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  • Might as well have it called "Dumb guys almost killing thim selves"

    I don't understand this show. Sure it's funny, but they almost kill them selves and each other. I think it's funner to watch people get hurt on Funny home videos. At least then they do not get badly hurt. I know many people liked it but I am glad it was ended before one of them got killed during one of the very stupid stunts they do. I do not want to look in the paper and see "Man dies during filming of the movie Jackass 3" That man being Jonny, Steve-O, or any of the other guys on there.
  • Love ittt!!!

    Jackass is one of my favourite movies/tv shows. I think it is a lot better than any of its followers like Dirty Sanchez, which is just gross and isn't funny.
    Jackass has a very good,funny cast which gives it humour in what is said aswell as the stunts they perform. They have good music aswell =]]]

    People say that it influences young people to copy stunts which it probably does, but that happens with many movies. People doing stupid things infront of camera's has been around for years, Jackass just put it on TV. I admire the cast because they are actually living life. Yes there is chance of death, but you could die doing anything, why not die doing something you love?

    I think the first movie is funnier than the second, however the second one is gnarlier. The TV Series seems completely different to the movies, as they don't seem to have a clue what they are doing and do less daring things [due to MTV i'm assuming].

    I've heard rumours that a DVD called Jackass 2.5 is coming out which is extra skits they couldn't fit into Jackass 2. Also i've heard they may be doing Jackass 3 aswell. I hope these are both true. With many movies sequels are never as good as the first, but i think with Jackass it is different as it has no plot. Jackass 3 pleassssse?
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  • Jackass was the best show ever! They need to get the show back on TV. They would make so much money.

    Jackass is the funniest show I ever seen. All of the guys are so fun to watch. They need to bring the show back on TV. It is so much funnier then all of the other shows. If Jackass get the show back onto TV, they will get so many more viewings and make a ton of money. After everyone saw or heard about Jackass or Jackass number 2, they would want to see more on TV. Some kids were not allowed to see the movie. But, they can always watch it on TV. If Jackass gets on TV I would be so happy. BRING JACKASS BACK
  • The reason the people that like this show...like it..

    Firstly, I'd like to say, this show is pretty cool, its interesting and fun to see what the "jackasses" thought up this time.
    Secondly, the reason many people like it, is because its different, its funny, its bad and wrong but totally brilliant. It allows people to see a show with some grown men acting like complete idiots, doing stunts and creating anarchy that the viewers can only dream of.
    It allows the viewers/fans to watch, without feeling the full pain that Johnny or Steve-o etc. go through, however still allows the viewers to laugh and at the same time cringe and cry as they get hurt in very delicate places :P
    That said, many of the viewers will go out and copy the stunts they see done on "Jackass", but isn't that always the way!?
    When the 'Don't try this at home' warning comes on screen, it really doesn't make much difference, it makes people want to do it even more...however the warning keeps the company from being sued if anyone trys any stunts and either gets injured or dies-because they were warned and should have known the risk.

    I find it quite entertaining and its really just abit of fun.
    Check it out if you like people getting hurt and wild and wacky pain inflicting stunts...
  • WTF IS THIS????

    This show is watching dumb people playing pranks on each other what can very well put them on the hospital bed. when one breaks a bone the whole cast starts laughing! I don't mean to be a stereotype but this is the result of uneducated white people that have nothing to do with their money or time. Freaking steve-o staples his nutsack to his thigh. And why would anyone want to see that crap? This show is complete garbage! Who would staple their freaking nutsack to their thigh?????? Get a freaking girlfriend. pretty sure lot of little kids are going to try this tonight.
  • wow thts wierd

    to my mastmind extrodinary mind i think that this show si completely and uterley unbeliveable. they do the most crazyest things ever like puting on a spedo with a cup inside it, and let them shoot at him anywhere with a paintball gun. also they would be chased by bulls, set them selfs on fire and do disgusting and wierd bets and races the world has ever seen, who ever has seen this they know that this show will make you go eewwwwwww and then fall on your back and start laughing like crazy. i highly recomend this show comepletly.
  • WTF?

