Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2

The WB (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Amazing T-Girl!
    Episode 39
    In learning that Jackie must escort the Tailsmans from Section 13's ultra secure vault to the Ben-Shui Temple for safekeeping, Jade pays a late night visit to the Tailsmans for 'one last adventure'. A freak accident occurs and Jade unknowingly absorbs all the Talisman powers. When Dalong Wong senses the Talismans have arrived in China, he and his warriors battle for the Talismans and then Jade.moreless
  • 8/24/02
    Jackie accidentally releases the spirit of the Monkey King, which was trapped in a toy puppet. In releasing the Monkey King, Jackie trades places with him - Jackie becomes a puppet, and the Monkey King is a live being. Jade uses the Rat talisman to animate Jackie, and together they try to stop the Monkey King's practical jokes, which escalate out of hand.moreless
  • Shrink Rap
    Episode 37
    Jackie retrieves the Bands of Shiva from the Shiva temple but gets chased by Hak Foo! Jade uses a disappearing spell on Hak Foo but Jackie also gets caught in the crossfire! But the spell shrinks them! Jackie must get within shouting range to get the J Team's attention and protect the Bands of Shiva from Hak Foo is he wants to get big again!moreless
  • During an annual pilgrimage to China, Jackie and the gang stumble upon Daolon Wong's plan to unleash the Dark Chi trapped inside the three megaliths of the 3 wise monkeys! Therefore Daolon fires the curse of the monolith monkey spell at the J-Team, which makes Tohru see no evil, Jackie speak no evil, and Jade hear no evil! It's up to Uncle and the J-Team to save the day before China suffers blindness, deafness, and muteness forever!moreless
  • Chi of the Vampire
    Episode 35
    While battling a Chi Vampire in China, Thoru, Jade and Uncle are forced to share each other's chi (and personalities). Jackie must vanquish the demon and release the stolen chi in order to return everyone to normal.
  • 4/27/02
    Jackie and Jade accidentally stumble upon an ancient secret society while on an archeological dig in England. They believe that Jackie has over heard their plot to destroy civilization as we know it, but he actually knows nothing. These "Magisters" scurry around London in an attempt to destroy Jackie and Jade before the two reveal their plans to the world.moreless
  • Glove Story
    Episode 33
    Magic gloves have began to steal objects and the blame is on Tohru, and the magic gloves finally took total control of Tohru.
  • The Chosen One
    Episode 32
    A group of monks think Tohru is the Chosen One. Jade counsels Tohru who is uncertain about wanting to be the Chosen One.
  • Tough Luck
    Episode 31
    Finding a cursed stone, Jackie discovers that bad luck isn't always silly superstition as he travels to Ireland to return the Emerald of Kilarney to break the bad-luck curse. Also, Finn has plans to start his own crime syndicate! Now, if only he can figure out a good name...
  • Pleasure Cruise
    Episode 30
    Jackie is escorting an artifact to Hong Kong on a cruise ship, and invites Uncle, Jade and Tohru along. Tohru asks to bring a guest. Just as the ship is about to get underway, Uncle balks that the guest is Tohru's Mother! Meanwhile, thieves on board plan to steal the artifact Jackie is escorting. Taking the ship hostage, the thieves manage to break into the vault but damage the ship, causing it to start to sink. Jackie and Jade 'save' the ship with the Healing Tailsman, while Mom and Uncle stop the bad guys from escaping.moreless
  • Enter the Cat
    Episode 29
    Jackie and Jade find the rare Cat of Khartoum statue in Morocco, but Valmont arrives and steals it to sell to a shady character reminiscent of the Fat Man in "The Maltese Falcon". But then Valmont gets scratched by the statue's magic claw and starts to turn into a creature with the athletic abilities and habits of a cat.moreless
  • Demon World (2)
    Episode 28
