Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 3

The WB (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • 5/3/03
    The J-Team attends the re-dedication of the San Francisco Museum's collection of Jade (the stone, not the niece) and when the collection disappears again, Viper is accused of the theft. El Toro is later caught in the act of stealing more jade. Jackie chases the masked man and Jade discovers that the thief is A CLONE! Capt. Black interviews Chang (who is in prison) and they discover that Chang is also a clone. The real Chang, and his alchemist Yip, watch from a hidden lair, sending the Jackie clone into Section 13. Jackie-Clone is not able to subdue and replace the real Jackie and flees before being captured. Uncle creates a magic power that will determine who is a clone and who is not - and they discover that Paco is a clone! Impersonating their clones, the J-Team infiltrates Chang's hideouts to rescue Paco. Detected, the J-Team is attacked by the J-Team-clones but Uncle finds a way to over-ride the magic clones and turn them on Chang and Yip.moreless
  • 4/5/03
    Uncle takes Jackie, Jade and Tohru to the Peking Opera which is on tour in San Francisco. There Uncle attempts to reunite with an old friend of the chi arts, Wing, but they are soon squabbling again over their divergent paths. Wing has created a special chi-makeup that allows his performers to pass ghost-like through walls. Jackie spots performers from the Opera leaving in full makeup and follows them to the Museum. The performers melt through the walls ghost like, but Jackie manages to interrupt their robbery. Jade plays with the magic make-up and discovers who the actual thieves are. Jade and Jackie impersonate Opera performers and sneak on stage during a performance to stop the true thieves. Uncle and Wing make peace.moreless
  • Re-Enter the Dragon
    Episode 15
    Daolon Wong releases Shendu from his ethereal imprisonment in exchange for the talisman power of the dragon.
  • Tohru Who?
    Episode 14
    Valmont returns and gives Tohru a magic potion that causes the man-giant to loose his memory. He awakens at Valmonts hideout, and 'remembers' who he is - #1 Enforcer. Uncle creates a locater spell for the missing Tohru and the gang tracks him to India. Tohru believing Jackie to be his enemy, engages him in battle. Triumpant, Valmont and Tohru continue to the Temple of the Golden Elephant. At the temple, Jackie attempts to stop Tohru from stealing a jewel encrusted elephant that will finance the Dark Hand back into action. The removal of the Elephant causes stone statues in the temple to animate. Tohru and Jackie work together to defeat the animated statues while Valmont hides. While Tohru has not regained his memory he relaizes that Jackie helped him while Valmont would sacrifice him, and he aligns himself with Jackie. In attempting to get Tohru under his control again, Valmont accidently spray himself with the amniesia potion and is turned over to the authorities.moreless
  • Animal Crackers
    Episode 13
    This episode come right after "The ox-head incident". Tohru is trying to push the ox down the mountain, but the ox refuses to budge. Just then Chow, Finn, and Ratso appear, demanding the ox. Jade throws her energy bar, and the ox charges right through the trio, causing them to poof. Then Hak Foo shows up, and everyone except Jackie gets into their plane safely, but the pilot is able to spin the plane around, saving Jackie, and dropping Hak Foo. At school, the teacher reminds everyone that they have only one more day to turn in their science fair projects. Jade hasn't started, and Drew teases her about the magic animals she talks about. Jade decides to use the animals as her project and tells Jackie that she's making spud animals. She sneaks all of the animals out of section 13 using the powers of the monkey, snake, and rabbit. Meanwhile, Daolonwong is shouting at his servants that he has only 2 talisman powers, while the good guys have 9. Just then, he realizes that all of the talismans