    This show is a great show even though everybody hates the show and its cast members you should give them respect because they are doing stuff you aren't. I agree it may be stupid and really, really dumb it's hilarious. But they could work on some stuff like not cussing every second in the show and the movies. Here's a reason I hate them because in the first one they only thing that bothered me was the paper cut sequence when they cut the webbing between their fingers and toes. Though everyone should respect the cast members. Thank you that's my review.
  • Jackass is awesome.

    They did stupid stunts that no one else would dare to do. They were crazy! all of them! I like the Bam skits the best. Jackass led Bam into Viva La Bam. Well, it's a shame Jackass got canceled. I laugh every time i watch it i want this show to come back come on MTV. These guys were just plain out stupid and funny. There's alot of good stunts like snowboarding in the snow with a speed-o on. Some of the skits will just make you want to puke. But, that's what makes this show so unique.
  • Jackass is soooo funny!!!!

    Okayy, i LOVE Jackass it is sooo funny and these guyzz are super crazy!! the show is just hysterical, but the movies are EVEN BETTER!!! Some of the stunts are soo funny that u might actually pee in your pants!!! he he he this is a MUST SEE for all lovers of funny things!!!
  • This show is what's wrong with the world.

    As stated before, Jackass is what is wrong with the world. Am I blowing it out of context? NO BLOODY WAY. The basic, layman's premise of Jackass is 'A bunch of guys intentionally hurting themselves'. Is it just me, or does that seem stupid? It's almost as if it's being marketed to sadists (people who get sexual pleasure from the sight of the pain of others), am I right? I've seen friends of mine who sit there and laugh hysterically at these people inflicting pain upon themselves, and I'm looking at them thinking 'What is wrong with you?' Of course, to some I may sound like some old geezer complaining about how things ain't quite how they used to be but the ugly truth is, I'm 16, and fit into the target demographic of this show. And I'll admit it, I'm not cool or hip or whatever buzzword is being thrown around by brainless chumps so maybe that's why I don't understand the appeal of the show, because apparently serious mental illness is the cool thing. Whatever it is, it's utter crap like MTV.
  • A bunch of guys like Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and all of there friends like professional skaters and bmx riders, do crazy stunts. They come up with crazy ways to hurt themselves. As stupid as it is, really we are stupid for not doing it first.

    I used to be really into this show. I still watch it sometimes. But it seems that they are running out of things to do to hurt themselves. They seem to get more gross then painfull these days. Or maybe I have seen the show so many times that I have been desensitized to the raw brutality of it all. Alot of people critisize the guys and say they are stupid for their decided careers..but really I think that they are brilliant for coming up with the idea before anyone else did. I mean I'm sure that Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and maybe a couple of the other guys really got a pretty hefty check for goofing off and seeing who can take the most physical abuse before giving in and going to the hospital, in Ryan Dunns case he put a toy car in his butt and got it x-rayed! Theses guys may be crazy but they are brilliant at the same time! I give this show a 9 because I pretty much laugh the whole time that it's on!
  • johnny knoxville and his well known cast of morons try to kill each other by concocting off the wall and downright rediculous stunts while kicking and punching each other in the groin repetedly.

    this show gets a ten based on sheer stupidity and level of danger involved in the stunts. i do like this show, but i feel its glimmer has worn off. early on in the shows life, i had seen nothing like it, and laughed my arse off at nearly every episode. as of late, i just flip past because ive seen it so many times. numerous shows have spawned from this gruop of guys, with the best in my opinion being ryan dunn's homewrecker show, which i wish had done better. viva la bam, wild boys, bams unholy union..........all remind me of jackass. again, i do like this brand of humor, but ill have to shelf it for a while to re- appreciate it fully. all in all...........a good show.
  • WHAT THE.....

    okay the show went off the air so movies are being made of it. i do think the show is still better though because they do stuff like "RED WAGON".I don't know why the going into portable potties stopped.okikikj fiud dgfhbv dh bvbvb b b b b b h bn h bn h bn h nb h nb hn bn h bn h bn h bn h bhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjvbbhj bb hjbbhb bh b h b b hb hb hb hb h b hb h b hb h bh b hbhb h bhb hbhb hb h bh bh bh b hb hb
  • Johnny Knoxville and Bam and the rest of the crew do stuiped things that end up funny.