    The team discovers that Jackie is protected by the dog talisman and Jade uses the Rooster talisman to make a carpet fly so they can escape from Shendu. Using the rabbit talisman to escape, so they can avoid the dragons that were chasing them and to free the rest of the Jade Team, and they had to battle the demons along the way to free the rest of the Jade Team - Tohru (in the realm of the Wind Demon), El Toro (in the realm of the Mountain Demon), and Viper (in the realm of the Sky Demon). They defeated each one using the immortal items. In Australia, the water, fire, moon, and earth demon try to stop Jackie and the others. They had a temporary win when Jade discovers that she could use the Book of Ages to make the Jade Team better by making Jackie 20 times bigger, having Viper in a Robot costume, and changing Tohru into Super Tohru. Discourage Paco wanted El Toro to be better than Jackie and made him even bigger. After Poco and Jade's conflict, Uncle was morphed into a super human and banished all the demons and sent them back to their world including Shendu. Everything was back in place, with all of the Jade Team having the memory of the amazing battle.moreless
  • Demon World (1)
    Episode 27
    Shendu escapes the Demon realm and takes over Jackie Chan when he was visiting Jade's parents in Hong Kong so her parents can find out how she is doing with Jackie, and then Shendu uses Jackie's body to fly to Australia. Shendu alters the Book of Ages to create a world where demons rule but Jade was able to tear a page out of it when Jade, Uncle and Tohru arrived at Shendu's location. In the world where a demon ruled a certain location, Jade reminds Jackie about humans ruling the world and they go to find the Book of Ages along with Uncle. The Shadowkhan comes and Uncle banishes them with a Chi Spell. Jade brought up the talismans that are integrated in Shendu to escape and get to Australia. Just as the team gathered up a few talismans, Shendu awoke and blasted Jackie!moreless
  • The Eighth Door
    Episode 26
    While Uncle is performing the chi spell to send Bai Tza back, Jade accidentally gets caught in the process and ends up being trapped in the demon netherworld. Jackie, Uncle, and Tohru must get Jade to the eighth door before Shendu uses it to free his siblings.
  • The New Atlantis
    Episode 25
    After being released from her prison, Bai Tza, the Water demon sets out to implement her plan of creating a new underwater empire by sinking the city of San Francisco. Meanwhile, Valmont seeks Uncle's help in exorcising Shendu from his body.
  • The King and Jade
    Episode 24
    Jade uses the snake talisman to secretly accompany Jackie as he serves as the bodyguard to Lee-Lee, boy king of Tangra who desires to escape the confines of royalty and experience the life of a normal kid. She befriends Lee-Lee and decides to take him on a tour of the city to have some fun. However, this places the king in danger as a group of men planning to kidnap him are now aware that he is out in the open unprotected.moreless
  • 1/19/02
    Jackie travelled to India for a conference, to make the courier of a dangerous artefact, an Evil Sutra when it's put in his mouth disguised as a dental filling. Legend says when the Sutra is dropped into the Ganges, the river will dry up, which will allow a corrupt trio of archaeologists to help themselves to untold riches on the river bed. Jackie being chased by both good guys and bad guys (who want to get to his mouth), culminate with the others in the Evil Sutra. Eventually, they all fall down a drain. Jackie and Jade must thwart the bad guys and race through the sewer system to find the tiny Evil Sutra before it reaches the river.moreless
  • 12/15/01
    Jackie is summoned to a remote outpost in the Arctic, where a geologist has discovered a frozen prehistoric Iceman. But they encounter Inuit people in the area and does not want the Iceman to be taken away. After Jackie brings the Iceman back to the lab, Jade covertly thaws him out. Despite Jackie's chastisement, Jade befriends Iceman who turns out to be a gentle innocent, like a big ape. But the creature's safety is jeopardized when black marketer Pete Bailey convinces some Inuit that Iceman is dangerous and must be captured. Now Jade and Jackie must convince the Inuit that Bailey is up to no good, and rescue the Iceman before Bailey uses it for gaining money.moreless
  • Scouts Honor
    Episode 21
    Jackie and Jade find a necklace that has teleportation powers.
  • 12/1/01
    Jade uses the yin-yang talisman to split Jackie Chan into his Dark and Light personalities, so one can attend her school play while the other fulfills Jackie's archaeological exploration commitments.
