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  • The gods of comedy

    Anyone who dislikes Jackass are obviously boring people with lack of sense of humor, I can tell they are lame people to hang around with, I feel sorry for them! Jackass should be respected no matter how daring they are. They risk their lives for us, they hurt their balls to gives us a laugh, who does that? Man these guys are cool, its just their job, we all have done "stupid" things in our lives even after growing up for free, the difference is that they do it for money. Jackass rules enough said
  • Redeems from the other crap on MTV.

    Apparently this show is related to those stupid reality shows on MTV nowadays like Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom. If you want to skip this and go watch those crappy reality shows then be my guest, but I must tell you, you're missing out on all the fun! Generally reality shows are just pure mind boggiling garbage about the life of celebrities yelling and cursing over stupid crap and f@#%ing up their lifes even more. But unlike most reality shows that are garbage, Jackass is the exception. The stunts they do on Jackass are so outrageously funny and never fail to make me laugh. Sure some people may find their stunts stupid, and I'll admit, they are but they are done in a funny way, if you know what I mean. If you're wondering why they never get hurt it's because they are professionals, meaning that they've tried out this stuff before. Just like the warning at the begining of the show says, if you're a kid or teenage, DO NOT try any of these stunts at home, ONLY do them if you are a professional. And believe me, I used to watch this when I was liittle, but I never peformed these stunts. I highly reccomend Jackass if you're tired of this casual reality garbage on TV nowadays. It is a fun, funny and intense show and I highly reccomenf it especially if you're into shows about people performing extreme stunts, it's definetley a must watch and one of my favorite shows of all time. Rating: 10/10

    One more thing... Please don't report me for using "Jackass", that is the title of the show.
  • Love it.

    It's an awesome show: a couple of guys living life to the fullest, having fun and getting injured.

    It's defenitely worth buying the seasons and movies (just ordered 7 of them).

    And to all the haters: I don't care if you don't like the movie, but you shouldn't go around saying that whoever does like it has mental problems or a low IQ, we just love a good show, that's all."
  • u shud defo

    we think you should come and attempt to wind up my evil cat thats massive and try to live without being clawed to death it would be hilarious should make a 4th film

    RIP ryan dunn xx
  • Great

    This is so great that there should be a jackass 4 for sure plus it would be in memory of Ryan Dunn.
  • Possibly the greatest reality show of all time,and beats every single one of MTV's reality junk


    MTV has already gone downhill with all of it's reality shows,but this,is basically a god of comedy,and the best show MTV has ever made,besides Beavis and Butt Head. Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville,Bam Margera,Steve-O,Jason Arcunia and many more stars,as they do many disgusting and crazy stunts,which fail all the time. Now,let me just say that this show is 100% funny. There is not one moment where you stop laughing. Every time you see one of the guys get injured or when the stunt fails,you can't help but laugh so hard until pee starts coming out of you. The stunts are also great like skateboarding as a Oompa Loompa,eating a snowcone that was peed on,roller skating on a moving truck and many more. Let's not forget Chris Pontus as Party Boy. I also loved the three movies they had in theaters. However,the show only lasted 3 years. Why? This could've been bigger than all of MTV's so called "hits" like Teen Mom and Skins. Overall,please watch this. I will promise that it will make you laugh.

  • The only awesome reality show on MTV


    Reality shows are just pure junk and trash. I don't even consider them entertainment. Seriously? why are people into reality shows anyways? It's nothing but pure garbage and it just makes me want to puke. "Jackass" is seriously the only reality show on MTV that I really enjoy. I've seen all the three "Jackass" movies as well and they are just so amazingly hilarious and awesome. Some of the stunts are pretty dumb but it's dumb in a hilarious way at least in my opinion. Now if you want to watch a reality show that gives you loads of fun then watch Jackass". Skips those utterly horrendously crappy shows "Jersey Shore", "Teen Mom", "16 and Pregnant" and all of the other MTV reality shows that screw with people's minds these days. Everyone in this reality show is very funny. I literally can't stop laughing watching this show. It's such a fun, awesome, and fresh reality show to watch. The stunts that these people are PROFESSIONALS which means that they rarely get hurt and now what they're doing. Kids, do not attempt anything on this show... that's only thing that will concern about this show is that it will influence little kids and and teenagers to do dangerous stunts like this. Only attempt these dangerous stunts if you are SERIOUSLY trained and practiced a whole lot. Overall, "Jackass" is the only reality show I love to watch on MTV and it will stay that way. 10/10

  • Welcome to JACKASS!!!

