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  • This is one of the best shows in history it is a real classic!

    Jhonny Knoxville and crew make one of the best shows yet with the daring tricks breath taking stunts. like skating in a full 360' loop that they make and wear skate borading and tried to go all the way around it at least Bam Margera and Tony Hawk (bird man) made it
  • easily the best stunt/comedy show ever ,the only people who say its immature are white trash anyway. origional and has spawned literally dozens of wannabe mimics.great stuff.

    i hadnt heard of jackass till it showed on a uk channel called channel 4 (very origional) around 2000 on of my freinds said ''hey watch this show at 11 after the shite like will and grace''.so i did and was roaring with laughter.i actually woke the neighbours up i laughed so hard,many instantly say its immature rubbish but in the modern world of terrorist news reports and ...sigh...reality t.v (god let it die) jackass is just what we needed.
    its clean harmless fun that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time.jeff trermaine is a genius, and many take the piss out of its many imatators especially celebritys but jackass has inspired people to make shows and dvds purely for fame and entertainement instead of cash.
    that said i wouldnt recommend this for people over 35.if your 17 like me though and have a brain thats 50% toilet humor and youv'e grown out of the simpsons youl'l love it.
  • I don't see why it didn't last with all the moronic people who watched it and tried to make their own videos.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved this show, for the first season, but after that I got the feeling of repededness with just about everything they did. The constant male nudity with the constant homosexual references of Steve-O and Chris Pontius got extremly dull after the 6th show, but that was, and is their only claim to fame and the only backdrop they still have. Only two stars from the show have since had somewhat successful careers, Johnny Knoxville and Bam, one with his own show and the other with apperances in movies. As far as the other guys that are with Bam on his show, they were already somewhat famous before Jackass (with CKY) and their only way of making a living now is with him appearing on his show, which still has no point except to act like he hasn't left middle school.
  • A show about grown men who do dumb and stupid things. The worst show on Mtv. Very meaningless and not very funny. How can anyone watch this I do not know. How did this dumb show last for so long and do so well I really don't know at all.

    Jackass is THE WORST show on MTV. Who thought of this? I really don't get this show. What is the point of this show? Why would you want to embarrass yourself like that on national television? The stupid things that they do is not even funny. It is just dumb.
  • Makes you puke Laugh and cry A TRUE SHOW for the ages.

    its a realty show, Not really ( FYI I really raelly hate reality shows, maybe clasified as a documentary because it documents the lifes of suposof daredevil like people. ), the inflicts pain to others to make you laugh. now thats what i call a show. you could eaven call it an antireallty show, when those kind of shows were starting to appear.

    When the movie came out i thought it would of been difrent from the show but it was the same exact thing. People just clasified it more as a documentary ( I should of classified it as that in the begging )then a reallity thing because no one in their right minds would do something like the things these people do.
  • Looking for a new show on your network? get a couple of writers and.... oh for MTV? Round up some idiots make them do stupid stunts and film it all, sweet.

    This is stoopid ,lowbrow,and awesome! this is one of the greatest tv shows ever that i know will be remembered 20 years from now if just only for the controversy. if you don't have to go to work or school in the morning flip on MTV2 at around midnight and watch for yourself.
    I didn't give this a perfect 10 because some of the stuff is gross.
  • Funnest Show MTV Ever!

    Many call them Jackasses I call them Funny guys!

    These people are willing to put there bodies in great harm simply for the enjoyment of all of us.

    This is a brilent idea and its funny as HELL!

    I mean having kicks kick someone in the nuts is not as funny until you really get to see it happen!
  • A COMPLETE waste of time.

    Jackass is the most rediculous show I have ever watched in my life. I actually made the mistake of trying to see the movie. I was sorta forced into going but I went anyway and I hate the movie as well. These people are idiots, the worst part is they are making money being idiots. What has the world come to?

    Television viewers would rather watch people puke on eachother or get sprayed by a skunk or hit in the face with an ironing board than to watch good television like Joan of Arcadia. I really hope Jackass is done for.
  • i dun see why they had to take this show off the air

    i dun see why the had to take this show off the air it was one of the best show MTV had. i mean so what if their were some stupid kids out their attempting these stunts i mean they should have listened to the warning at the beginning of the show. this show by far deserves a 9.3 because its just an awesome and superb show that was ever on MTV they totally need to bring back jackass i mean without it their only like one other good show on MTV! im sure everyone would love to see wee man johnny bam chris steve-o and ryan back on MTV to the jackass stunts again right?
  • We need this show back on the air...

    For those haters out there who say what is the point of this show u r already thinking about this too hard you dumasses. This show is just some light comic relief and in that department it succeeds on every level. I mean if you really don't think this show is funny at all then what is. Even my mom could laugh at this show and she thinks it's stupid. So to those haters out there i say u r an idiot and if u really dont like it just change the channel u morons.
  • c'mon you know you like this show.

