Jackass - Season 1

MTV - Music Television (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Stunts Featured In Episode:

    1.Santa Intro. 2.Aggressive Sledding. 3.Santa and Chicken. 4.Land Skiing. 5.Pogo Ape. 6.Christmas Skating. 7.Snow Plower. 8.California Bobsledding. 9.Grass Skiing. 10.Christmas Skating 2. 11.Nude Suit. 12.Skid Row Santa. 13.Santa Drop In. 14.Santa Karate Class. 15.Santa Colonic. 16.Snow Cruisin. 17.Egg Nog Challenge.
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Stunts Featured In Episode:

    1.Kid's Intro. 2.Gassy Yoga Class. 3.House Jumper. 4.Alligator Wrestler. 5.Skate Fall. 6.Bush Fall. 7.The Magic Show. 8.Dead Alligator. 9.Boardslide Come Off. 10.Extreme Scootin'. 11.Bad Hearse. 12.Bam and Ryan on the Golf Course. 13.Street Fishing. 14.Gassy Directions.
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Scenes Featured In Episode:

    1.Old Man Intro. 2.Mr. Mean. 3.Native Raab. 4.BMX Joust. 5.The Mullet. 6.Outside Joust. 7.Tennis Court Joust. 8.Dave's Ferret. 9.Bread Suit. 10.Bam's Idea For a Skit. 11.Pontius The Barbarian. 12.Ladder Fall. 13.Sporting Good Basketball. 14.Vicious Man Eating Snake.15.Football Joust. 16.Big Balls. 17.Ehren's Water Scheme. 18.Medieval Shopping Carts. 19.Shark Hugs. 20.Flour Mess. 21.Poo Joust.moreless
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Scenes Featured In Episode:

    1.Old Lady Intro. 2.The Beekini. 3.Naked Mowing. 4.Night Monkey. 5.Sling Shot Pond. 6.Night Monkey 2. 7.Taxidermy. 8.Idiot Slapping. 9.Pogo. 10.Naked Dave 2. 11.Jackass Stapling. 12.Sling Shot Skating. 13.Mianus. 14.Cell Phone. 15.Night Monkey 3. 16.Poo Diving.
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Scenes Featured In Episode:

    1.Sumo Wrestler Intro. 2.Crossbow Shooting. 3.Shove the Skating. 4.Sumo Wrestling. 5.Heavy Metal Alarm Clock. 6.Down the Stairs. 7.Jackass Tan. 8.The Poo Hug. 9.Satan vs. God. 10.Bush Fall. 11.Poo Poo Platter. 12.Naked Steve-0. 13.Squid Suit. 14.Heavy Metal Alarm Clock 2. 15.Poo Toilet. 16.Egg Challenge.
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3

    Stunts Featured In Episode:
    1.The Vert Ramp.
    2.Shockwave Collar.
    3.The Skunk.
    4.Preston and Wee-Man.#1
    5.Dad Beater.
    6.Zoo Monkey.
    7.Mexican Snowboarding.
    8.Preston and Wee-Man #2.
    9.Big Wheel Craze.
    10.Dave's Exercise Equipment.
    11.Preston and Wee-Man #3.
    12.Daddy and Baby #2.
    13.Dave's Picture Grabbing
    14.Up in Flames.
    15.Preston and Wee-Man #4.
    16. Elephant Poo-Dive.

  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Stunts Featured In Episode:

    1.Hungry Alligator. 2.Doctor's Visit. 3.Roller Jump. 4.Pillow Hit. 5.Blind Driver. 6.Naked Dave. 7.Tree Jumper. 8.Dog Torturer. 9.Haggard Back-woods Crap. 10.Human Barbecue. 11.Pontius Skating. 12.Dave's Doorstopper. 13.Urban Kayaking. 14.Boxing. 15.Vase Dropping. 16.Roller Bobby. 17.The Goldfish.
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1

    Stunts Featured In Episode:
    1.The Johnny cannon.
    2.Johnny Coxville.
    3.Port-a-Potty Bike Smash.
    4.Food for the Team.
    5.Look Ma, No Hands!
    6.Self Defense.
    7.Jess on the Sled.
    8.Johnny kidnaps Pontius.
    9.Bam on the Golf Course.
    10.Shopping Carts.
    11.Bam under the Bridge.
    12.Oompa Loompa.
    13.Mattress Headache.
    14.Daddy and Baby 1.
    15.Fat F*ck.
    16.Bam Falls w/ Food.
    17.Poo Cocktail.