Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 5 Episode 12

The Powers That Be (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 25, 2005 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Captain Black, the J-Team, and some old adversaries put their differences aside to come together in order to stop Drago who is on the verge of conquering the entire world.
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  • Great show though this should of been the season 4 finale

    I have really only one gripe about this show, is that the the time travel eps. made no sense at all. Some eps. more recent the deja vu ep. Jackie was reliving all his past adventures, and at the the end when he went back to his time you can see on uncle spellivision Jackie just disapeared and the Jackie of thier time didnt come back, so past uncle/jade just wondered what happend. So why didnt Uncle or Jade have any memory of this happening. One could say that thier was split in realities of what occured, but then how was Jade from the past able to throw Shendu's teeth in the fire and in the future they disapeared, wouldnt the chans in the future be aware this would happen? Anything they do with time travel changes the future, everyone should of changed the present/future all the time. I know its a kids cartoon, but with this shows high quality in the animation and writing Its just a bit disapointing they didnt work harder on these plotholes, I am an avid believer if your not going to do time travel stories right, then dont do them at all. I DO think the season 4 finale Ninja Twilight should of been the more epic finale of the show. Drago the lame villian from the future who couldnt change his own past really sucked life out of the last season.moreless
  • Great episode, but a few unanswered questions.

    Great episode, but a few unanswered questions such as how Shendu was freed. Overall this was a great finale, Valmont could have played a bigger role and I was a bit disappointed that Drago didn't punish Strikemaster Ice and his crew for their previous betrayal. Otherwise, it was good to see Shendu back in action and a great ep
  • Valmont could have a bigger role at this episode.

    Valmont's only appearance in "The Powers that Be(2)" is leaving the bus. He could have a bigger role. He didn't even meet the Enforcers this season. He could have rejoined them against Drago and give us an idea that he would lead the Dark Hand again for other crimes and make us expect for another season.

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