Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 3 Episode 17

Attack of the J-Clones

Aired Unknown May 03, 2003 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The J-Team attends the re-dedication of the San Francisco Museum's collection of Jade (the stone, not the niece) and when the collection disappears again, Viper is accused of the theft. El Toro is later caught in the act of stealing more jade. Jackie chases the masked man and Jade discovers that the thief is A CLONE! Capt. Black interviews Chang (who is in prison) and they discover that Chang is also a clone. The real Chang, and his alchemist Yip, watch from a hidden lair, sending the Jackie clone into Section 13. Jackie-Clone is not able to subdue and replace the real Jackie and flees before being captured. Uncle creates a magic power that will determine who is a clone and who is not - and they discover that Paco is a clone! Impersonating their clones, the J-Team infiltrates Chang's hideouts to rescue Paco. Detected, the J-Team is attacked by the J-Team-clones but Uncle finds a way to over-ride the magic clones and turn them on Chang and Yip.moreless
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  • The j team has found out chang made clones of j team

    Chang has used a spell to make copies of the j team, and commit crimes with the clones.After finding chang, the j team fights their clones. they have much difficulty fight their clones as the clones counter the other j team members. and block the real j teams attacks. jade is the first to beat her clone by using martial arts and speed so the clone can't catch up. jade beats her clone by giving the clone a wedgie, revealing jade clone's white underwear. the j team beat there clones and tohru finds the spell to destroy the j team clones. captain black and section 13 show up to arrest chang. i think this is a rumor but afterwords Jade's pants fall down showing her white underwear.(rumor) (i didn't get to see end to know if this is true or not)moreless

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    • (The J-Team are all chained to chairs)
      Viper: A little obsessive, don't you think?
      Uncle: You want Uncle to be attacked when he's been discovered? NO! Then sit quietly!
      Capt. Black: Err… Viper. Do you always have that mole?
      Viper: Hey! If want to start…
      Jackie: Let us not accuse one another. Any one of us might be a clone. Eh, except for me!
      Jade: Doesn't anyone think that I might be a clone to?
      All: NO!
      Jade: I'm not feeling the love here!

    • El Toro: So who is the real Jackie Chan?
      Capt.Black: I know the question that only the real Jackie could answer. Jackie...when is my birthday?
      (Both Jackies wondering)
      Capt. Black: (sad) Hey Jackie, I thought we were good friends.
      Jade: Hey Jackie, will you take me out to Moose World this weekend?
      Clone Jackie: Of Course!
      Real Jackie: No! You have homework!
      Jade: (points to the clone) There's your clone!

    • Captain Black: You mean, like clones?
      Uncle: AIYAH! Who said anything about clowns? We are dealing with forces much more evil than the circus.

    • Uncle: What has to be so important that you drag Uncle out of Mahjhong tournament?
      El Toro clone mask: I will pin you all to the mat!
      Jade: With what arms, El Fako?
      Uncle: (Gasp) Why did you not drag Uncle out of Mahjhong tournament sooner?

    • El Toru:Toru is the only J-Team clone we have not encountered.
      Tohru: Then, I AM a clone. (cries) I am so sorry.
      Uncle: (checks him) Fish does not glow.
      Tohru: Oh, thank you fish!

    • El Toro clone: Uhh, never touch the mask!

    • Clone Jackie: Sorry I'll be back later to destroy you, thank you!

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