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  • A show about grown men who do dumb and stupid things. The worst show on Mtv. Very meaningless and not very funny. How can anyone watch this I do not know. How did this dumb show last for so long and do so well I really don't know at all.

    Jackass is THE WORST show on MTV. Who thought of this? I really don't get this show. What is the point of this show? Why would you want to embarrass yourself like that on national television? The stupid things that they do is not even funny. It is just dumb.
  • I don't see why it didn't last with all the moronic people who watched it and tried to make their own videos.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved this show, for the first season, but after that I got the feeling of repededness with just about everything they did. The constant male nudity with the constant homosexual references of Steve-O and Chris Pontius got extremly dull after the 6th show, but that was, and is their only claim to fame and the only backdrop they still have. Only two stars from the show have since had somewhat successful careers, Johnny Knoxville and Bam, one with his own show and the other with apperances in movies. As far as the other guys that are with Bam on his show, they were already somewhat famous before Jackass (with CKY) and their only way of making a living now is with him appearing on his show, which still has no point except to act like he hasn't left middle school.
  • A mind poisoner

    People, Read this and I am serious about this!!!!!! This show is completely soaked in moral and mental decay that by copying this stunts will put you in serious injury or death. Yes it may be funny, but it has NO redeeming qualities. The movie needs to be extinct forever, so everyone should burn every trace of this show forever. After hearing of those incidents pointing to this show, what would you think? Have you changed your mind? I hope so, because if you disagree with this review you don\'t need a doctor or I you need a psychiatrist. End of story good bye.
  • hate it

    i love viva la bam but this show is crap. everybody likes it but i hate it its not funny at all and their just dum. i hate this show and i would never watch it again the moviee sucked ass this show is terrible i hate it so much.

  • A COMPLETE waste of time.

    Jackass is the most rediculous show I have ever watched in my life. I actually made the mistake of trying to see the movie. I was sorta forced into going but I went anyway and I hate the movie as well. These people are idiots, the worst part is they are making money being idiots. What has the world come to?

    Television viewers would rather watch people puke on eachother or get sprayed by a skunk or hit in the face with an ironing board than to watch good television like Joan of Arcadia. I really hope Jackass is done for.
  • I don't know who's bigger idiot? People who make this show, or those who watch it?

    Just one simple question - how a show about bunch of stupid never grownup adolescents with a desire to hurt themselves can be interesting? If you watch a guy who is in front od you who bang his head against the wall, you would probably say - "Drunken idiot!". And what is the diference between that and Jackass? Naturally, Jackass are on TV. It only proves that there will always be someone who will watch it no matter how much it's stupid. And that's what Jackass is all about - stupidity! I never seen a show so primitive and idiotic as Jackass. And my opinion is - if you watch it, you're no better then those guys who make that show.
  • a bunch of stupid guys doing stupid things!!its so stupid!

    omg i don't even kno what to say about this show its comnpletely piontless...its just awful...i cannot believe they were able to make a movie out of this!!!all this show is i a few really really stupid guys doing stupid things...hurting themselves and the worst part is they think its amusing and its really really noty at all!!i do not know why mtv would even waste their time filming this idiotic peice of film they call a tv show!i don't know why number one)the cast members would put themselves through that ~AND~ number two)why would tyhey pu AMERICA through the agony of this insanely stupid and pointless show!!
  • This show is what's wrong with the world.

    As stated before, Jackass is what is wrong with the world. Am I blowing it out of context? NO BLOODY WAY. The basic, layman's premise of Jackass is 'A bunch of guys intentionally hurting themselves'. Is it just me, or does that seem stupid? It's almost as if it's being marketed to sadists (people who get sexual pleasure from the sight of the pain of others), am I right? I've seen friends of mine who sit there and laugh hysterically at these people inflicting pain upon themselves, and I'm looking at them thinking 'What is wrong with you?' Of course, to some I may sound like some old geezer complaining about how things ain't quite how they used to be but the ugly truth is, I'm 16, and fit into the target demographic of this show. And I'll admit it, I'm not cool or hip or whatever buzzword is being thrown around by brainless chumps so maybe that's why I don't understand the appeal of the show, because apparently serious mental illness is the cool thing. Whatever it is, it's utter crap like MTV.
  • This show and its hosts live up to its name.

    This is one of the worst and most disgusting TV shows that I ever saw in my life. The stars pull harmful pranks on each other that will get them very badly hurt sooner or later. Only a sick, twisted sadist without one small spark of a conscience would find any of those horrible pranks funny. What is ever worse than tha is that children would see those dangerous pranks at home, and they might try to imitate them. This horrible show is the reason why I very seldom watch MTV or any reality TV programs. Thank God that it's cancelled.
  • "Jackass" is a show about idiots made by idiots and made espically for idiots.

