Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 2 Episode 28

Demon World (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The team discovers that Jackie is protected by the dog talisman and Jade uses the Rooster talisman to make a carpet fly so they can escape from Shendu. Using the rabbit talisman to escape, so they can avoid the dragons that were chasing them and to free the rest of the Jade Team, and they had to battle the demons along the way to free the rest of the Jade Team - Tohru (in the realm of the Wind Demon), El Toro (in the realm of the Mountain Demon), and Viper (in the realm of the Sky Demon). They defeated each one using the immortal items. In Australia, the water, fire, moon, and earth demon try to stop Jackie and the others. They had a temporary win when Jade discovers that she could use the Book of Ages to make the Jade Team better by making Jackie 20 times bigger, having Viper in a Robot costume, and changing Tohru into Super Tohru. Discourage Paco wanted El Toro to be better than Jackie and made him even bigger. After Poco and Jade's conflict, Uncle was morphed into a super human and banished all the demons and sent them back to their world including Shendu. Everything was back in place, with all of the Jade Team having the memory of the amazing battle.moreless

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    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Tchang Zu/Dai Gui

    Recurring Role

    Mona Marshall

    Mona Marshall

    Po Kong/Bai Tsa

    Recurring Role

    André Sogliuzzo

    André Sogliuzzo

    Hsi Wu

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When battling Tso Lan, El Toro refered to the Chicken Talisman as "El Pollo", a name which he also used in later episodes. El Pollo is the name for Chicken as in the meat in Spanish, not the animal itself. The correct name is "La Gallina".

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Dai Gui: Shendu...and his accursed talismans.

      • Tso Lan: Behold, my mastery of gravity!
        El Toro: Behold, my mastery of... pollo.

      • Jackie: (holding the Ox Talisman) Jade was right, Uncle! I am a hero. We can infiltrate the fortress, find the "Book of Ages," and correct history!
        (Uncle whacks Jackie across the head with the two-finger salute)
        Jackie: Ow.
        Uncle: There is a big army of ninjas at the fortress in no man's Land! No magic trinkets will help us because we will be outnumbered!
        Jade: Uncle's right.
        Jackie: He is?
        Jade: If we're gonna pull this off, we're gonna need more muscle. We're gonna need.... The J-Team!

      • Wrestler: Finally, we can remove these ridiculous masks.

      • (Jade and Paco are right in front of "The Book of Ages" and are arguing about who is better)
        Jade: (quickly) Jackie.
        Paco: (quickly) El Toro.
        Jade: (qui.) Jackie.
        Paco: (qui.) El Toro.
        Jade: (qui.) Jackie.
        Paco: (qui.) El Toro.

      • Uncle: You want demons gone, yes? Then write that Uncle banishes the demons already!
        Jade and Paco: Duh!

      • Jade: Fancy fanwork courtesy of Paco, El Toro's #1 fan!
        Jade: Say hello to RoboViper!
        Hsi Wu: The flute! I despise the flute!

    • NOTES (5)

      • This is the last appearence of all of Shendu's Brothers and Sisters

      • This is the first time Shendu appears in an episode Valmont does not

      • Tso Lan rules the Moon or the whole of Outer Space

      • What the demons did to there area:

        Shendu: Treated his people horribly. He had a huge temple and had his people bow down to him everyday. He had Jackie as his main servant, Jade as a normal servant except that she clips his talons, And Uncle is his Library boy and the Dark Hand was his jesters.

        Po Kong: She had all of her people making her huge amounts of food everyday. She also made them also dig for salt for her meals. If they did not obey her, she would eat them. Tohru did a lot of the work because of his size and strength.

        Xaio Fung: Not a lot is know, He just had El Toro and some other wrestler wrestle for him. He calls them his gladiators and Paco was his fanner.

        Hsi Wu: He had a huge tower built for him. While he soaks in a bath he has Viper as his canary and keeps her in a large cage. He always tells her to sing for him.

      • The Demon Portal Saga ends in this episode.

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