    This show is just hilarious. Some of the crazy stunts that these guys do are a little on the insane side, but for the most part it is harmless and hysterical. I wouldn't myself do these stunts , but these guys are comical. Johnny knoxville and gang were smart with coming up with this show. It is truely a classic comedy.
  • awesome show

    awesome show so awesome my favorite people Are Steve-O Bam Johnny Party Boy Ryan dunn dico there tha coolestt! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i have tha movie and volume 2 & 3 the show makes me laugh so hardd its hilariouse stevo-o is the craziest. at least he does tha dumbest things :-p ! ! ! ! ! ! the shos tha bst and i give it 5 stars!
  • A show of stupid but funny stunts.

    this show is the best thing to hit mtv in a long time. Through it is over I still enjoy watching reruns. Ir is so funny. The best part is they do what every one don't have the guts to do. It's really funny to see other poeple get hurt. This show rocks.
  • i love love johnny knoxvill and bam margera they r so hot i hate when it goes off i'm all said. i love the show. i have to watch it every time it comes on or i go crazy . i dont know how people hate it crazy people huh

    a.w.s.o.m.e great one of a kind. i would watch it again and again i could watch it all day & viva la bam they r the hottest guys ever on tv. if bam and johnny just had a show just them to i would go CRAZY i love them much
  • One of MTV's finest

    When i am flipping through channels and i see a big disclaimer sign with a skull at the top i stop and watch jackass. This show is freakin' awesome! The stunts are hillarious! i know about all those disclaimers they show but i still re do some of the stunts or activities i see on this show.
  • it had to end sometime someone was gonna die lol

    it had to end sometime
    someone was gonna die

    im not happy it ended
    at least it branched off 2 kick ass shows
    (viva la bam a nd wildboyz)

    but still, a show where people get the crap beat out of them from dangerous, funny and stupid stuff is pretty damn funny
    long live jackass
  • This is a show were a few idiot get themselves hurt.

    Jackass was a brilliant show were they take dont trythis at home to extreme and this included jumping in a freezing cold lake jumping of a bridge with stilts on and breaking glasses of beer bottles on the heads. Overall it probably isnt suit for younger kids but the things they do are simply sidesplitting.
  • Why did it have to go??

    This was one of the most original, funny, and just pure AWESOME shows that rarely come to MTV. Just cause some idiots thought it would be cool if they tried for themselves the dangerous stunts on the show it got cancelled. Now i have to watch the same 5 reruns over and over on MTV2 at midnight.

    How come shows like Team Sanchez, which is twice as violent as Jackass but not even close to being funny, can be on the air with new episodes at 9:00pm? Viva La Bam kept me entertained for maybe 1 season, after that it just became 100% fake. Wild Boyz was mildy entertaining but became repetitive after 2 seasons. Bring this show back! Johnny's movie career is going downhill fast, the same can pretty much be said for all the other former Jackasses. They should get back together and put this show back on the air!!
  • I can't belive they made a movie out of this!!

    I can't belive someone could actually like to see guys eating their own vomit, urine, etc... people hurting themselves and all that... Is this funny? OK, maybe it's funny when it's part of a well written story, but this... this is just pure human stupidity... And the worst part is that they made a movie of this... A MOVIE!!!... Oh, and the SAD part is that a lot of people tried to emulate them, doing all that brainless stuff; I had a classmate that hurt his... oh well, there's no point to talk about that. OK, I don't want to keep writting about this show... It's the most ugly thing on TV...
  • a bunch of stupid guys doing stupid things!!its so stupid!

    omg i don't even kno what to say about this show its comnpletely piontless...its just awful...i cannot believe they were able to make a movie out of this!!!all this show is i a few really really stupid guys doing stupid things...hurting themselves and the worst part is they think its amusing and its really really noty at all!!i do not know why mtv would even waste their time filming this idiotic peice of film they call a tv show!i don't know why number one)the cast members would put themselves through that ~AND~ number two)why would tyhey pu AMERICA through the agony of this insanely stupid and pointless show!!
  • Jackass tends to get on your nerves a little, but overall, it's a great show!

    Let's play the "How's Your Day" game! Okay, your turn. Hmm... you had to drive to work. You work in a cubicle, you say? Okay...after work you drive back home. Nothing happened, eh? Well, Bob, your life sucks. Nothing exciting occurs in your life, I bet. Well, that's all about to change with JACKASS! Jackass is aout a group of highly trained professionals doing crazy stunts and screwing around with the elderly & unconscious. Whether it is having sex with emus or eating someone's dog's fresh poop, everyone of Jackass's stunts are laugh out loud classics. Led by the infamous Johnny Knoxville, the group would do just about anything to entertain their viewers, like me. They could even get their asses kicked by giant polar bears and call it a stunt. See, this is why I love Jackass - it's mindless, it's completely random, it shows alot of pain, and most of all, it's pure entertainment.

