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  • I, like most of america, used to think this show was stupid. I have since then learned the error of my ways.

    This show is stupid. People hurting themselves and eating gross things? Boy do I pitty those men, no wait, make that boys.

    I can't believe I used to think that way.

    I have since then taken the stick out of my ass and embraced their Jackass ways. I used to feel sorry for the person that was getting pranked, or empathise with whoever seemed to be in extreme pain, but I've come to realize that if it doesn't bother them, why should it bother me? That aside, I started finding everything incredubly funny. The only criteria among them seemed to be, "You can dish it out, as long as you can take it and be a good sport about it."

    There will always be people who dissaprove of the things these guys do, but if you don't take them seriously, they just add to the comedy.

    So, stop being the prude that you are and look at Jackass the way it was intended to be. Funny.
  • A funny but disgusting show.

    jackass is full of funny but stupid stunts but still keep trying them its hlirious and a great show but the things they do are daugerous and sometimes stupid these people risk there life most of the time and get hurt but still laugh at each other if hurt or not.
  • jackass the best reality show there is

    this is the best show that i have ever watched and will always be the best this show is something that you can not hate it is just so funny and so good you could that i live what they do becuase me and my friends make our own show that is just pure funny and awsome but this show has something that is head to head that is the dudesons they are equaly as funny but jackass is what i like to a classic it should say on the air and come out with newer and better show and even another movie i mean if you haven't seen it you are not living
  • Crazy antics that will make you either laugh or cringe.

    It goes to prove that America genuinely likes seeing idiot guys doing idiot stunts for laughs. Perhaps it is the creativity they put into their stunts that keeps some of their audience who normally would not be interested watching the show. Some of the stunts are a little too unnecessary for this viewer. No, I don't have male genitalia, but I still start to cringe at their countless attempts to damage their own. Is this a new form of birth control? Just wondering.

    I also don't care for the creep in the speedos. I know he is wearing them as a joke that only he must find hilarious, but I think it is a little repulsive and very overdone. I mean, is that his only pair of underwear? Maybe we should start a clean skivvy fund and give our donations to that loser!
  • Yeah that name sounds about right .

    "Jackass" is about some idiots hurting themselves and doing stupid stunts for the idiodic masses that span across MTV's airwaves. Sadly this has spawned 2 movies. "Jackass" is what is wrong with America, people are stupid enough to do stuff like that and when other Countries see this they are going "what the **** is wrong with the Americans". Beleive me, if you have even a shread of dignity dont watch "Jackass"
  • Best Show on MTV

    This show is great. The movies are great. Everything about Jackass is great. I literally laugh out loud through out every single episode. Watching people do stupid stuff that hurts them, and there friends is extrememly amusing to me. Sometimes they do things that makes me gag but for some reason i keep watching it. Johnny and Bam are probably my favorite char. on this show but Steve-O is a close 3rd. The funny thing is it doesnt cost that much to make this show, but people still love it anyways. Other producers should take this into consideration. You dont have to spend millions of dollars on a show to make it a show that everyone likes to watch.
  • A very funny show. I watched it with my sister because my sister watches this show too.

    This show IS fabulous. If my sister watches this show I watch this show too. I really think this show is very funny because of all those men going stupid things, I think these men are dickheads what are they crazy? They do all those stupid things on TV so if anyone watches this show even me, they must not try this at home, so if you watch this show it must not be attempted by anyone anywhere or anytime.
  • Stupid, but mega-funny stunts...

    Jackass, like the movies, is just flat-out hilarious. It is like a show like "Viva La Bam", and "Wild Boyz", but it is funny. Every stunt it just funny. But they do look like that they would hurt. The movies are great too. All the seasons of this show are also hilarious. Check this show out some time.
  • Real Life Beavis and Butthead!!!

