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  • Possibly the greatest reality show of all time,and beats every single one of MTV's reality junk


    MTV has already gone downhill with all of it's reality shows,but this,is basically a god of comedy,and the best show MTV has ever made,besides Beavis and Butt Head. Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville,Bam Margera,Steve-O,Jason Arcunia and many more stars,as they do many disgusting and crazy stunts,which fail all the time. Now,let me just say that this show is 100% funny. There is not one moment where you stop laughing. Every time you see one of the guys get injured or when the stunt fails,you can't help but laugh so hard until pee starts coming out of you. The stunts are also great like skateboarding as a Oompa Loompa,eating a snowcone that was peed on,roller skating on a moving truck and many more. Let's not forget Chris Pontus as Party Boy. I also loved the three movies they had in theaters. However,the show only lasted 3 years. Why? This could've been bigger than all of MTV's so called "hits" like Teen Mom and Skins. Overall,please watch this. I will promise that it will make you laugh.