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  • An amazing action and fantasy show with plenty of comedy and adventure

    I must say this show really did Jackie Chan proud. Over the course of the show Jackie and the other protagonists must retrieve various artifacts with various powers and properties from the hands of evil. Not only must they protect innocent people from dangerous crooks but from monsters and demons as well. Very fast past, clever, comic, and exciting with a nice blend of anime and western styles of animation. Not too many shows can boast about that. This was one very memorable show from Kids WB. It did get a little repetitive but it ended well and before it got rotten unlike the Fairly Odd Parents.
  • It was somewhat enjoyable early on but it then became quite repetitive and lame.

    I also loath Jade -the most annoying and disruptive character ever, she is also cause of so many of the protagonists problems which regularly put people in danger.
  • Jackie Chan's the man

    Jackie Chan totally kick's ass all the way as a kung fu master
  • Only have 6 words to say!

    I only have 6 words to say: BAD DAY BAD DAY BAD DAY!
  • why did they have to go?

    Its all because of the loonitics show from looney tunes like seriously that series i dont like 1 bit its really annoying espically that loud mouth chewer rabbit bugs i dont care about this show its done its time in the 90's now let Jackie have his big shot with his first (probably last) cartoon meep meep*? well bleep bleep 2 u looneytoons you destroyed the best show and jackies dream about being a cartoon sure it last 5 seasons but we felt engaged to the plot and 5 different stories it brung us i will miss the J-team espically Jackie, Jade, Toruh and of course Uncle; he's all our uncle to those who questioned oh and by the way those who missed the series and or just want to watch it again, its on Netflix
  • an ok show not that very interesting. i think it needs to not be on air again

    this show was ok it was realy good and very cool at first then started to get dumner and more stupid. not a family show it would bore my family to death after watching it. i think it is only a good show for 5 year olds it gets boring i used to like it but not anymore i do not reccomend watching it unless ur into these kinda shows i personly am not. I expected more from a show about jackie Chan. its not that it stinks it that i got bored of it eventually. But some people probaly would like to watch it a lot.
  • jakie chan adventures was a good wb cartoon.

    jackie chan was a good show. it was about jackie who lived with his unlce and also had to take care of a girl name jade and they would help solv e things togeather. and help defet the bad guys and get the 12 talsmans before the bad guys. the talsmans were cool they were the same as the animals of the japiness new year. and they could do magical things like turn invialsable and have other amazing powers the bad guys were tring to get it to bring back there all powerfull boss that was a dragon. it was really good and it had some comedy and ithink wb had hit on there hands.
  • A funny way to see Jackie Chan in supernatural and crazy adventures.

    At first, you would think that a show with this name would be a bad show, but in fact, it's probably one of the best animated shows ever done.

    The story follows the adventures of Jackie Chan around the world, protecting it from all kinds of supernatural and crazy evil. Helped by his niece Jade (who's always pulling pranks on him, and getting herself in trouble), by his Uncle, who's a master when it comes to translations and coming up with potions and spells to counter the effects of the Evil forces, by Tohru, an ex-enforcer of the Dark Hand organization, who becomes Uncle's apprentice, and by others, who are named the "J-Team".

    The animation is solid, and the humour is almost constant in the action of the series. Overall, I give this one a very big 10!
  • This is not a bad show (despite the constant one-off shows.)I am glad that this show was able to end itself in dignity as a series finale. (The Powers That Be)

