A few of the bloopers are also aired.moreless
    • Backyard BBQ
      Backyard BBQ
      Episode 10
      The Jackass Crew have a BBQ before a special screening of "Jackass The Movie". Several celebrities are there for the screening like Andy Dick, Weezer, Green Day, Willie Garson Danny Masterson, and Slash.
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Episode 9
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1.The Abduction (with Brad Pitt) 2.Esacaltor Slide 3.90 Years Old 4.Horse Fart 5.Shaq Video 6.Cricket Helmet 7.Garbage Man 8.Bamster Wheel(skate wheel) 9.Cheerleaders 10.90 years Old 2 11.Doubleback 12.Duck Hunting 13.Bed Wetter 14.Skeet Shooting 15.Totem Pole 16.Permanent Jackass 17.90 Years old 3 18.Thrashin Joust 19.Phone #(818) 458-5361 20.Poo Diaper 21.Duck Hunting 2moreless
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Episode 8
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1.Gene Simmons Intro 2.Paintball Phil 3.Water Tubing 4.Sleep-O 5.Sculpture Garden 6.Night Monkey 2(with Brad Pitt) 7.Ice Block Skating 8.Sculpture 2 9.BMX polo 10.Security Guard 11.Ice Craze 12.Tandem Snowboarding 13.The Toupau 14.Bloody Carpet
    • Gumball Rally 3000
      This was a one hour long Jackass episode which was centered around some of the Jackass crew driving around Europe with loads of rich men which kinda got the Jackass crew jealous.
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1.Knoxville Fish Intro. 2.Magnet Suit. 3.Hotdog Skateboarding. 4.Chemical Spill. 5.Snow Scooter. 6.Hotdog Hockey. 7.Football Follies. 8.Backwards Bullriding. 9.Bunny Hop. 10.Prostitute Boat Race. 11.Shark Ride. 12.Hotdog BMX. 13.Smelly Dunn. 14.Face Your Fears. 15.Hotdog Gymnastics. 16.Playgirl Pontius.
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1.Kosick Pig Intro. 2.Bloody Windshield. 3.Pogo Skating. 4.Stupid Idea-Rolling Down a Hill. 5.Drop Knee Land Boogie. 6.Snow Tubing. 7.Stupid Idea-Rolling Down a Hill 2. 8.Human Car Wash. 9.Bug-Eater. 10.Skunk Car. 11.Kiss Me. 12.Snow Ladder.13.Belt Sander Skates. 14.Ass Wakeup. 15.Dutch Girl. 16.Naked Skating. 17.Stupid Idea-Rolling Down a Hill 3. 18.Oklahoma.moreless
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      1.Slip and Slide Intro. 2.Slip and Slide. 3.Rude Johnny. 4.The Body Cast. 5.Ehren Sledding. 6.Crapper Sled. 7.Human Pinata. 8.Trip on the Slip and Slide. 9.Carpet Skating. 10.Rude Johnny 2. 11.The Hunchback. 12.Metro Bunny. 13.Rude Johnny 3. 14.Paintball Duel. 15.Hurdle Fall. 16.Pigeon Magnet. 17.Wee King. 18.Rude Johnny 4. 19.Nutball.
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1.Knoxville Family Intro. 2.The Glue Test. 3.Sledding Cart. 4.Office Chairs. 5.Extreme Unicycling. 6.Poo Switcheroo. 7.Johnny Knoxville 1989. 8.Tandem Biking. 9.Cat Fall. 10.Bottle Skating. 11.Cow Suit. 12.The Bat. 13.Dimitry the Terrible. 14.Emu Hunter. 15.Slide Skating. 16.Dusty Farts.
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1.Bounty Hunter Intro. 2.Dutch BMX. 3.Taxi Scare. 4.Snow Surfing. 5.Crawfish Diaper. 6.Hockey Check. 7.Taxi Scare #2. 8.Full Pipe Skating. 9.Bloodbath. 10.Ultimate Fighting. 11.Phil Wakeup #2. 12.Spermathon.
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      The stunts featured in this episode are:

      1..Puffy Intro. 2.Beard of Leeches. 3.Fat F**** 2. 4.Wee Hand. 5.Woodchipper. 6.Bam's New Contraption. 7.Ice Barrel Jumping. 8.Stilt Fall. 9.Urban Sledding. 10.Extreme Jacuzziing. 11.Start Your Engines. 12.Plugs. 13.Idiot Launch. 14.Phil as the King. 15.The Omelette.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
  • The Lost Tapes