  • Demon in Di-Skies
    Episode 19
    The Sky demon must retrieve it's tail from Uncle's shop without having Uncle and Jackie sending him back through the portal. Jade befriends Seymour, not knowing that he was really the Sky demon in disguise. Uncle thought there was something strange with this young boy. Soon enough, Uncle, Tohru, Uncle and Jackie found out that Seymour was the Sky Demon when it retrieves it's tail and flies off. Hsi Wu kidnaps Uncle to remove the chi spell that Uncle had placed on his tail. Now the team must take the tail and place it back on the demon before the demon destroys it.moreless
  • Agent Tag
    Episode 18
    Jade follows Section 13 superspy MacTaggert, whose code name is TAG. He infiltrates the secret base of a criminal mastermind named SKIP (skipped past Section-13's every attempt at capture), so Jackie has to go there to rescue her. When Jackie arrives at the base, he is thought to be Tag (because Tag and Skip never met each other before) and he is going to be annihilated when they use their weapon against the world.moreless
  • Armor of the Gods
    Episode 17
    With the recovered armor of the eight immortals by his side, Jackie follows Shendu and the Dark Hand to Spain where they are in search of the portal that will release Dai Gui, the Earth demon. He seeks the assistance of Uncle when trouble arises, but unbeknownst to him there is a major problem. In order to finally get some peace and quiet, Jade has concocted a potion that has put a stressed out Uncle who hasn't slept in days into a deep slumber.moreless
  • The Lotus Temple
    Episode 16
    Jackie, Jade, and an old man are looking in a bamboo forest for the Lotus Temple. Jade wanders off and gets lost. While looking for shelter, she finds the Lotus Temple that only appears at the full moon. Jade enters and is chased by a great beast. When Jade steps out of the temple, the beast stops and cannot leave. The beast then suddenly changes into a little girl who explains that she got lost and spent the night here. In the morning when she woke, the Temple began to disappear and so did she. She was trapped and changed into a beast when there is an intruder. Then, Jeu-Lin invites Jade in so she will not change into the beast. Jeu-Lin explains she read every scroll and was looking for a certain scroll to tell of how a real sorceror escaped long ago. Meanwhile, Jackie and the old man find the Lotus Temple. Shu Len transforms and chases Jackie. The old man goes on ... Jade comes and tells Jeu-Lin to invite Jackie, so she does and they go after the man. The old man was just using Jackie to get the scroll Jeu-Lin was searching for. It granted him great power. He empowered a suit of armour to attack Jackie, while Jackie thought it too could not leave the temple, but it could. While fighting some of the scroll inscriptions rubbed onto Jackies hand, he used this power to defeat the man. Then using the armour, he freed Jeu-Lin from the Temple's curse.moreless
  • Shanghai Moon
    Episode 15
    Jackie and Jade followed the Enforcers into space, where they hope to find the Portal for the Moon Demon. Tohru is sent to space in a second shuttle to cast the Chi Spell on the Demon.
  • Origami
    Episode 14
    Jackie visits Paris, France to authenticate an old Chinese painting, but the painting was stolen from him by an art thief with the unusual talent of being able to fold himself up into impossible positions or shapes, just like a piece of origami paper. The police did not believe his eyewitness account, so Jackie has to try and capture the thief himself with the help of Viper, even though she was a bad influence on Jade.moreless
  • 11/3/01
    When Jade wanted to get a tattoo to be tough, and Jackie forbade the request, Jade creates a fake tattoo of an evil symbol. The symbol stayed on her leg and gave her control over the Shadowkhan, which caused a strange and evil transformation in her as well. Shendu tries to reclaim his Shadowkhan clan while Jackie must remove the spell before it is too late for Jade.moreless
  • 10/29/01
    Jackie is caught up in reading the events of an "ancestor" who spent time as "the law" in the Old West. Jade enters some editorial comments, and we see the Dark Hand portrayed in the same style, suggesting that this struggle has been a long one. Perhaps, that nothing ever changes.moreless
  • 10/27/01
    Jackie heads to Hollywood to get to the Thunder Demon's portal before the Dark Hand does. Tohru and Jade follow Jackie there to search for the map to locate the portal. Jade introduces Jackie to a movie producer, and Jade would like Jackie to be in the movies, so Jade becomes Jackie's agent. Jade was able to glance at the map and take a photo of it before the Dark Hand grabbed it back. Jackie looks for the portal, and when he finds it, the box flew out of his hands and released the Thunder Demon.moreless
  • 10/22/01
    Jackie and Jade guide a rich museum patron named Doctor Smith through the African bush, in search of ruins from the legendary Lost City of the Muntabs. They discover that the city still exists, hidden behind a cloak of invisibility. The Chans were captured, and Jackie must survive the Cave of Truth to prove he's pure of heart. As Jade befriends Abila, a young-looking Muntab girl who was actually more than 200 years old, Smith discovers the Muntab's secret of immortality: the Chalice of Life. Smith steals the Chalice, which Jackie and Jade must get back before the Muntabs age and turn to dust.moreless
  • 10/20/01
    When the Wind Demon's portal is discovered to be inside a prison, Jackie and the Dark Hand infiltrate it as prisoners in a race to get to the portal first. Jackie had to go through a process to manipulate his face into another prisoner to fool the Dark Hand.
