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  • "Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome To Jackass" - Johnny Knoxville

    Jackass is a show which is basically about doing what we all think about doing everyday. Whether it be simply forgetting to put the baby in the car, and leaving him on the roof as people yell to try and help, or dancing in front of a convinience store clerk in a g-string referring to yourself as "Party Boy". The guys from Jackass have done it all in their TV series and movies.

    The show is half an hour long, and consists of a group of dudes with a deathwish doing stunts which will make you laugh, and cringe, and maybe throw up. They also pull pranks on anyone they want, whenever they want. Some parts of the show may seem immature, and well, they are. But, it never fails to leave you in stitches until the very end of the show, including the credits, where they may show a little more of a prank or stunt, or something completely new.

    There are some subtle political touches to the show, in my opinion. The most noticable, is that in the first season, the title "jackass" (in all lower case) was shown against a black background. Then in the second season onwards, the word "jackass" would again be shown, but in front of an unfurled and waving American flag.

    The show is offensive. Simple as that. The most offensive thing I've seen, is one of the guys being dressed up as the devil, trying to convince people that he's not such a bad guy. This could be offending to some, but if you're ready to laugh at anything, including your religion, for about two to five minutes, you'll have a great time.

    Overall, Jackass is a must see show. It's the little bit of insanity people have been craving for years.