    There's not too many shows that receive Emmy Awards, but luckily Jackie Chan Adventures is one of those legendary cartoons. Some cartoons are too seirous (which I don't mind..) but most of them are kiddy...too kiddy. Jackie Chan Adventures is seirous but at the same time kiddy but funny. Most cartoons that are based on celebrities turn out to be very terrible. Does anyone remember "Mary Kate and Ashley as secret spies on ABC Saturday Mornings?" Even the Jo Bros got their show on Disney and it sucks.. (I have nothing against the Jo Bros except for the fact they're complete sell-outs...) However, Jackie Chan Adventures manages to break the boundaries of celebrity shows. Jackie Chan Adventures is about Jackie Chan, who's not a celebrity but an expert archelogist who would prefer to quietly do his work for the local university, but fate has dealt another hand. That happens when he finds a shield containing a talisman is but the first of a dozen pursued by a criminal organization called The Dark Hand led a man called Valmont and guided by a spirit called Shendu. Against this Jackie, his niece Jade, and their uncle must cooperate with the secret law enforcement organization, Section 13, to oppose this threat. Along the way, our heroes must face wild dangers that will demand all of Jackie's skill in martial arts and his daring to overcome.

    The writers/producers of this series deserve a lot of credit. Somehow they've created an edgy, often wickedly funny animated series that conveys a healthy family in which everyone has importance; old people are still valued (Uncle rules!), girls are smart, cute, and kick butt (Jade IS all that), and the family can include close friends (Toru and his mom). The story lines are interesting and unusual. Even though the show ended in a finale (which most people need to get through their heads eventually but I miss it, too.), The same people who made Jackie Chan Adventures also made Men in Black and The Batman, so be sure to check out those shows good. Even though the first, fourth, and fifth seasons are my favorites, I will always miss JCA.
  • Not a bad show

    This show was one of the better ones that they played on jetix but it was not a long running one i mean each season only had about 15 episodes unlike something like dragonball z where it had about 26 episodes but although the lack of episodes per season brought the show down it was still a very good show while it lasted i mean come on jackie chan as a cartoon chartecter beating on these weird other things that like to disapear and all this just to look for some talismens i mean i little bit of effort is needed for that but all in all this show was a really good one by my opinion
  • KidsWB top 3 show in my opionon.

    This show is a Jackie Chan fighting evil and demons. I think this is one of the most underrated show I have ever seen. Personally I think think this show was better than Yu-Gi-OH. The problem with this show was that each season contained around 10-15 episodes (expect season 2 I don't why) while other show had 20-25 per season. So really they had only 95 episodes for a really good show. It weird for a show that wasn't well known and yet it had a good run. I don't know why they ended, but this was one of the best cartoon ever in my opionon.
  • One of W.B.'s few good shows....... then again it had few things above the level of modest.

    Jackie Chan Adventures (JCA) is basically Jackie Chan made into a cartoon, with added magic and mystique thrown in. Basically, Jackie and his neice Jade, and his Uncle, Uncle, go around the world searching for the 12 mystical talismans of Shendu, (7 demon's chi in Season 2 & 5, 9 Masks in Season 4) each with its own power. They evantually collect them all, but they apparently have an element of fail around them as the various villians always get them in the end. Overall, JCA is the show almost equal in proportions to Avatar. (That's Avatar: The Last Airbender. [ATLA]) The villians include: Finn, Chow, Ratso, (Season 1-5, though the only the first episode in Season 5.)
    Hak Foo, (Season 2-4) collectively known as "The Enforcers", and Tohru, (Season 1).
    It also includes: Valmont (Season 1,2), Shendu (1-3, 5), Daolan Wong (Minor in Season 2,4 and Major in Season 3), Tarakudo (Season 4), and Draco (Season 5). The heroes known of the J-Team, in the Season Finale, usually after appearing earlier in the season save the world once more. So, if action and enthralling plots are what you desire, JCA is the show you have (Actually HAD" been waiting for.
  • One of the only other shows I used to watch when I was a kid...

    Don't get me wrong, I stopped watching it like in 2003, (I regret not finishing it) But I really liked it because it was that, action adventure butt kicking tv show that made you laugh. Sure, it was for small kids, which should have been fixed, but whatever.
    I think I have this familiar likeness in myself to root for the "Uncles" in Tv shows. In this show, my favorite character IS Uncle, the sensei. He is just really cool. His accent was funny and he was smart too. Uncle Iroh is the same way. When Avatar came out, I didn't know a lot about it. I didn't come to appreciate it until earth. I found uncle to be my favorite character, all along.
    so yeah, I really liked this show because of uncle. And I think it shares a common, but less artistic style similar to Avatar.
  • Click on Continue.