    My first reaction to JackAss was that these guys are real life Beavis and Butthead's. I have 4 brothers and no sisters. I felt like I was watching a part of my life on TV. All we did was stupid sh#t to entertain ourselves. It wasn't as dangerous as them but pretty close. We would go down hills laying down on skateboards, we would push each other around in shopping carts. The only difference is that when we got hurt it wasn't on purpose. We were really monkeying around and trying to have fun. They obviously took it to another level and that just makes for great TV. The movies Rule and now they will never be on TV anymore but I still love and support whatever this crew does...I just hope no one dies. SERIOUSLY!!! I hope no one dies.
  • jackass a way of life

    If you don’t like this show then you are a jackass. Who does not want to see someone get in a shopping cart and run into things? Who does not want to see someone jump off of buildings and throw stuff at their friends? Every one likes to see stunts and pranks and Jackass delivers just that. Jackass is the perfect show along with its brother’s viva la bam and wildboyz. They all have the basic concept of spontaneous pranks and jokes and stunts that give it its originality. What other reality show has this… none because no one can compare to the people of jackass wildboyz and viva la bam.
  • good show

    this show is both funny and d**b. this show is funny because the stunts they do really make me laugh. my favorite stunts are the cool sports they play like surfing on snow. This show is dumb because they always, an i mean always get undressed. They get undressed in like every episode. If you take out the nudity, this show would be the best show in my book. overall this show is a good show and not a great show, somewhere between good and great. If that last sentence made no sense, it was because i was trying to get 100 words.
  • I don't know who's bigger idiot? People who make this show, or those who watch it?

    Just one simple question - how a show about bunch of stupid never grownup adolescents with a desire to hurt themselves can be interesting? If you watch a guy who is in front od you who bang his head against the wall, you would probably say - "Drunken idiot!". And what is the diference between that and Jackass? Naturally, Jackass are on TV. It only proves that there will always be someone who will watch it no matter how much it's stupid. And that's what Jackass is all about - stupidity! I never seen a show so primitive and idiotic as Jackass. And my opinion is - if you watch it, you're no better then those guys who make that show.
  • This show was so odd it had millions of viewers saying what the F*** are they doing.

    I thought this show was the weirdest thing I ever saw. I was like who would wnt that job but if they didn't make the show someone else would've. Then there were 2 copy cats that came around and made wild boy were they do stupid stuff with animals. But Jackass deffinately made a big difference in TV. Then when they came out with the movie every one just thought they were nuts. But I guess people still want to watch them do this stupid crap. So I guess the Number 2 is coming out here in a couple months and I know they are going to bring back the series once the movie comes out. They just want to make a couple Million.
  • they need to realize that people love jackass if a network wanted to make money they would bring the show back.

    Bring It Back come on people it was a great show and alot people like it. It just didn't make enough money. If a network wanted to make money they would bring jackass back. It has a loyal fanbase and they made a butt load of money. I personally love the show. I loved all the charactors on the show they were so funny. The directors were even funny all my friends loved the show. Overall the show had a great run but it had a hard run because they had no money if they would of had more money the show would probably still be on.
  • A mind poisoner

    People, Read this and I am serious about this!!!!!! This show is completely soaked in moral and mental decay that by copying this stunts will put you in serious injury or death. Yes it may be funny, but it has NO redeeming qualities. The movie needs to be extinct forever, so everyone should burn every trace of this show forever. After hearing of those incidents pointing to this show, what would you think? Have you changed your mind? I hope so, because if you disagree with this review you don\'t need a doctor or I you need a psychiatrist. End of story good bye.
  • I love this show. All my friends watch it.

    This show is awesome. All the stupid things they do is so kewl. I still love the reruns even though i've seen them. That's how great this show is. I would gladly do some of the things they do. I love it when they get stuff throw at them like the grapefruits. I give this show two thumbs up!!!!
  • A show where people hurt themselves for the fun of it.

    Ok MTV should nt have ever tooken that show off anyways I know the movie was discusting and yes some of the shows were pretty weird to i mean episodes I know their makeing a jackass number 2 in theatres september 22 and after a while they finally made another movie. And yes like many shows I wrote a letter to them to do that. I wrote a letter to cartoon network asking to put a ed edd n eddy marathon on and they did. you just have to write letters to these networks to ask about putting shows on its a good technic but it deffinaly works.
  • jackass is funny i could get crazy in my casa i like it is my favorite show so everybody should watch it now

    jackass is the funniest show idd ever seen in my life its kind of my favorite show in the house but this show is my favorite show because of the extreme stuff you guys made but when the show is over i get made and jump on the couch but we dont copy your stunts we do other things like clibing on my fence and jump on my couch and make obstacle course and then we go bikes freestyle the bike and bumps we fall some times biking inspiers me all the time but like my cousin she likes scootering thats a differint story.
  • Who could hate a show like this!