    "Jackass" is about a group of pretty stupid kids who attempt stunts that nobody will ever do. These kids seem to have immortal powers since none of them die. "Jackass" is one of those shows, where ask yourselves not "how did they do that?" but, "who in the world thought this idiotic show?" When, I was watching I felt sad for these kids not joy. I think the show itself thinks the extreme stupidly of these kids is fun. I know that's the point of this show. I wished it maybe cared more about these kids than make us laugh at this pile of junk. I heard this has adult fans, and I never never never ever want to meet them. "Jackass" along with "Punk'd" and "The Hills" are among MTV's worst. MTV needs some fixing, since who ever made the network MTV was thinking more of us being idiots and watching this junk than having music like in the title which says "Music Television". One of the worst shows ever made.
  • I can't belive they made a movie out of this!!

    I can't belive someone could actually like to see guys eating their own vomit, urine, etc... people hurting themselves and all that... Is this funny? OK, maybe it's funny when it's part of a well written story, but this... this is just pure human stupidity... And the worst part is that they made a movie of this... A MOVIE!!!... Oh, and the SAD part is that a lot of people tried to emulate them, doing all that brainless stuff; I had a classmate that hurt his... oh well, there's no point to talk about that. OK, I don't want to keep writting about this show... It's the most ugly thing on TV...
  • WTF IS THIS????

    This show is watching dumb people playing pranks on each other what can very well put them on the hospital bed. when one breaks a bone the whole cast starts laughing! I don't mean to be a stereotype but this is the result of uneducated white people that have nothing to do with their money or time. Freaking steve-o staples his nutsack to his thigh. And why would anyone want to see that crap? This show is complete garbage! Who would staple their freaking nutsack to their thigh?????? Get a freaking girlfriend. pretty sure lot of little kids are going to try this tonight.
  • Might as well have it called "Dumb guys almost killing thim selves"

    I don't understand this show. Sure it's funny, but they almost kill them selves and each other. I think it's funner to watch people get hurt on Funny home videos. At least then they do not get badly hurt. I know many people liked it but I am glad it was ended before one of them got killed during one of the very stupid stunts they do. I do not want to look in the paper and see "Man dies during filming of the movie Jackass 3" That man being Jonny, Steve-O, or any of the other guys on there.
  • Yeah that name sounds about right .

    "Jackass" is about some idiots hurting themselves and doing stupid stunts for the idiodic masses that span across MTV's airwaves. Sadly this has spawned 2 movies. "Jackass" is what is wrong with America, people are stupid enough to do stuff like that and when other Countries see this they are going "what the **** is wrong with the Americans". Beleive me, if you have even a shread of dignity dont watch "Jackass"
  • A bunch of guys like Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and all of there friends like professional skaters and bmx riders, do crazy stunts. They come up with crazy ways to hurt themselves. As stupid as it is, really we are stupid for not doing it first.

    I used to be really into this show. I still watch it sometimes. But it seems that they are running out of things to do to hurt themselves. They seem to get more gross then painfull these days. Or maybe I have seen the show so many times that I have been desensitized to the raw brutality of it all. Alot of people critisize the guys and say they are stupid for their decided careers..but really I think that they are brilliant for coming up with the idea before anyone else did. I mean I'm sure that Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and maybe a couple of the other guys really got a pretty hefty check for goofing off and seeing who can take the most physical abuse before giving in and going to the hospital, in Ryan Dunns case he put a toy car in his butt and got it x-rayed! Theses guys may be crazy but they are brilliant at the same time! I give this show a 9 because I pretty much laugh the whole time that it's on!
  • Crazy antics that will make you either laugh or cringe.

    It goes to prove that America genuinely likes seeing idiot guys doing idiot stunts for laughs. Perhaps it is the creativity they put into their stunts that keeps some of their audience who normally would not be interested watching the show. Some of the stunts are a little too unnecessary for this viewer. No, I don't have male genitalia, but I still start to cringe at their countless attempts to damage their own. Is this a new form of birth control? Just wondering.

    I also don't care for the creep in the speedos. I know he is wearing them as a joke that only he must find hilarious, but I think it is a little repulsive and very overdone. I mean, is that his only pair of underwear? Maybe we should start a clean skivvy fund and give our donations to that loser!
  • I love it when morons hurt themselves for fun and money!

    Jackass is about guys hurting themselves and or just acting like plan idiots! The things they do just to make us laugh, like dressing up like a money and starting the car alarma off. Dangerous things like, ridding backswards on a bike and running into things. Just when you think that they can't get any stupider, the make a movie of it!
  • Stupid, but mega-funny stunts...

    Jackass, like the movies, is just flat-out hilarious. It is like a show like "Viva La Bam", and "Wild Boyz", but it is funny. Every stunt it just funny. But they do look like that they would hurt. The movies are great too. All the seasons of this show are also hilarious. Check this show out some time.
  • What a classic...

    What a great idea for a show...do a bunch of really stupid stuff...film it...sell it to MTV...become famous stars. I'm the type of person that laughs at the stupidest things so be advised that you have to have this type of humour to like this show. Some of the stunts performed by this crew will leave your jaw scraping the ground so be prepared. This show has really influenced a lot of people to try and do the same thing but no-one can match up to the original stunts and ideas from the Jackass crew. With two movies to also hit the big screen, be assured that every sick, twisted and outrageous stunt that you can think of has been performed by this crew.