have been brought out of section 13, and are for the taking. He sends his warriors to look for them. Jackie, Tohru, and Uncle decide to surprise Jade and show up to the science fair. Tohru tries a test of strength, and succeeds, but the bell goes flying, and clangs near all the animals who run off in different directions. The rat brings Tohru's moose that he won from the test of strength, to life. Jackie is very angry, and tells everyone except Jade to split up and look for the animals. First, Jade sneaks out finds the rat, but Hak Foo is there too. Jade has no chance to beat Hak Foo, but the stuffed moose whoops him. Meanwhile, the two tigers have split, and Uncle and Finn each find half. Finn uses his blade on Uncle, but a chi spell sends it back at him, cutting off his hair. While Finn is ranting, the blade hits a tower, sending it crashing down on Finn, and Uncle tames both halves of Sasha. Tohru and Ratso have both found the rabbit in a dry cleaner's where they make quite a mess. Ratso grabs the rabbit, and tries to use its speed to get away, but slips on the suds and poofs. Jackie and Chow find the sheep in a factory. They both go astral, and after a bit of fighting, they go back to their bodies, and Jackie pushes Chow off a platform. Back at home, Jackie wonders how they can find the rest of the animals before Daolonwong does. The question is answered when good old Scruffy shows up at the door, and has herded the rest of the animals.moreless
  • 2/8/03

    Jackie and gang locate the Ox talisman powers in the Himalayan mountains. Hak Foo smashes his way into Daolon Wong's lair, and demands the Ox talisman from him. Daolon turns Hak Foo into a Dark Chi Warrior and transports them to the Himalayas. Uncle gets 'the willies' and begins a transfer of the talisman powers from the Ox to another vessel. Daolon ventures into the spirit realm to battle Uncle while Hak Foo takes on Jackie. Daolon captures Uncle's essence, and discovers that Uncle's transfer spell worked. Jackie and gang return to the Ben-Shui temple, where Tohru and Jade work on a spell to locate the Ox talisman powers. Jackie goes to Daolon's lair to retrieve the orb containing Uncle's essence. Just as Jade and Tohru determine that Uncle's body contains the Ox talisman powers, Dark Chi Hak Foo smashes into the temple and takes Uncle. Jackie follows and confronts D.C. Hak Foo and Daolon. Uncle returns to his body just in time to use the Ox talisman powers to defeat the bad guys. The talisman power is returned to the Ox, and Tohru is given the task of creating new vessels to hold the talisman powers.

  • 1/25/03
    Valmont is transformed into a 10 yr. old kid by Daolon Wong after he angers the dark chi wizard during an encounter. Meanwhile, Jade who is feeling down about being small begins to mess around with magic to help her become a little taller. It backfires as Jade begins to grow at a dangerously rapid rate. Besides attempting to reacquire the power of the horse talisman before Daolon Wong gets it; Jackie, Uncle, and Tohru must now also deal with Jade's abnormal growth spurt and a rambunctious little Valmont.moreless
  • A Jolly J-Team Xmas
    Episode 10
    Daolon Wong has captured Santa Claus, who possess good chi in abundance, on Christmas Eve. Jackie, Jade, Uncle prepare for Christmas, with Uncle and Capt. Black trying to convince Jade that Santa is real. An Elf comes to Uncle for help in locating the kidnapped Santa. El Toro and Viper are called into action to help. Tohru, Jade and Paco substitue for Santa in making deliverys that night while Jackie, El Toro and Viper free Santa. Jackie and company go up against Daolon and his evil animated snowmen. Tohru makes a 'nick-of-time' rescue in the sleigh, and is humbled to be sitting beside the Jolly Ol' Elf himself. It's a Merrry Christmas for our heroes!moreless
  • The Invisible Mom
    Episode 9
    The gang is in India in search of the invisibility power of the snake talisman, where they meet Tohru's mom, who reveals herself to be overprotective of her son.
