Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 5 Episode 1

Relics of Demons Past

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • During the scene in the playground when Drago is absorbing the Wind Demon's chi from Jade, she is back to being human. Then when Jackie kicks Drago, Jade's back to being transformed, and a few seconds later she is normal again.

    • When the Enforcers are transformed into dragon-human hybrids, their clothes are ripped and torn to accomodate their scaly arms and legs, and in Ratso's case, the horns on his shoulders. However, when they are transformed back into humans, their clothes are no longer ripped.

    • Finn, Ratso, and Chow were wearing overalls when Drago changed them into his dragon minions. When their transformation is completed, they're somehow wearing their regular clothes.

  • Quotes

    • Drago: I am Drago, the son of Shendu. Serve me well now and be at my side when I rule the world!
      Chow: Uh, sorry, kid, but your old man kind of burned us.
      Ratso: Yeah. And I got the scars to prove it.
      Drago: You're turning me down?
      Finn: Look, all that world domination stuff just don't pay the rent.

    • Finn: Drago wants the wind demon chi.
      Jade: Isn't he enough of a blowhard already?

    • Uncle: Dragon teeny bopper wants to absorb its powerful wind demon chi.
      Jackie: But, Uncle, we already defeated the other seven demons!
      (Uncle hits Jackie twice on the head with two fingers)
      Uncle: Clean wax out of ears! Uncle said demon chi, not demons themselves!

    • Jade: It's not so bad being green.

    • Jackie: Jade, tell me you've been fooling around with Uncle's spells.
      Jade: No, I swear! I just looked up and bam, toad girl!

    • (After blowing Drago away with her burp)
      Jade: Excuse me, not!

    • (After discovering that she has turned into a frog-like creature)
      Jade: What's wrong with me?!
      Drago: You're short, green, and a real pain in the butt.

    • Drago: Mess with a dragon, you're gonna get burned.

    • Drago: (about the fan) This is useless! The Wind Demon Chi has already been drained from it!
      Chow: And that's a bad thing, right?
      (Drago breathes fire on the Enforcers)
      Finn: Uh, we're gonna let you have a little alone time now.

    • Chow: Jackie Chan! Long time, no rumble!

    • Ratso: (after getting fire powers) Hey... I can make grilled cheese sandwiches whenever I want!

  • Notes

    • The plot of this season is similar to Season Three. Magical energy that has taken new form, which has to be tracked down and locked up, before the villain and their transformed henchmen absorb the power for themselves.

    • It also appears that not only does the receivers of the chi gain the demons powers, but also their appearance. In Jade's case, she turns green, gets webbed fingers and a puffed out chin, similar to that of a frog.

    • This is the first time someone hires the Enforcers without meeting their previous boss. Daolon Wong met Valmont when he hired the Enforcers and Tarakudo met Daolon Wong in a similar occasion.

    • Receivers of the Chi: Jade and Drago

    • Drago is on a quest for the magical items that were used by the Eight Immortals to banish his aunts and uncles centuries ago. The items contain remnants of their chi, which he intends to absorb in order to attain their powers.

    • Drago can find the location of the items used by the immortals to banish the other demons by entering a trance.

    • Uncle returns to using his original chant: "Yu Mo Gui Gui Fi Di Ziao."

    • Chi: Xiao Fung, the Wind demon.

    • Drago turns Finn, Chow, and Ratso into dragon-human hybrids, which is similar to when Daolon Wong turned them into Dark Chi warriors.

  • Allusions

    • Jade: It's not so bad being green.

      This is a reference to the Kermit the Frog song Bein' Green. The first line is 'It's not that easy bein' green'.