    This show is great, it has gone on for years and is hilarious. The stunts they do are plane dumb, but great. I've seen them get ramed by a bull to having a guy fart into a mask and have them throw up. I like this show because the people on the show are scared to do the stunts but find the courage to and they get screwed over. This is a five star show and my personal favorite. It may be inapropriote for young ages,but if you like seeing people get injured or just do dumb things, then watch Jackass.
  • classic!!

    this show is amazing! the guys are just crazy! they've garnered every reaction i can think of. they made me laugh, cry (due to excessive laughing), vomit (in disgust), sulk (in pain).. just about anything. watching jackass 1 and 2 was fantastic! i couldn't stop laughing! well, except for the parts where they had to eat a snow cone with urine in the first and drinking horse's sperm in the second! i had to pause and run to the bathroom to you know.. lol.. i like all the stunts steve o does and so as with wee-man. oh, and partyboy! love it! he makes me laugh so hard i almost pee my pants! lol
  • Hi I think Jackass is excellent, but it would be even better if I was part of the crew woo hoo we would kick ass everywhere. Garff

    I think Jackass should employ me to work with Jonny Knoxville, I would be his english mini me
    I think Jackass is excellent, but it would be even better if I was part of the crew woo hoo we would kick ass everywhere.
    you know they need fresh new faces on there doing Sh*t that is just plain insane man
  • This is one of my favorite shows ever! Every episode is hilarious and I love it! This is deffinatly a show that deserves a ten.

    I would never get tired of watching this show no matter how many times i've seen the same episode. I watch it all the time and always think to myself how they think of these stunts and insane pranks. Also this show is a one of a kind and deserves a ten for the crazy and funny stunts that are performed in the show. This show rocks and I know there are plenty of people out there that agree with me. Even though I would never think of attemping to repeat anything in this show (and I know it has a warning but some people do it anyway) I completly respect it for being one of the best shows on television!

    I also recommend it for anyone who has never seen it.
  • Jackass can make you laugh and make you feel disgusted.

    Jackass is a funny show but I advise you to watch it if you have only a strong stomach because SOME of the stunts that they do are completely disgusting. Some are fuuny though. The show is about the caste doing stunts that make you laugh or make you wait for a very exciting stunt to watch. There's Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Bam Margera. There are many more but in my opinion, they are the best in the whole thing. Well, that's my review.
  • The Funniest stuff you will ever watch

    Jackass is one of the funniest show i have ever seen.Some of the things can seem idiotic and out of control but I think thats why people love it so much. There is somthing in that show and the movies that is so addicting. Some of the parts where you know you should cover you eyes you just can not bring yourself to do because if you do you know you miss somthing really funny.I wasnt really into MTV when Jackass had its show there but i did get to see both of the movies and now I own them both. But then a couple week after I saw the second movie I watched Jackass the season.
  • Funny Sh*t!

    I'm a huge jackass fan and love watching them be complete idots. I really think they can make more episodes and get the viewers because who does not love Jackass?? I can watch the episodes or movies over and over again. Bam is great in it and I think he is so dang cute!! Knoxville was very silly in it, and that's the reason I started watching this show. Jackass could have went further with episodes, but maybe everyone didn't want to do it anymore??!! I am not sure..but maybe they will come out with another movie or something. That would be great!! Jackass was a great show and I would buy them all on dvd if you haven't already.
  • It is bad and good.

    I think the show has its goods.Every time i wath it laughed the whole time.It was canceld for safty probly.The first time i saw it i could not stop lafing but there are bad parts like when they go to the hosptil.The show was awsome in alot of ways.I like when it does not injure somebody permently.Bam was probly the most injured one.When some thing horribal comes on i feel sick.So i think it is good and bad.I do not have the best judgement but i think this sow is one of my favirote shows on TV But really weird.
  • What a classic...

    What a great idea for a show...do a bunch of really stupid stuff...film it...sell it to MTV...become famous stars. I'm the type of person that laughs at the stupidest things so be advised that you have to have this type of humour to like this show. Some of the stunts performed by this crew will leave your jaw scraping the ground so be prepared. This show has really influenced a lot of people to try and do the same thing but no-one can match up to the original stunts and ideas from the Jackass crew. With two movies to also hit the big screen, be assured that every sick, twisted and outrageous stunt that you can think of has been performed by this crew.
  • Jackass is a show where people like the always funny Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera plus others compete in stupid and somewhat gross stunts.

