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  • It's Stupid, Weird, Outrages, Disgusting, It's one of the funniest shows ever!

    Before I go into the review, I need to say something to the people who give this show bad ratings. You dont sound smart by saying this show is stupid. You dont sound smart by saying "This show is a disgrace to the United States". You dont sound smart when you say "I'm glad this show is canceled".
    When you say stuff like that, it does not make people think you sound smart. All it does is make people think that you dont have a scene of humor.

    Review: A hilarious show! I love this show! I love all the pranks and stunts they do! I love Bam Margera because I love it when he kicks his dads ass, and when he gives him a hard time. My fave prank is "Daddy and Baby #2" from episode 3. I nearly laughed my ass of when I saw all thoes people running to the car.

    This show is definitely in my top 10 favorite shows of all time!.