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " THANK YOU !
  • Grown men hurting themselves. Nuff Said!

    jackass is a group of skateboarders doing ridiculous stunts and all sorts of crazy things. They done many such as a human cannonball and jumping quad bikes into lakes. Plus dont forget Party Boy, who goes into shops and strips into a thong to music, horrifing the public!!!!! This show has started many spin offs such as Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz. With the sucess of the tv show Jackass now has 2 movies: Jackass the movie and Jackass 2. Its quite sad that the show ended. Hopefully they'll bring out more movies for us to enjoy and laugh.
  • A bunch of guys do wild stunts

    This show has a bunch of funny skits, but then again there are those that make you question them. Like are the jackass guys gay i mean no offense but i really think steve o and pontius have a bromance. Allright thats the only bad thing i got too say about this show. I am comfortable with my own sexuality but sometimes Jackass takes it too far. But otherwise this show is a great party show gather up some friends sit back drink and watch it. The movies are where it is at in my opinion. Plus the shows barely air anymore.
  • This show is so funny!!!!!!!!

    This show is funny. I watch when nothing good is on but its not my favorite show its funny all but I don’t need to watch every day. This show is so funny they do the stupidest things on this show but it gives me a good laugh. I love the stunts they do on it. If I was one of them I would do all those. I really like when they do pranks at stores and on people on the streets so this show is ok and I recommend to you a least see one episode. I hope you enjoy this show.
  • good show

    this show is both funny and d**b. this show is funny because the stunts they do really make me laugh. my favorite stunts are the cool sports they play like surfing on snow. This show is dumb because they always, an i mean always get undressed. They get undressed in like every episode. If you take out the nudity, this show would be the best show in my book. overall this show is a good show and not a great show, somewhere between good and great. If that last sentence made no sense, it was because i was trying to get 100 words.
  • This show was so odd it had millions of viewers saying what the F*** are they doing.

    I thought this show was the weirdest thing I ever saw. I was like who would wnt that job but if they didn't make the show someone else would've. Then there were 2 copy cats that came around and made wild boy were they do stupid stuff with animals. But Jackass deffinately made a big difference in TV. Then when they came out with the movie every one just thought they were nuts. But I guess people still want to watch them do this stupid crap. So I guess the Number 2 is coming out here in a couple months and I know they are going to bring back the series once the movie comes out. They just want to make a couple Million.
  • A show where people hurt themselves for the fun of it.

    Ok MTV should nt have ever tooken that show off anyways I know the movie was discusting and yes some of the shows were pretty weird to i mean episodes I know their makeing a jackass number 2 in theatres september 22 and after a while they finally made another movie. And yes like many shows I wrote a letter to them to do that. I wrote a letter to cartoon network asking to put a ed edd n eddy marathon on and they did. you just have to write letters to these networks to ask about putting shows on its a good technic but it deffinaly works.
  • in a time when it was cool to be a "jackass"

    jackass is probley the most outragous show mtv ever had, beating bevis and butt-head by a mile. jackass(which only lasted three seasons before getting canceled by the network after alot of controvercey surounding the show)became the most watched show at the time on mtv. not to mention the movie that took it one step further. jackass the movie2 was alright but in the time it came out the whole jackass thing had pretty much duled yet it still was a hit with most. alot of the reruns mtv show is only a select few. mtv dosent show much of the third season of jackass for what ever reason i dont know. but i can still watch the show over and over agine and not get tired of it!
  • It is bad and good.

    I think the show has its goods.Every time i wath it laughed the whole time.It was canceld for safty probly.The first time i saw it i could not stop lafing but there are bad parts like when they go to the hosptil.The show was awsome in alot of ways.I like when it does not injure somebody permently.Bam was probly the most injured one.When some thing horribal comes on i feel sick.So i think it is good and bad.I do not have the best judgement but i think this sow is one of my favirote shows on TV But really weird.
  • so funny

    I had never thought of watching this show but when a lot of my friends kept talking about how funny Jack-Ass 3D was, I decided to watch the first two movies, as well as some of the show; it's hilarious! Some of the stunts they do are dumb, or just not very entertaining, but others are really funny. I can see a lot of people actually trying some of the stuff, despite the fact that there are so many warnings about NOT. Oh well. This is still a funny show with a lot of great stunts and pranks. Definitely worth a watch if you have not seen it, I do not think you will be disappointed. So, because of all of this my overall grade is a high "B"
  • One of MTV's finest

    Johnny Knoxville and his band of idiots. Maybe the most well known stunt performers there are. The Show May have only been on for a short time and only had a little amount of episodes but they were great to watch and wonder why would any one do that, but they spawned movies that were grosser, more extreme, and funnier to watch movies. Some of the cast went on with great success to do TV shows and other things. I can't wait for their next movie. And I also can't wait to see what's next for Knoxville and his gang
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