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  • The only awesome reality show on MTV


    Reality shows are just pure junk and trash. I don't even consider them entertainment. Seriously? why are people into reality shows anyways? It's nothing but pure garbage and it just makes me want to puke. "Jackass" is seriously the only reality show on MTV that I really enjoy. I've seen all the three "Jackass" movies as well and they are just so amazingly hilarious and awesome. Some of the stunts are pretty dumb but it's dumb in a hilarious way at least in my opinion. Now if you want to watch a reality show that gives you loads of fun then watch Jackass". Skips those utterly horrendously crappy shows "Jersey Shore", "Teen Mom", "16 and Pregnant" and all of the other MTV reality shows that screw with people's minds these days. Everyone in this reality show is very funny. I literally can't stop laughing watching this show. It's such a fun, awesome, and fresh reality show to watch. The stunts that these people are PROFESSIONALS which means that they rarely get hurt and now what they're doing. Kids, do not attempt anything on this show... that's only thing that will concern about this show is that it will influence little kids and and teenagers to do dangerous stunts like this. Only attempt these dangerous stunts if you are SERIOUSLY trained and practiced a whole lot. Overall, "Jackass" is the only reality show I love to watch on MTV and it will stay that way. 10/10