Season 3 Episode 7

Gumball Rally 3000

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Feb 03, 2002 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • The map of southern England shown on screen near the end is very inaccurate.(Note Southampton is around 50 miles west of where it should be and its spelt wrong)

    • When they are travelling through Sweden and we see the map, the font they used have problems with scandinavian letters, so they show "Gtebor g" (should be Göteborg, international name is Gothenburg though...)"Malm^" (should be Malmö) and "/land" (should be Öland)

    • There weren't hardly any goofs or nitpicks apart form the fact that its hard to believe that Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the crew didn't crash once on there journey through the busy roads of Europe.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Even though Tom Moore wasn't credited in this episode, he featured in it more than once.

    • For the last part of the journey, Johnny knoxville left Pontius and Steve-O and decided to travel with Rich Warren and Loony.

    • This race featured some of the most expensive cars in the world, sadly the Jackass crew's car wasn't.

    • The Jackass crew were pulled over by the police a total of 6 times in only 4 days.

    • Out of the Jackass crew, only Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Steve-O and Dimitry were in it. The rest of the cast were not in the show once.

  • Allusions

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