    Who would believe that juvenile pranks combined with crude humor & breakneck stunts could create a show so hilarious, it's controversial! Jackass is that show!

    This zany show caught my eye when i first saw it in 2000 on MTV & ever since then, i am a big fan of Johnny Knoxville & his insane bunch. All those dangerous stunts & pranks they pull always leave me laughing until i turn blue in the face. I even went so far as to catch their movie, Jackass: The Movie back in 2002.

    Although this can't exactly be classed as a "reality show" & it did have its fair share of controversy when impressionable teenagers tried (& failed) to mimic what they saw on Jackass, it's still 1 of the best offerings MTV had since Aeon Flux and Beavis & Butt-head.

    So whenever i hear "Hi i'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!" i know i'm in for a real good time! Despite what the others think...
  • It's Stupid, Weird, Outrages, Disgusting, It's one of the funniest shows ever!

    Before I go into the review, I need to say something to the people who give this show bad ratings. You dont sound smart by saying this show is stupid. You dont sound smart by saying "This show is a disgrace to the United States". You dont sound smart when you say "I'm glad this show is canceled".
    When you say stuff like that, it does not make people think you sound smart. All it does is make people think that you dont have a scene of humor.

    Review: A hilarious show! I love this show! I love all the pranks and stunts they do! I love Bam Margera because I love it when he kicks his dads ass, and when he gives him a hard time. My fave prank is "Daddy and Baby #2" from episode 3. I nearly laughed my ass of when I saw all thoes people running to the car.

    This show is definitely in my top 10 favorite shows of all time!.
  • Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, and Welcome to Jackass!

    Oh boy do I love this show. Everytime I watch a show I laughing my head off. Grown men doing stupid stuff so they can hurt themselves. I mean come on who wouldn't want to see a show about that. The come up with some outrageous stunts, like Steve-o swallowing the goldfish, kids kicking the crap out of them, and there is so much more things that it would take me days to list. Each character brings thier own unique trait to the show. I love each and ever character. Chris I own every season of Jackass and it never gets old. This show alwys puts me into a good mood, and I wish that they would make another season or a 3rd Jackass. :]]
  • "Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome To Jackass" - Johnny Knoxville

    Jackass is a show which is basically about doing what we all think about doing everyday. Whether it be simply forgetting to put the baby in the car, and leaving him on the roof as people yell to try and help, or dancing in front of a convinience store clerk in a g-string referring to yourself as "Party Boy". The guys from Jackass have done it all in their TV series and movies.

    The show is half an hour long, and consists of a group of dudes with a deathwish doing stunts which will make you laugh, and cringe, and maybe throw up. They also pull pranks on anyone they want, whenever they want. Some parts of the show may seem immature, and well, they are. But, it never fails to leave you in stitches until the very end of the show, including the credits, where they may show a little more of a prank or stunt, or something completely new.

    There are some subtle political touches to the show, in my opinion. The most noticable, is that in the first season, the title "jackass" (in all lower case) was shown against a black background. Then in the second season onwards, the word "jackass" would again be shown, but in front of an unfurled and waving American flag.

    The show is offensive. Simple as that. The most offensive thing I've seen, is one of the guys being dressed up as the devil, trying to convince people that he's not such a bad guy. This could be offending to some, but if you're ready to laugh at anything, including your religion, for about two to five minutes, you'll have a great time.

    Overall, Jackass is a must see show. It's the little bit of insanity people have been craving for years.
  • I love them!. && the show!!!

    OMG ! I love them guys! i love them all in this show! I try to watch it a least every time it comes on! They r all so funny && so stupid! They do anything dumb! thats why i love the show && they r so like the type were u can have an awesomeness time && have a fun && crazy koolio time with ! ily ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! yea ! dude ! yea ! dude ! yea yea yea dudes ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ily ! !
  • Love ittt!!!

    Jackass is one of my favourite movies/tv shows. I think it is a lot better than any of its followers like Dirty Sanchez, which is just gross and isn't funny.
    Jackass has a very good,funny cast which gives it humour in what is said aswell as the stunts they perform. They have good music aswell =]]]

    People say that it influences young people to copy stunts which it probably does, but that happens with many movies. People doing stupid things infront of camera's has been around for years, Jackass just put it on TV. I admire the cast because they are actually living life. Yes there is chance of death, but you could die doing anything, why not die doing something you love?

    I think the first movie is funnier than the second, however the second one is gnarlier. The TV Series seems completely different to the movies, as they don't seem to have a clue what they are doing and do less daring things [due to MTV i'm assuming].