    Jackass is an awesome show to watch, it's one of the funniest shows alive. This show airs on MTV only on Sundays, well I think it should be on Monday-Sunday everyday. Though the warning sign at the beginning of the show does get annoying. Jackass is one of my all-time favorite shows.
  • crazy show

    This show was not for the people who like simple things this was a show for young people but not too young it was i think the funniest show on mtv so far! i did not know anyone who did not like it besides my mom and dad but they dont count this show was made for young people who know what is funny! I wish this show would have stayed longer now that I have a dvr I could have recorded the shows. All I know this show was real good and all the stunts they did wasn't fake.

  • i loved this show it was so funny all my friends watched it and would laugh so hard i wish they would bring it back!

    This show was not for the people who like simple things this was a show for young people but not too young it was i think the funniest show on mtv so far! i did not know anyone who did not like it besides my mom and dad but they dont count this show was made for young people who know what is funny!:0
  • I know that it\'s stupid, but god damn it\'s funny!

    Jackass is a show about a bunch of guys who do incredibly stupid things in the name of humor. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Bam Margera lead a group of guys who are willing to hurt themselves, dive into poo, and more in order to get you to laugh...and it works.

    I think that Jackass can be divided up into sections: the painful part, the stupid part, and the insanely stupid part.

    The painful part includes stunts that are painful, but funny. This includes jousts, riding a bull, getting shot with some kind of high-velocity non-lethal weapon, and more. These sections are usually the funniest because pain is funny.

    The stupid part includes stunts such as faking retardation, pretending to have internal bleeding, and generally the guys making fools out of themselves in public.

    The incredibly stupid part includes diving into a tank of poo, eating 50 hard-boiled eggs while vomiting at least 20 times, putting on a large fake penis and going around in public, etc.

    Basically, Jackass is very, very stupid, but it\'s also really funny for that very reason.
  • very funny

    a show about stupid people doing stupid things good.the show didn't last long but was still funny and the stunts were great no other show would ever dare to go as far as a poo dive. and the best part they don't use stunt doubles its all dumb people. even thought people are injured the show runs until stupid people AT HOME re-attempt the stunts and get injured and sue even though the are clearly warned. the planing takes a while but its worth it and the stunts get better and better well thats my review thanks for reading it
  • Shocking? No. Amusing? Definitely!

    Going downhill fast! Not the show, but the guys from Jackass! Rolling down a hill in a concrete pipe.. not the most intelligent thing to do, don\'t you think?

    I suppose this show is full of childish humour, but I know for a fact that every single one of you out there has a soft spot for shows like this. You might be horrified and disgusted by people stapling their buttcheeks together or setting themselves on fire voluntarily, but deep inside you giggle like a little teenage girl.

    Even though you know it\'s wrong, these guys do what you are too afraid of to try, and deep down inside you secretly admire them.

    I know I do.
  • it will keep you in your seat for ages

    Im rating this program 10/10 because all the stunts are good well some stunts are nasty and some are funny like office chairs that was hillarious when Bam Margera , Brandon Dicamillo,
    Ryan Dunn and Raab Himself were going down a skate ramp with office chairs . Or when Johhny Knoxville does the old man and another personal favourite stunt is when Steve O sets his hair on fire thats one of the funniest stunts from Seve O
    in jackass.
  • I love it when morons hurt themselves for fun and money!

    Jackass is about guys hurting themselves and or just acting like plan idiots! The things they do just to make us laugh, like dressing up like a money and starting the car alarma off. Dangerous things like, ridding backswards on a bike and running into things. Just when you think that they can't get any stupider, the make a movie of it!
  • Johnny Noxville Bam Margera Rabb Himself Steve-O

    I alwayz used to watch this untill they stopped making new episodes! They should really start making them again! I mean look at all the ratings so far, all of them are a 9 or higher but one! Jackass is sooo funny though and I really think they should start making new episodes!
  • I only saw the movie. The series ended in '02, so I missed it.

    I want tosee the episodes without buying the DVD. The movie was great, so I think the show must be pretty kick ass. I liked the dangerous and retarded acts they did, but some of them were... disgusting, to say the least. Wt any rate, The show would be awesome if it aired again.
  • Stupid but funny

    Sure some people think this is idiotic and stupid but i don\\\'t this is the greatist ever it\\\'s so funny because everybody knows what will happen but you watch it anyway because you want to see them get hurt. Laugh it up, and what ever you do don\\\'t try this at home
  • so funny

    it awsome i love to watch the show when ever i can me and my frends always try to do all of the stunts they do on the show we get really hurt sometimes but when dont care because we are always having fun the best time ever mit rocks
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