    I remember with show vividly. It first premired when I was about 10 years old. I watched it and marveled at how interesting it was. The idea of the Talismens was very interesting. I watched every episode from then on. I noticed a down fall in the future seasons though. Season 2 I didn't really like. I don't care for the idea of Shendu having sibling demons. I disliked the idea of Shendu in Valmont's body even more. Season 3 was more interesting. A hunt for Shadow Can controling masks was one of my favorites. I always found shadow can very interesting and was happy with this season. I didn't like Tericudo very much though (he seemed annoying). I think that the last season and season 2 were equally bad. Its not that they were bad in general, just bad compared to seasons 1 & 3. Draco doesn't hold a candle compared to Shendu. If I had to rate seasons I'd go on this: 1 = 9.7 ; 2 = 8.5 ; 3 = 9.5 ; 4 = 8.3.
  • Jackie Chan as a cartoon

    This shows follows the adventures of Jackie, Jade, Uncle, and later Tohru. Through out their travels they encounter a secret goverment agency code named Section 13, talking dragons with shadow ninjas, omni masks, seven demon sourcers, seven animal talismans, and many different characters. This is a good show and had lots of action, karate, and funny moments. The only reason this show doesnt get a higher rating is that the show I thought it could of gone on much longer and end with a episode that was part of the actualy series not a filler episode. I did really enjoy this show and if you like action and/or Jackie Chan.
  • It was pretty good

    I watched this show when I was younger because I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan and anything kung fu related. It was pretty interesting, and it had some good animation. The way they portrayed his fighting style was really good, and it had an original storyline. I think I was 10 when I watched this, and it was pretty funny at times. I thought his uncle was hilarious. I guess I give it an 8.5 because it no longer draws my interest, but it was a good show when I was younger. Strange how I'm adding it to my favorites....
  • Actor Jackie Chan stars in his own cartoon. In this cartoon you will follow the action pack adventures of Jackie, Jade, and Uncle as they battle various evil forces to protect the magical talisman powers.

    I am a huge Jackie Chan mark and let me tell you I was so mad when I found out that he was taking movie time off too star on some cartoon on WB. The monthes leading up to the cartoon all I could think about was my favorite action star legacy getting ruined because of some stupid cartoon. So when the show actually premiered I just said heck with it and just checked it out cause Jackie was in it and boy was I suprised of how great of a show it was. The show was filled with the karate action and laughs that I loved from every Jackie Chan movie. And Jackie wasn't even my favorite character of the show but rather Jackie's old uncle named well Uncle. Uncle provided a lot of great quotes which he would say almost every episode. Overall if you are a huge Jackie Chan fan or just want a cartoon action show with action and humor well Jackie Chan Adventures is for you.
  • One of the best Kids WB shows ever aired.

    I used to watch this show. It was interesting and at least it was decent. Kids WB puts on stupid shows like Spider Riders and Johnny Test. Jackie Chan Adventures had action and some comedy. It wasn't completely boring. I do not watch Kids WB because, honestly, whats the point?
  • It was kinda funny to watch

    Although I didn't recognize many of the voice actors in it (was Jackie actually voicing himself at one point?) it was pretty cool and sorta funny. Some of it got a little repetitive after a while, though, and I get the feeling it didn't have much closure. Go J Team!
  • Jackie Chan is in his own animated series. It involves tons of magic, humor, and kun-fu action!

    LOL! This show is funny! Uncle is funny because he always hits Jackie upside the head. Also, Jackie gets alot of humorous expressions on his face. It has a little bit of everything in it genre wise. However, it keeps a central plot of magic threw the entire series. The animation is good compared to most series of cartoons. They don't how you say over do things in the show, meaning they don't make it look fake. Also, I enjoy how they interview him after every episode. My favorite episode is the book of ages. Jane has to be my favorite character because she gets into loads of trouble. I feel sorry that none of her classmates believe her stories, when she's telling the truth.
  • It really wasn't that bad.

