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  • "Jackass" is a show about idiots made by idiots and made espically for idiots.

    "Jackass" is about a group of pretty stupid kids who attempt stunts that nobody will ever do. These kids seem to have immortal powers since none of them die. "Jackass" is one of those shows, where ask yourselves not "how did they do that?" but, "who in the world thought this idiotic show?" When, I was watching I felt sad for these kids not joy. I think the show itself thinks the extreme stupidly of these kids is fun. I know that's the point of this show. I wished it maybe cared more about these kids than make us laugh at this pile of junk. I heard this has adult fans, and I never never never ever want to meet them. "Jackass" along with "Punk'd" and "The Hills" are among MTV's worst. MTV needs some fixing, since who ever made the network MTV was thinking more of us being idiots and watching this junk than having music like in the title which says "Music Television". One of the worst shows ever made.