    Not alot of people like Jackass. Take, for example, a rich man who graduated from Harvard whose knowledge is respected throughout the world, and only respects logical and smart shows like Frasier. Just one minute of watching Jackass will make him vomit and and say, "See, this is why stupid Americans like these guys never went to Ivy league." People think the show is just plain stupid. Another piece of crap made by MTV. Well I say, "screw you!" for those who do not have an American sense of humor.

    Jackass was highly influencial at the time. It has encouraged viewers to make videos of their own in which they perform their own stunts, regardless of all the disclaimers that Jackass shows before they actually get to the real thing. An example would be a man named Joe. He watched Jackass and decided to shoot a video of his own stunts. He tried to roll downhill on a picnic basket while holding a C-4 explosive, and guess what happened to him? Two broken ribs, three fractures in his left pinky, and his right testicle was blown off. So because of this horrible tragedy (fake), I just wanna say to those who WANT to do their own stunts, "You are a bunch of idiots."

    One of the best things that Jackass pulled off was their movie, which showed stunts that were unsuitable for television. The movie had some footage recorded in Japan, and the Japanese stunts were really funny, especially "Wasabi Snooter."

    Jackass is a good, if not great, show that can show you how stupid American punkasses can get. A couple of the show's stunts were awarded spots in VH1's "40 Greatest Reality TV Moments", which definitly ups Jackass' reputation. The show had so many untouched ideas when it was cancelled, that I just want to find out what they were. Jackass has alot of rerunability (made up word, work with me!), and I wished that I had MTV2, where a couple friends of mine say that's where the show is currently airing. I am sad to see that MTV ended it so fast.
  • This was the best thing MTV ever graced our TV screens with.

    This show was so hilarious. They need to bring it back because MTV has nothing else good to offer except Punk'D sometimes. This was gold. I think they should ave never let this go off the air. They gave us a movie now lets hope someday they bring back the show and maybe another movie. We can only hope.
  • this was such a great show!

    I really liked a lot of things from this show AND the movie. If I were to pick one, I liked the heavy metal wake up and the one with the fat suits. bam annoyed his dad in this one a lot more, at least i think so. fun to watch!
  • I love this show!!!!!

    jackass is really cool! i like watchin all the stupid, funny stunts that they do. some of the stunts that stevio do are a bit over the top, but it is still real good. my favourite stunt that they have done has to be the fireworks wake up. that was just funny and really creative. it is such a shame they have taken it off the air and hopefully it will be back soon
  • wow

    i love jackass its so funny
    all the dudes have no fear they are so mental.
    they provide good entertainment...i meen who would think watching people makin fools of them selves would be so funny?

    well it is hillarious

    a definate watch.

    they make mtv worth while i would watch it all day
  • hate it

    i love viva la bam but this show is crap. everybody likes it but i hate it its not funny at all and their just dum. i hate this show and i would never watch it again the moviee sucked ass this show is terrible i hate it so much.

  • Come on people

    This show is awesome and who cares what they do no human is perfect any way. This is so cool. viva la bam is ok but not as good.. if people hate this show cause people get hurt then guess what its your damn problem if you try to do stunts off this show some moron would like to re create the stunts.
  • Hilarious - awesome comedy!

    Pranks and Outrageous Stunts - that its the name of the game that is jackass!!!

    Johnny Knoxville and his mates are the ones who put their bodies on the line all in the name of entertainment!

    Obviously a show like this is going to have its critics, but I don't care Jackass was one of the funniest and most entertaining things I seen.

    Thanks Johnny and co! You brought some great entertainment into my life!
  • This show has to come back why did they even stop its so funny everyone likes it its not like they would lose money BRING IT BACK

    This is one of the best show ever. Every one knows it all around the world and there were only three seasons. Its not like it failed it should still be here its better then any show now. we need it back tonnes o laughs it could never fail there are tonnes of ideas just bring her back its a tv landmark and should be brought back its already memoramble so bring it back for its awesome 5 season run at least its what it needs to be around forever

  • If your like Er0KSienfeldfan maybe you shouldnt watch this show because you get offended way too easy....

    I like viva la bam way better than jackass, but it is still a great classic. When it first came out I thought it was one of the funniest shows that came on. Maybe they are dumb but thats what makes it so funny. I think people like Er0KSienfeldfan just get offended too easily.(who watches Sienfeld anyway?) he's probably one of those people who break down and cry every time they see someone get hurt. I just think they need to start appreciating this show and how funny it is.
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