Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 11, 2000 on The WB
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After having a fight with Shendu, Valmont keeps the Dragon Talisman of combustion for himself and not only busts into the U.S. Mint but puts Captain Black into the hospital as well. Valmont steals all the gold in the reserve, and Jackie must get the talisman, but this time, he has to use his brain to defeat Valmont because of Valmont's incredible powers.moreless

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  • Almost all the characters in this episode are raged.

    Jade has some anger problems at school, beating up on people who use insults towards her. Jackie has his own problems when the dragon talisman he had just acquired was stolen by the dark hand. Valmont got raged by Shendu after he got insulted by the ornament, so when his men came back with the rock, he used it for himself. Valmont used the powers to rob a bank, and nearly killed Captain Black in the process. Jackie after hearing the news, got incredibly raged, and let his emotions get in the way of his judgment. Valmont's next target was Fort Knox. Jackie met him there, along with Jade and Uncle to tame Jackie of his anger. Jackie foiled Valmont's plans, and after Shendu got impatient with Valmont, he sent his shadowkhan to retrieve the talisman.

    A pretty amusing episode with all the rage flying around from Jade, Valmont, and Jackie. Actually, it was pretty creative how everyone's rage connected with each other; Jackie is ironically teaching Jade martial arts in order to contain her rage after beating up Munson, but Jackie got angry himself after Uncle made a reference to Captain Black and his condition. Later on, when Valmont was getting away, Jackie used his rage to get the best of Valmont, and sunk the gold into the water. It's just pretty creative, and for some this might go unnoticed, but it's something you secretly really appreciate. The fighting though, doesn't seem to be on par with the rest of the series, though some of them were humourous, such as Uncle's handful of fight scenes.moreless
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Himself ("Hey Jackie!" Segment)

James Sie

James Sie

Jackie Chan/Shendu

Sab Shimono

Sab Shimono

Uncle Chan

Stacie Chan

Stacie Chan

Jade Chan

Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan


Guest Star

Jeannie Elias

Jeannie Elias

Drew/Ms. Hardman

Recurring Role

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Captain Augustus Black/Ratso

Recurring Role

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When the Dark Hand is climbing into the jet, Finn is the last one on the rope ladder. Although, right above him is a person wearing white pants, and Finn is the only member of the Dark Hand who wears white pants.

    • When Valmont dives into the hole to the getaway truck, we see a brief shot of Ratso reading a book.

    • When Valmont blasts into the gold reserve, his eyes look like Shendu's.

    • When Finn runs into Uncle's fist, his body lands near a gold pile. However, later we see his body laying away from the gold pile.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ms. Hardman: Mr. Chan, this is not the first time we've had a problem with Jade. The swinging from gym lamps, stilt walking with ladders, scaling the building with a fire hose.
      Uncle: Just like Jackie! He reminds me of a chimpanzee.
      Jackie: Uncle!
      Ms. Hardman: Ach. Now I don't where Jade learned to fight.
      Uncle: From Jackie! He's a good teacher.
      Jackie: Uncle, shh.

    • Valmont: Shendu, I beg your forgiveness.
      Shendu: You may earn it, Valmont.

    • Uncle: (referring to Jackie) His anger clouds his judgment.
      Jade: I noticed.

    • Finn: Enter the Dragon.
      Ratso: Exit Jackie Chan.

    • Finn: Valmont, you are da bomb! Pun totally intended.
      Ratso: Hey, ain't no dragon breath gonna stop wondering where his rock is?
      Valmont: Pity. It's doing wonders for our cash flow.
      Finn: One more heist, Big V?
      Valmont: One for the history books.

    • (After attacking Captain Black)
      Valmont: The Dark Hand waves bye-bye, Captain Black.

    • Valmont: (about Shendu) The arrogance of that over sized lawn ornament!

    • Valmont: A shame Captain Black won't be visiting today. I understand he had a doctor's appointment.
      (Valmont and his henchmen laugh)
      Finn: Doctor's appointment, yeah.

    • Ms. Hardman: This isn't the first time Jade has gotten into trouble, Mr. Chan. Swinging on gym lamps, walking on stilts with a ladder, scaling the building with a fire hose!
      Uncle: Just like Jackie. He reminds me of a chimpanzee!
      Jackie: Uncle, shh!

    • (Valmont coming face to face with Chan for the first time and preparing to toast him with the Dragon Talisman.)
      Valmont: Jackie Chan, at long last we meet. It was nice knowing you.

    • Uncle: Jade is in trouble at school. Cup of tea, sounds good, thank you. One more thing, your place is too big. I have to walk very far to find a bathroom!

    • Shendu: Your men could not find their own shadows, and your incompetence continues to stupify me.

    • Section 13 worker: The grass is always greener on the sunny side of the gopher hole.

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