Jackie Chan Adventures

The WB (ended 2005)





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  • Actor Jackie Chan stars in his own cartoon. In this cartoon you will follow the action pack adventures of Jackie, Jade, and Uncle as they battle various evil forces to protect the magical talisman powers.

    I am a huge Jackie Chan mark and let me tell you I was so mad when I found out that he was taking movie time off too star on some cartoon on WB. The monthes leading up to the cartoon all I could think about was my favorite action star legacy getting ruined because of some stupid cartoon. So when the show actually premiered I just said heck with it and just checked it out cause Jackie was in it and boy was I suprised of how great of a show it was. The show was filled with the karate action and laughs that I loved from every Jackie Chan movie. And Jackie wasn't even my favorite character of the show but rather Jackie's old uncle named well Uncle. Uncle provided a lot of great quotes which he would say almost every episode. Overall if you are a huge Jackie Chan fan or just want a cartoon action show with action and humor well Jackie Chan Adventures is for you.