    I've heard rumours that a DVD called Jackass 2.5 is coming out which is extra skits they couldn't fit into Jackass 2. Also i've heard they may be doing Jackass 3 aswell. I hope these are both true. With many movies sequels are never as good as the first, but i think with Jackass it is different as it has no plot. Jackass 3 pleassssse?
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  • Jackass was the best show ever! They need to get the show back on TV. They would make so much money.

    Jackass is the funniest show I ever seen. All of the guys are so fun to watch. They need to bring the show back on TV. It is so much funnier then all of the other shows. If Jackass get the show back onto TV, they will get so many more viewings and make a ton of money. After everyone saw or heard about Jackass or Jackass number 2, they would want to see more on TV. Some kids were not allowed to see the movie. But, they can always watch it on TV. If Jackass gets on TV I would be so happy. BRING JACKASS BACK
  • wow thts wierd

    to my mastmind extrodinary mind i think that this show si completely and uterley unbeliveable. they do the most crazyest things ever like puting on a spedo with a cup inside it, and let them shoot at him anywhere with a paintball gun. also they would be chased by bulls, set them selfs on fire and do disgusting and wierd bets and races the world has ever seen, who ever has seen this they know that this show will make you go eewwwwwww and then fall on your back and start laughing like crazy. i highly recomend this show comepletly.
  • Jackass is soooo funny!!!!

    Okayy, i LOVE Jackass it is sooo funny and these guyzz are super crazy!! the show is just hysterical, but the movies are EVEN BETTER!!! Some of the stunts are soo funny that u might actually pee in your pants!!! he he he this is a MUST SEE for all lovers of funny things!!!
  • A bunch of guys like Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and all of there friends like professional skaters and bmx riders, do crazy stunts. They come up with crazy ways to hurt themselves. As stupid as it is, really we are stupid for not doing it first.

    I used to be really into this show. I still watch it sometimes. But it seems that they are running out of things to do to hurt themselves. They seem to get more gross then painfull these days. Or maybe I have seen the show so many times that I have been desensitized to the raw brutality of it all. Alot of people critisize the guys and say they are stupid for their decided careers..but really I think that they are brilliant for coming up with the idea before anyone else did. I mean I'm sure that Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and maybe a couple of the other guys really got a pretty hefty check for goofing off and seeing who can take the most physical abuse before giving in and going to the hospital, in Ryan Dunns case he put a toy car in his butt and got it x-rayed! Theses guys may be crazy but they are brilliant at the same time! I give this show a 9 because I pretty much laugh the whole time that it's on!
  • johnny knoxville and his well known cast of morons try to kill each other by concocting off the wall and downright rediculous stunts while kicking and punching each other in the groin repetedly.

    this show gets a ten based on sheer stupidity and level of danger involved in the stunts. i do like this show, but i feel its glimmer has worn off. early on in the shows life, i had seen nothing like it, and laughed my arse off at nearly every episode. as of late, i just flip past because ive seen it so many times. numerous shows have spawned from this gruop of guys, with the best in my opinion being ryan dunn's homewrecker show, which i wish had done better. viva la bam, wild boys, bams unholy union..........all remind me of jackass. again, i do like this brand of humor, but ill have to shelf it for a while to re- appreciate it fully. all in all...........a good show.
  • Johnny Knoxville and Bam and the rest of the crew do stuiped things that end up funny.

    This show is great, it has gone on for years and is hilarious. The stunts they do are plane dumb, but great. I've seen them get ramed by a bull to having a guy fart into a mask and have them throw up. I like this show because the people on the show are scared to do the stunts but find the courage to and they get screwed over. This is a five star show and my personal favorite. It may be inapropriote for young ages,but if you like seeing people get injured or just do dumb things, then watch Jackass.
  • classic!!

    this show is amazing! the guys are just crazy! they've garnered every reaction i can think of. they made me laugh, cry (due to excessive laughing), vomit (in disgust), sulk (in pain).. just about anything. watching jackass 1 and 2 was fantastic! i couldn't stop laughing! well, except for the parts where they had to eat a snow cone with urine in the first and drinking horse's sperm in the second! i had to pause and run to the bathroom to you know.. lol.. i like all the stunts steve o does and so as with wee-man. oh, and partyboy! love it! he makes me laugh so hard i almost pee my pants! lol
  • Hi I think Jackass is excellent, but it would be even better if I was part of the crew woo hoo we would kick ass everywhere. Garff

    I think Jackass should employ me to work with Jonny Knoxville, I would be his english mini me
    I think Jackass is excellent, but it would be even better if I was part of the crew woo hoo we would kick ass everywhere.
    you know they need fresh new faces on there doing Sh*t that is just plain insane man
  • This is one of my favorite shows ever! Every episode is hilarious and I love it! This is deffinatly a show that deserves a ten.

