Season 3 Episode 7

Gumball Rally 3000

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Feb 03, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

They started Of in London, England and then went through 12 different countries traveling over 3000 miles and then ending up back in England, but not London because they had been banned from London. This was one of the most entertaining Jackass episodes with Steve-O becoming known as Sleep-O, Pontius making more than enough references to himself being the ultimate sex god, Dimitrys Close encounter with a fast moving truck, Knoville's all round little quotes and of course Steve-O and Pontius gymnastics show in the back of their car while going down the Polish highway. Another extremely funny moment was when Dimitry payed a Russian kid to kick Jeff Tremaine in the balls, and of course the Russian kid did it. Everyone was really freaked out when Steve-O lifted up his pants to show that instead of having one knee on each leg, he now had for some reason two knees on one leg. It was actually a giant bruise but it looked like a knee.