    Most shows like this usually are extremely annoying and deserve to be canceled as soon as there are aired. This one wasn't as bad. The characters were amusing, the plots and storylines were usually well written, and as long as there was an "absense of disbelief" it could be quite entertaining.
  • I love this show but I\'m so sad now that I haven\'t seen anything new.

    Jackie Chan Adventures was one of the first action cartoos that liked and didn\\\'t think was lame. The whole Anime theme was really cool. Why am I useing past tense? Because I haven\\\'t even heard of a new episode in along time. There\\\'s alot of fantacy fans out there and others who just love martial art, then others who love comedy and I can almost say I speak for most of us. Were sad that one of our favorite shows is well, currently off the air. We major Jackie Chan fans are currious to why nothing new has come out. If you could tell the fans why would be nice.
  • The adventures of a normal Jackie Chan fighting for Sector 13 and against the evil that is trying to take control of the magic in the world.

    This show was great in the fact that it had a sense of good writing and adventure. It was successful in making probably a bad studio idea into a show that lasted on the air for a good five years. It gave new hope to animated kid action shows, espically ones with a celebrity action star as the hero. Though not actually voiced by Chan himself, the character is a good lovable hero and someone you want to root for. Also the little segment afterward with the actaual Chan and the question of the week sent in by a fan to ask him, is somewhat fun to watch. Only down side is show become somewhat repetive toward the end.
  • Why'd they stop!?

    Man, this was a real cool action humor show!! I wish so much they would continue and make another season! My favorite characters are JAckie and Jade. The funneist parts were like when Uncle says, "Ayah!" or Jackie tries to prevent Jade from fighting! I sometimes laugh at how Uncle goes, "Magic must defeat magic!" The show also reminds me of my past, every show does remind me of my past. I miss this show, I keep saying did they have to cancel this show! Why did it have to go!? Kidswb needs more stuff like this! Jackie Chan Adventures Forever!
  • Jackie Chan and his neice search for 12 magic talismans.

    Jackie Chan Adventures is the story of Jackie Chan(inspired by the real life actor), an archeologist turned adventurer who searches the world over for 12 magic talismans and tries to claim them before the evil Syndicate does.

    Each talisman represents one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. And each talisman contains a certain power unique to that animal(the Ox gives the user great strength,etc).

    Along the way he is joined by his thrill seeking niece Jade, who has been sent from Hong Kong to America to live with Jackie. As well as his Uncle who is the all knowing elder of the show and provides Jackie with the information on the talismans.

    One of the highlights of the show is that the fights between Jackie and the Syndicate are exactly like the fights you would see in a Jackie Chan movie. With fast moving kung fu moves and unbelievable stunts.

    This is a great show, that should not be missed.
  • Jackie Chan still kicks butt even as an archaeologist!

    Oh man, was this show good! With Jackie Chan and his brother Willie behind it, this is one of the best action cartoons I've ever seen. Jade was one of those rare kids who didn't mess up a show, the action was incredible--just like what you'd expect from Jackie, the humor was great, and the characters were well thought. Each season held a different adventure and new areas to explore, starting with Shandu and the twelve magic talismans all the way up to Dae Long Wong and Shandu's son Draco. All the while, it involved Jackie, his hilarious uncle, Jade, and Tohru (after the first season) rescuing us from all these disasters.
    Great animated show for anyone who likes action, demons, magic, history, and most of all...Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan Adventures is incredible!
  • great

    talisman magic
    rooster - levitation & telekineses
    ox - super strength
    snake - invisibility
    sheep - astral projection
    rabbit - super speed
    rat - motion to the motionless
    horse - healing
    pig - heat beam eyes
    dog - immortality
    monkey - morphing
    tiger - spiritual balance
    dragon - combustion

    shendu -(fire demon)
    po kong - mountain demon
    so long - moon demon
    Xiao Fung - wind demon
    Tchang Zu - thunder demon
    Dai Gui - earth demon
    Bai Sa - water demon
    Hsi Wu - sky demon
    dragon - fire demon - shendu's son