    I would never get tired of watching this show no matter how many times i've seen the same episode. I watch it all the time and always think to myself how they think of these stunts and insane pranks. Also this show is a one of a kind and deserves a ten for the crazy and funny stunts that are performed in the show. This show rocks and I know there are plenty of people out there that agree with me. Even though I would never think of attemping to repeat anything in this show (and I know it has a warning but some people do it anyway) I completly respect it for being one of the best shows on television!

    I also recommend it for anyone who has never seen it.
  • The Funniest stuff you will ever watch

    Jackass is one of the funniest show i have ever seen.Some of the things can seem idiotic and out of control but I think thats why people love it so much. There is somthing in that show and the movies that is so addicting. Some of the parts where you know you should cover you eyes you just can not bring yourself to do because if you do you know you miss somthing really funny.I wasnt really into MTV when Jackass had its show there but i did get to see both of the movies and now I own them both. But then a couple week after I saw the second movie I watched Jackass the season.
  • Funny Sh*t!

    I'm a huge jackass fan and love watching them be complete idots. I really think they can make more episodes and get the viewers because who does not love Jackass?? I can watch the episodes or movies over and over again. Bam is great in it and I think he is so dang cute!! Knoxville was very silly in it, and that's the reason I started watching this show. Jackass could have went further with episodes, but maybe everyone didn't want to do it anymore??!! I am not sure..but maybe they will come out with another movie or something. That would be great!! Jackass was a great show and I would buy them all on dvd if you haven't already.
  • Jackass is a show where people like the always funny Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera plus others compete in stupid and somewhat gross stunts.

    When I first heard about this show i thought it was another stupid attempt to be funny courtesy of MTV. But after I decided to watch the movie i was hooked and immediatly went out and boutht the DVD. Since then, I've also began watching the show and I saw Jackass Number Two on opening night. Pretty much all the show deals with is doing dangerous stunts that are funny to watch when they wipe out and gross things that make you wanna cover your eyes.With an all star cast such as Johnny Knoxville(The Ringer) and Bam Margera ( Viva La Bam) this show just has to be good.Its just hilarious to watch people hurt themselves. Who knew that maiming yourself could become such a way to earn money?
  • One of the best Stupid shows ever. Even better it was the only show my parents banned in the house when I was a kid, but I still watched it every week.

    This was just one of those shows you could enjoy. There were not plots and story archs to follow. You didn't have characters with dating issues, no drama. Just a bunch of idiots doing all they could to hurt themselves and each other for a quick laugh. And it worked. Here was a show that pushed the limits all over the world. They were willing to do anything and everything and that was awsome. I have never had so much fun watching a show than I did when this show was going strong. I loved how they would just do what they did; Knoxville being hit between the legs with anthing the others could grab, Steve-O snorting worms, and just all the stupid things they were willing to do.
    Great show. It just showed how pain could be funny.
  • this was one of MTV's best shows.

    too bad it got canceled, but with 3 seasons and two movies, nothing should get it down. their stunts are classic and original, i love this show. from johnny coxvile to poo cocktail to hockey fight to ice barrel jumping, this is what made the show golden. and other stunts i could list but there are so many!!!!
  • Stupid but hilarious.

    Funniest and most extreme reality show if I could say that .
    Jackass was a big step for the humanity , it changed many young people like me who tried to copy many dumb things performed on the show . This show is just some light comic relief and in that department it succeeds on every level . Johnny Knoxville and whole jackass crew are hilarious and always make me laugh. If you really don't think this show is funny at all then what is . There is a big need to bring this show back on the air .
  • Pure idiocy, pure stupidity yet purely entertaining.

    I love Jackass, it opened a whole new world to me, I don't know how it all started but I believe there was the CKY, Camp Kill Yourself crew, which featured pro Skater Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn, Chris Rabb, Rake Yohn etc, whos stuff makes up a lot of Jackass and it alone is amazing, buy the dvd boxset now! its great, it features everything, stunts, skateboarding, people urinating on their mates, but thats their way of saying they love them!

    I don't care how serious you are, how refined your sense of humor is, yet Jackass will get you laughing. It's toilet humor at its best.
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