Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 1 Episode 11

The Dog and Piggy Show

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2001 on The WB

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  • This is the time we see Uncle acting as a twenty-year old guy and most of the story doesn't have the "One More Thing.." quote. A great show to watch.

    Starts off in Holland where Jackie manage to gets the Dog Talisman out in the windmill. Until Tohru came. After a fight, Tohru accidentaly dropped the locater and as he fell down from the windmill after losing his balace, he landed onto the locater and it breakes into two.

    Back at home, Jade calls Jackie reminding him to buy a present for Uncle. After that, Uncle tells Jade to lower down her hip-hop music. Uncle then accidentaly breaks his antique vase and feels depressed about it.

    Back at the Enforcers headquarters, Valmont is angry of Tohru for destroying the locater. Shendu tells that the locater is hard to make. Valmont intend to hire another worker. Tohru tells him not to but then Valmont introuduce to Hak Foo(Black Tiger). At first Tohru intimiate him but as he shows off his skills to Tohru, he's a bit scared.

    Back at Uncle's shop, Jade and Jackie celebrate Uncle's birthday but he isn't satisfied as he's feels older every birthday. So in the middle of the night, he examine the Dog Talisman and found out that it's an immortality talisman. Soon a flash of light appear in his room.

    The next day, Jade was surprised that she found a talisman-chocolate type. Jackie groans that he has to go to Bulveria (I assume is somewhere in Germany) again. This time, Uncle, with his bags packed intend to come along. Jade was happy to hear it. Jackie is worried of his safety but he tells him no problem. He nearly gave his powers away by saving his antique vase from falling.

    Just then, the enforcers manage to hack into the airline system to Bulveria. So they send Hak Foo and Tohru along their way.

    In Bulveria, Jackie tells Jade to stay with Uncle but they were to busy knowing about the festival later and the meaning of it. In another area, Hak Foo ask him to look for the remaining talisman. He mention the Tiger and the Pig where everywhere in the area are Pig mascots.

    Jackie in the chocolate factory insist of asking of the talisman but the manager doesn't know about it. Back in the festival, after Jade and Uncle's dancing, he takes a bit of a huge cheese. Jade then becomes suspicious about his odd behaeviour even his "One More Thing" isn't stated. So Uncle shows his Dog Talisman. As she thinks that it'll make a person more cooler, they've see a clock tower ringing .

    At night, Jackie sneak into the chocolate factory and tries to find the talisman but Hak Foo came and beat him badly with his naming moves like "Monkey Plucks Two Pidgeon". As he put his foot onto Jackie, Uncle and Jade came. Surprisingly, he manage to block all Hak Foo's moves. But then, Hak Foo hits uncle by changing the fist into a foot and punches Unclw with his Elephant Fist.

    Hak Foo then takes his leaves and both Jackie and Jade tries to wake Uncle up. In his dream (like in Jade Monkey) the real Uncle wakes him up.

    As he gets up, they've tell Jackie to go to the clock tower. But as they've already there, Tohru grabs Jackie while Hak Foo stopped Jade. But as Uncle appear, Hak Foo was shocked to see him alive. Tohru intimiated Uncle and Uncle uses Jackie's elbows to hit Tohru's stomach. So both guys chased after them. So they've reached to the top and Jade manage to grabs the Talisman but Tohru grabs her yet he nearly fell down and hangs onto the clock's hand. Jackie and Uncle manage to reach up to the tower yet Hak Foo beats them and takes the Pig Talisman from her hand.

    As he discover the powers, he decides to use Heat Beam Eye Blast, the tower rings. He too fell down but acidentally uses Heat Beat Eye Blast to destroy the tower. So Jackie and Jade ran diwn from the tower but he was surprise to see Uncle running down. Hak Foo and Tohru landed onto a hay of stack while Hak Foo dropped down the talisman.

    As the good guys jumped into the shades in a nearby shop, Uncle decides to get the Talisman but Jackie wants an explaination. So he takes off the Dog Talisman, thanking him for all this time. But as he gives it to him, he nagges and intend to take a nap. Jackie refers that we can't change the hands of the clock.
  • Jackie gets the dog talisman from tohru, meanwhile, Uncle is sad about his birthday, and getting older, so he uses the immortality(dog) talismanto make him feel younger. Valmont is upset with tohru's failure and hires a kung fu master named Hak foo

    Good, very good, this is the very first episode about Uncle, and the first appearance of one of my favorite villains Hak Foo. Although, I wish the Shadowkhan were here, I think they're cool. This episode is a funny story about how the old long to be young again, amd I think it is an important lesson about one trying to turn back the hands of time. It is kind of wierd how Hak Foo has a weird name for every single kung fu move, seriously when does he get the time to come up with all this stuff. Come on, what's up with that.
  • Wonder what Uncle did when he was younger.

    Jackie is able to retrieve the dog talisman before Tohru. In the process, Tohru accidentally sits on his own talisman tracker. Valmont recruits a new member named Hak Fu due to Tohru's insolence. This new member seems to be promising, possessing excellent martial arts skills that are on par with Jackie Chan's. Back at the antique shop, even though it's uncle's birthday, he's rather depressed of his aging. Though he discovers that the dog talisman grants youth and immortatily.

    Uncle tags along with Jackie and Jade to find the pig talisman located in Biveria. Jackie is unable to find the pig talisman, but it's Jade and Uncle who discover it on the top of the central clock tower on the forehead of a pig. Though they encounter some major trouble within that same tower with both Tohru and Hak Fu, but the Uncle and Jackie duo proved to be superior. Uncle decides to give back the talisman, for being young was too dangerous and exhausting for his taste.

    While uncle being young again was indeed badass, it'll surely overshadow one aspect of this episode that made it so unique; Biveria. Well, not exactly the country itself; it looks like a cool country to live in, with the obsession with pigs and the entertainers playing their instruments in the middle of the streets. How Jackie discovered the pig talisman being within that country was unique with a chocolate coin that he previously bought in that country sharing the same icon as the pig talisman. In the process, that pig company wouldn't have been made if it weren't for the talisman, which is just really cool.

    Though on to the main stuff; Uncle was badass! It's too bad he won't be able to keep the dog talisman, because man, he's just awesome with it! Hak Fu is an interesting character himself, but his constant yelling of animal personifications gets a little annoying. The fighting was still awesome with Uncle and Jackie fighting Hak Fu, and Hak Fu himself was pretty funny, constantly ripping jokes on Tohru and his fatness. This episode once again delivers in comedy, and action.