  • 11/9/02
    While trying to obtain the big-horn sheep that embodies the power of astral projection, the Dark Chi Enforcers bungle it so badly that they are banished by Daolon into limbo. Jackie, Jade and Uncle realize that the sheep has astral projected and they must figure out where the astral-sheep has gone. Daolon summons the Shadowkan to do his bidding. With Uncle's magic they locate the astral-sheep and discover that the astral-sheep can talk! The Shadowkan invade the dream scaring the sheep into the night. Jade goes to sleep to find the sheep and communicate with it. But as the astral-sheep returns to its body, Daolon is there to absorb the astra-sheep/power. Daolon uses his new powers to seperate Jade and Jackie's astral forms from their bodies and seal them out. Uncle counteracts Daolon's sealing spell, but returns Astral-Jackie and Jade to the other's body. Utimately the Shadowkan are defeated, the Astral-sheep is returned to its body and astral-Jackie and Jade are returned to their correct bodies.moreless
  • Rabbit Run
    Episode 7
    Jackie tracks the Rabbit Talisman power to Douglas, Wyoming, Jackalope Country USA! Jade befriends Chip, a third string quarterback who wants to play in the big game that night. She discovers that the team mascot is the talisman rabbit they're looking for, but looses him in the process. Just as they catch up with the whiley rabbit, Daolon and the Dark Chi Enforcers arrive. Chip stumbles upon the group and inadvertenly allows Jade to grab the rabbit. Daolon takes Chip prisoner and demands the rabbit in exchange. Durring the 'exchange' Chip realizes the power of the rabbit and manages to grab it from Jade and take off. Chip arrives at the game just in time to be sent in. Chaos ensues as Jackie goes into the game to retrieve the rabbit while Uncle performs chi spells from the sidelines. Daolon is defeated and the rabbit is sent to Section 13.moreless
  • When Pigs Fly
    Episode 6
    The talisman power of Levitation has been tracked to Malaysia where Jackie battles the Dark Chi Enforcers for the special rooster. On the return home, Uncle informs Jackie that he has tracked the heat-beam talisman power to a pig in Kansas. He and Tohru will meet Jackie and Jade there. Jackie and Jade track the pig to a farm where they try and convince the farmer to part with his prize winning pig. Later they return to 'sneak out' with the pig, and activate the pigs heat-beam eyes in the process. The farmer's two sons attack the 'pig rustlers'. During the meele, the rooster's cage is knocked open and it takes off with the pig, literally (with the rooster on it's back, the pig can also levitate). Daolon and the D. C. Enforcers arrive to obtain both of the animals. In the final battle, the farmer's house is engulfed in the rooster's levitation field and Jade makes nice with the pig turning its heat beams on the D.C. Enforcers. Unfortunately, Daolon is able to drain both animals of their powers.moreless
  • Monkey a Go-Go
    Episode 5
    The troublesome Monkey King returns! An unsuspecting construction worker finds a monkey puppet in concrete and unwittingly pulls its leg. The Monkey King is free and off to get his revenge on Jackie! Uncle has traced another talisman power, this one to Hawaii. In Hawaii, Jackie, Jade, and Uncle trace the power to the pet Japanese monkey of a visiting Japanese dignitary. Daolon (without The Dark Chi Enforcers) arrives and startles the monkey who shape-shifts away. Bedlam ensues as Jackie and Daolon track the morphing monkey around the island. When the Monkey King arrives, Daolon inadvertently gives our heroes the interference they need to escape with the magical simian. Daolon uses a spell to return the Monkey King to his puppet state.moreless
  • Aztec Rat Race
    Episode 4
    Jackie, Jade, Uncle, El Toro and Paco track the talisman power of the rat (reanimation) to Mexico. Finding the rat in an ancient Aztec temple, El Toro accidentally causes the rat's powers to bring a statue of the god Quetzalcoatl to life. To make matters worse, Quetzalcoatl mistakes Jade for the goddess Chiuacoatl and El Toro for Xolotl, the god of the underworld.moreless
  • Viva Las Jackies
    Episode 3
    Jackie, Jade, and Uncle track the yin yang talisman to Las Vegas where the noble tiger is part of a magic stage show. In attempting to move the tiger to safety, Jackie accidentally causes the talisman powers to activate, which creates a light tiger and a dark tiger. In the struggle to reunite the tigers, Jackie is caught in the talisman energy. Jade's quick thinking keeps him from fully splitting into his light and dark half. However, he has split into his two halves down to the waist.moreless
  • 9/21/02
    The Enforcers and Daolon Wong both break into Section 13 in search of the talismans. Uncle capture the Dark Chi warriors in a magical urn. Jackie destroys the talismans rather than allowing them to fall into the wrong hands. Doing so unleashes the powers of the talismans from their physical containers, sending the powers to reside inside the decendents of the 12 animals of the Zodiac. Dalon Wong later turns the Enforcers into his new Dark Chi Warriors. The first power that Jackie and team track is the power of Imortality, which leads them to a local dog show. Making off with the dogs before Daolon can harm them, the team encounters the new Enforcers/Dark Chi Warriors in the park. Jackie and company defeat the Dark Chi Enforcers and save the noble canine.moreless
  • 9/14/02
    The J-Team reunites to infiltrate a secret island base where Capt. Black believes that Jade (the stone, not the niece) is being smuggled through. Jackie, Tohru, Viper and El Toro masqurade as contestants in a martial arts tournament in order to gain entry. Jade takes upon herself to train Tohru for his sumo competitions. Jade sneaks onto the island and becomes instramental in locating the smuggled Jade stone.moreless