Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 1 Episode 5

Shell Game

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2000 on The WB

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  • Hilarious!

    Jade makes an unusual discovery on the TV; the rabbit talisman embedded within, ironically, a tortoise. Jackie and Jade go to retrieve it, and run into the Dark Hand, who fared a better job of capturing it. They followed Ratso, who was left behind, and track him down to an exchange to one of Valmont's friends who adores eating exquisite animals, such as Asopp the tortoise. Jackie Chan gets in a fierce fight with Tohru, as well as the Shadowkhan, and rescue Asopp, as well as taking with him the hare talisman.

    Flat out hilarious. There were just so many scenes that made you giggle or crack up. One of them was when Ratso's conversation was intercepted by Jade and Jackie, and Jackie fooled Jade into thinking they'd both follow them using a taxi, but Uncle was really inside it to take Jade home. The other was when Jackie Chan was fighting against the dark hand underwater, and the father and son was just watching him as nothing spectacular or abnormal was going on. Though none of those beat out Tohru, when he was using the hare talisman to maximize his speed, and slips directly into the airplane he was going to use to make the getaway with the talisman. The choreography was excellent as always, and incorporated some of the above events with awesome martial arts action.