  • 10/15/01
    An evil spirit, the Chupacabra, is killing off livestock in Mexico. El Toro and Jackie take on the beast one night and find out that sunlight will kill it. With the Chupacabra dead, a festival is held, and El Toro shows Jackie a scratch he received. Jackie goes and translates tablets that say El Toro's marks made him the next Chupacabra. It is too late, and El Chupcabra is gone. Jackie calls Uncle, and they set off to get Chapsecum to revive El Toro. El Toro is chained in a cave while they set off. They get the Chapsecum and return, but El Toro is missing. He escaped. Jackie finds him and gives him the cure, and our heroes walk off into the sunset.moreless
  • Jade Times Jade
    Episode 7
    In an attempt to be at two places at once, Jade miscasts a duplicator spell that results in numerous copies of herself. Jackie heads to Tokyo to stop Shendu and the Dark Hand from finding the portal that will release Po Kong, the Mountain demon.
  • The J Team (2)
    Episode 6
    The Dark Hand are still possessing the Talismans. Jade calls on some friends from the past - El Toro Fuerte and Viper to help Jackie with the Dark Hand's latest scheme. They follow the Dark Hand to Tibet in search of the Pan Ku Box to unlock the mystery.
  • 9/29/01
    Jackie returns to his quiet life, after believing his work with Section 13, and the threat of Shendu to be to be behind him. Suddenly, the Dark Hand returns, armed with the power of all twelve Talismans. Jackie and Jade must track down the magical amulets, while accidentally uncovering a more dangerous evil.moreless
  • 9/24/01
    Tohru's feisty Mother comes to town, and he is eager to make her proud. So, when a crime family offers to cut him in on a heist of a famous jewel - The Kyoto Octopus, Tohru decides to accept the deal for the money. Meanwhile, Captain Black asks Jackie to guard the very same jewel at the Japanese Expo. Tohru was not that evil, so he declines the offer when he found out that Jackie was guarding the jewel. Unfortunately, Tohru and Jackie get taken hostage by the mobsters. This leaves the ever-bickering Uncle and Tohru's Mom to come to the rescue.moreless
  • Snake Hunt
    Episode 3
    Jackie and Jade cross paths with a television show archaeologist named Wesley Rank while they were trying to find the Snake Talisman. Jackie's effort was to keep the talisman away from Wesley Rank and the Enforcers, and at the climax, Jackie had to battle a Giant Snake in the Snake Temple.moreless
  • 9/15/01
    Jade reanimates a statue of the Warrior Lo Pei, the man who imprisoned Shendu in stone and scattered the talismans. Now Jackie must get the Warrior statue back to the museum before it can re-scatter the talismans or have its talismans taken by the Dark Hand.
  • 9/8/01
    In the sequel to "Shell Game," Jade tries to take the rabbit talisman to school to prove that her adventures really happened. As she sets out for school, Kepler's cronoton beam, which disrupts the time-space continuum, hits the talisman and sends her back to 1976. Unfortunately, the Dark Hand have traveled back in search of the rabbit talisman, equipped with a crystal ball Shendu gave them so they can return to the present. Jade gets 10-year-old Jackie and younger Uncle to help her, but the Enforcers locate 10-year-old Valmont, and 36-year-old Jackie comes back to help Jade. Soon it's a showdown at the school dance(Finn stops fighting to boogie) during which Jackie and Jade grab the crystal ball and send the Enforcers back to the early 1900's.moreless