    When I first heard about this show i thought it was another stupid attempt to be funny courtesy of MTV. But after I decided to watch the movie i was hooked and immediatly went out and boutht the DVD. Since then, I've also began watching the show and I saw Jackass Number Two on opening night. Pretty much all the show deals with is doing dangerous stunts that are funny to watch when they wipe out and gross things that make you wanna cover your eyes.With an all star cast such as Johnny Knoxville(The Ringer) and Bam Margera ( Viva La Bam) this show just has to be good.Its just hilarious to watch people hurt themselves. Who knew that maiming yourself could become such a way to earn money?
  • One of the best Stupid shows ever. Even better it was the only show my parents banned in the house when I was a kid, but I still watched it every week.

    This was just one of those shows you could enjoy. There were not plots and story archs to follow. You didn't have characters with dating issues, no drama. Just a bunch of idiots doing all they could to hurt themselves and each other for a quick laugh. And it worked. Here was a show that pushed the limits all over the world. They were willing to do anything and everything and that was awsome. I have never had so much fun watching a show than I did when this show was going strong. I loved how they would just do what they did; Knoxville being hit between the legs with anthing the others could grab, Steve-O snorting worms, and just all the stupid things they were willing to do.
    Great show. It just showed how pain could be funny.
  • this was one of MTV's best shows.

    too bad it got canceled, but with 3 seasons and two movies, nothing should get it down. their stunts are classic and original, i love this show. from johnny coxvile to poo cocktail to hockey fight to ice barrel jumping, this is what made the show golden. and other stunts i could list but there are so many!!!!
  • Stupid but hilarious.

    Funniest and most extreme reality show if I could say that .
    Jackass was a big step for the humanity , it changed many young people like me who tried to copy many dumb things performed on the show . This show is just some light comic relief and in that department it succeeds on every level . Johnny Knoxville and whole jackass crew are hilarious and always make me laugh. If you really don't think this show is funny at all then what is . There is a big need to bring this show back on the air .
  • I heard Pizza makes you want to ride donkeys. Is this true, please reply and I might try.

    I went to the shop today and found a homer simpson dlido. I bought it for my dog, cos he likes it doggy style. The first go he wasn\'t pleased but after that old Rusty got the hnag of it. I thought a little double play would be great so i hopped on to the other side of the Dlido and ROMP! We had sooo much fun. The only problem is that my Mom came home and wanted to join in. I had to share with my Mom. She was a greedy Hoe and didn\'t let up. What a HOe!
  • Pure idiocy, pure stupidity yet purely entertaining.

    I love Jackass, it opened a whole new world to me, I don't know how it all started but I believe there was the CKY, Camp Kill Yourself crew, which featured pro Skater Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn, Chris Rabb, Rake Yohn etc, whos stuff makes up a lot of Jackass and it alone is amazing, buy the dvd boxset now! its great, it features everything, stunts, skateboarding, people urinating on their mates, but thats their way of saying they love them!

    I don't care how serious you are, how refined your sense of humor is, yet Jackass will get you laughing. It's toilet humor at its best.
  • I think that it was one of the funnest shows to ever be made and if a couple of dumbass's didn't try to do what they did on the show then i think that it would still be on because where else can you see someone shove a toy car up ther ass.

    form the very frist episode peple where agaist it and they thought that it would lead to misbeheavor in kids and shur it may had but for those kids that wasn't somking pot and eating shurms it may had but i was one of those kids who was onlys HI and never new what was going on i would watch the show and thought that it would be the coolest thing ever and it would be imposiable for me to do it the next day because i would have no ideal on what i did the night befor and if people would read the disclamer befor the show aired then they would realize that they shouldn't do that kind of crap how many times have you heard this in a conversation "hay guys lets draw tragets on our underware then throw objects at each other balls untill one person is left" i tell you when never who ever would do that would have to be a strong acid or just crazy out of there mind so but in all it was a great show that could had lasted a long time but now the only new ones that you see are the movies and by the way jackass 2 the movie rocks.
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