    immortal items
    fan - wind demon
    gourd - water demon
    flower - earth demon
    lotus pod - moon demon
    flute - sky demon
    maracas - thunder demon
    drums - mountain demon
    sword - fire demon

    shadow kahn
    tarakudo - king of the shadowkahn
    queen jade - queen of the shadowkahn
    Type - regular ninja
    type - long claws
    type - flying
    type - sumo
    type - samurais
    type - shadow eaters
    type - strong & pincers for an arm
    type - pray mantis type

    j team
    jackie - martial artist
    viper - tai chi
    el toro - wrestler
    tohru - sumo
    jade - boss

    wizards - uncle
    - daolon wong

    chow - does little martial arts
    finn - 70's fighter
    ratso - he is strong
    hak foo - black tiger martial artist
    ice, dj fist - martial artist

    valmont - dark hand leader
    paco - el toro fan
    monkey king - monkey comedian
    capt. black - section 13 boss

  • One of the most awesome shows out there Jackie Chan Adventures starred well a guy named Jackie Chan along with an irrascible niece and uncle who help him save the world on a regular basis an awesome show and a true delight.

    One of the most awesome moments I ever had from watching JCA was when the chemistry between Uncle and Jackie was shown clearly Uncle happens to be most odd lol the season begins with him picking up a shield much to chagrin of a criminal kingpin and a mysterious benefactor.

    Throughout the first season we are giving a look at Jackie\'s maturity, Jade\'s go getter nature and Uncle\'s wise council the three of them facing off against the Darl Hand whom are led by Valmont.

    Season Two returned stronger then ever with the dragon known as Shendu seeking to free his siblings all of whom like he ruled portions of the world before they like him were banished for reasons unknown to us.

    The third season picked up with a new villian and alas the demise of Valmont\'s empire and character which were two of three beefs i had against this show.

    The third new villian to hit the show was of course Uncle\'s arch nemesis Dalong Wong whose agenda was rather different then that of season two\'s baddies which made for a nice change.

    Next came season four which introduced us all to the Oni king Tarakudo and the nine oni masks a rather nice touch for this season which faded out nicely enough.

    Last but not least comes season five alas this was the last of the seasons and this time the attention was turned to Shendu\'s son; Drago.

    Without giving too much away Drago showed up in the end of season four and made his major appearence in the last season as its main baddy.

    Sadly the show would not return as the WB and the Cartoon Network did not stick with it as they could have done.

    For the most part this show was in fact awesome save for the character of Paco, the demise of Valmont\'s character and for the fact that the show was not picked up nor was it given as much detail in the later episodes as had been the case in the first.

    Still out of all the cartoons out there today this will always be one of my best picks as Jackie Chan Adventures is a lot more thought out then a lot of the cartoons these days.
  • this show is about jackie chan, jade and the uncle but toro doesn't come until the first talismen hunt is over. this shows gives great adventure and comedy from all characters. there is also the j-team which helps mostly when there is danger lurkin

    i think this show is great because its got action and adventure packed with comedy too. my fav character is jade because she comes out of nowhere sometimes and scares her uncle jackie. in some episodes jackie is in trouble and she ends up saving the day but in most episodes she messes up but still fixes them at the end. this show has magic every episode which brings in the uncle the eldest and wisest of the family.
    i think it is a show worth while to watch because its very enjoyable in the last episode. i love it!!
  • Kung Fu magic or chow mien? Find out in this review.

    Yes, it' a daily fix for anyone who likes animation, but it goes farther then that. The sloppy backgrounds, funny Jackie voice acting, and big huge guys with small head, is just the start. Animation is fairly good and plots are good. You follow Jackie and his neice Jade, along with an old guy and it's pretty fun to watch, but not the greatets, but its not bad either... I guess you can say it's just there. A good show to just turn on and watch...for a little while. This is chow mien, with a fortune cookie.
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