Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 1 Episode 4

Enter ... the Viper

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2000 on The WB

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  • One thing you're sure of most Jackie Chan movies; he always manages to find a good female martial artists.

    The snake talisman is being hosted by a museum. Jackie pleads the manager if he could have possession of it, but he refuses. Jackie tries hijacking the theft of the talisman by the three stooges, and in the process of stealing it, encounters Viper, who was stealing the pink puma that was neighbouring the talisman. They get in a fight, and tick off the alarm. In the confusion, the two traded their stolen objects, but Jackie gets caught for it. Viper discovers the secrets of the talisman, and uses it to get Jackie out of jail in exchange for the pink puma. Though she created a counterfeit of the talisman. Jackie and Jade go search for her, and find her battling a bunch of shadowkhan. The two prevail victorious, and in a bizarre moment, get the snake talisman accidentally caught between the toes of the statue of liberty, causing it to disappear.

    Another great episode overall. This didn't feel like it really concluded, and this also applies to the previous episodes. Though this somewhat incomplete ending is what sparks its charm. It sets itself up well for marathon runs. The choreography of the fighting wasn't as good as previous episodes, but it was still great, and it included that humourous Jackie Chan magic that makes Jackie Chan such a famous actor and stuntman. Plus, the introduction of a new character in Viper was executed well. Nothing felt forced; everything was flowing nice and smoothly. Though it lacked the goonies from the dark hand, as well as uncle. They're really the ones that provide the best humour, along with Tohru and his oversized body.
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