Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 11, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When the Dark Hand is climbing into the jet, Finn is the last one on the rope ladder. Although, right above him is a person wearing white pants, and Finn is the only member of the Dark Hand who wears white pants.

    • When Valmont dives into the hole to the getaway truck, we see a brief shot of Ratso reading a book.

    • When Valmont blasts into the gold reserve, his eyes look like Shendu's.

    • When Finn runs into Uncle's fist, his body lands near a gold pile. However, later we see his body laying away from the gold pile.

  • Quotes

    • Ms. Hardman: Mr. Chan, this is not the first time we've had a problem with Jade. The swinging from gym lamps, stilt walking with ladders, scaling the building with a fire hose.
      Uncle: Just like Jackie! He reminds me of a chimpanzee.
      Jackie: Uncle!
      Ms. Hardman: Ach. Now I don't where Jade learned to fight.
      Uncle: From Jackie! He's a good teacher.
      Jackie: Uncle, shh.

    • Valmont: Shendu, I beg your forgiveness.
      Shendu: You may earn it, Valmont.

    • Uncle: (referring to Jackie) His anger clouds his judgment.
      Jade: I noticed.

    • Finn: Enter the Dragon.
      Ratso: Exit Jackie Chan.

    • Finn: Valmont, you are da bomb! Pun totally intended.
      Ratso: Hey, ain't no dragon breath gonna stop wondering where his rock is?
      Valmont: Pity. It's doing wonders for our cash flow.
      Finn: One more heist, Big V?
      Valmont: One for the history books.

    • (After attacking Captain Black)
      Valmont: The Dark Hand waves bye-bye, Captain Black.

    • Valmont: (about Shendu) The arrogance of that over sized lawn ornament!

    • Valmont: A shame Captain Black won't be visiting today. I understand he had a doctor's appointment.
      (Valmont and his henchmen laugh)
      Finn: Doctor's appointment, yeah.

    • Ms. Hardman: This isn't the first time Jade has gotten into trouble, Mr. Chan. Swinging on gym lamps, walking on stilts with a ladder, scaling the building with a fire hose!
      Uncle: Just like Jackie. He reminds me of a chimpanzee!
      Jackie: Uncle, shh!

    • (Valmont coming face to face with Chan for the first time and preparing to toast him with the Dragon Talisman.)
      Valmont: Jackie Chan, at long last we meet. It was nice knowing you.

    • Uncle: Jade is in trouble at school. Cup of tea, sounds good, thank you. One more thing, your place is too big. I have to walk very far to find a bathroom!

    • Shendu: Your men could not find their own shadows, and your incompetence continues to stupify me.

    • Section 13 worker: The grass is always greener on the sunny side of the gopher hole.

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