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Theories of Drago's Birth

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    All of us have had a question on our minds ever since Drago's first appearance: Who is Drago's mother? At this thread, you can present your theory on how Drago was born, whether he had a human mom or born from Shendu's chi. Here's my theory to show as an example.

    I believe Drago was born sometime during when Shendu rewrote the Book of Ages. After Shendu rewrote the past, he found himself in a time when Jackie was still a child. To make sure there were no humans to rebel against him. he changed into a human form and went through his domain. He meets a lovely young woman named May-lin and falls for her. They would see each other in secret while Shendu is in human form. He knew that if Tchungzu or the rest of his family found out that he's in love with a human, they would destroy May-Lin and him. Only Tso Lan knew and understood. He married Shendu and May-Lin in secret. A few months later, May-Lin told Shendu that he was about to become a father. Shendu knew that he had to reveal himself because when their first child is born, it may have dragon features. Shendu showed her dragon form to May-Lin and told her the truth about the Book of Ages. May-Lin, instead of resenting him, actually understood because it was the Book of Ages that brought them together. Nine months later, Drago was born.

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    In a story idea I've temorarily put on hold for the time being, Shendu mated with a female Wyvern called Ryoko (no connection to Tenchi) back in the ancient times when the demons still ruled the world and fathered Drago.
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