Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Jan 31, 2004 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Jade gets the surprise of her life when she is visited by... herself, from the future! Future Jade is trying to stop Shendu's son, Drago, from getting a bunch of magic dragon's teeth so that he can free his father.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When adult Jade charges toward Drago on the motor bike and Drago destroys it with his fire breath, we see the flames burrning just behind Jade. But, then we jump to an overhead shot and the flames are completely gone.

      • When we first see adult Jade, she's wearing a hat and sunglasses. But, when we see here enter the portal to travel back in time, she isn't.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Future Jade: (referring to Drago) Soon after I became Section 13's head honcho, sunny boy made it to the top of our most wanted list. Luckily, I convinced you and Uncle to become Section 13's official magic consultants.
        Jackie: You mean, I never leave Section 13?!

      • Jade: Hey, do I ever get braces?
        Future Jade: No.
        Jade: Acne?
        Future Jade: Some.

      • Jade: Say, are you sure he's Shendu's kid?
        Future Jade: Who? The Tooth Fairy here?
        Jade: Tch. I mean Shendu had edge, but this Drago dude's more like...
        Future Jade: A gecko with zits?

      • Jade: Oh, do you have to go back so soon? We haven't gone rollerblading, or-or mastered the Pukenator at Moose World.
        Future Jade: Been there, done that. Besides don't you think...
        Jade: Hanging around with myself is a little weird? Yeah, we'd probably just sit around all day finishing...
        Both Jades: Each other's sentences.

      • Future Jade: You were supposed to stay put.
        Jade: Che, you know me better then that.

      • Uncle: Hurry slowpoke! Uncle is at end of his rope!

      • Uncle: I told you a thousand times, magic must defeat magic! Where did teeth go?
        Future Jade: Dragon's fire breath is magic, duh!
        Uncle: Who is smarty-pants good chi magic know it all who looks like Jade? Ai-yaa!

      • Drago: Ah, Mr. Jackie Chan. My dad sends his best.
        Jackie: Your father? Who is your father?
        (Drago breathes fire toward him)
        Jackie: Ah, never mind, I have a pretty good idea! Thank you!

      • Uncle: One more thing! Future Uncle allows you to use his spells?
        Future Jade: Oh... uh... yeah! Total access. You really mellow out as you age.
        Jade: Che, as if!

      • Drago: Apologies for my bad breath!

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