Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 1 Episode 12

The Tiger and the Pussycat (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2001 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Light Jackie and Dark Jackie are fighting while Jade is trying to open the tackle box, if you slow down the scene where Light Jackie is behind the ladder and Dark Jackie is trying to hit him, you'll notice that Dark Jackie disappears and suddenly reappears! The reason may be because for the fluid animation of the sequence.

  • Quotes

    • Uncle: Within each and everyone of us lies conflicting forces, yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil.
      Jade: Like Jackie has a dark side.
      Jackie: I do. Her name is Jade.

    • (Tohru kidnaps Jade)
      Light Jackie: Jade!
      Dark Jackie: Too bad, I kinda like her. She's scrappy.
      Light Jackie: Oh, she's family! We have to save her!
      Dark Jackie: We do?
      Light Jackie: You'll get to fight more bad guys.

    • Dark Jackie: Give me that, you little gnat!
      Light Jackie: Ah, ah, ah, name calling is not nice either!

    • Finn: He'll never catch us.
      Chow: Weren't we supposed to catch him?
      Finn: Shut up.

    • Valmont: Game over, Chan. Way over.

    • (After Dark Jackie has thrown the Enforcers out of Uncle's shop)
      Finn: Does it seem like Chan's in a particularly bad mood today?
      Chow: You mean the psycho? He copped my jacket!

    • (After Dark Jackie attacks Jade and is stopped by Light Jackie)
      Light Jackie: Uh-uh-uh. It's not nice to drop kick little girls.

    • Tohru: It's always Tohru! Everyone always blames Tohru!

    • Light Jackie: Brother! You're alright! (looks at the box Dark Jackie is holding) Are you going fishing?
      Dark Jackie:: Went. Talisman Fishing.
      Light Jackie: Oh! You're a very bad man!
      Dark Jackie: And you're ugly!

    • Light Jackie: I am the dark side ... I murdered a bug!

    • Jade: You're the side who ate my candy, right? (Dark Jackie gives a small smile) You're evil! Evil!

    • Jade: (points to Light Jackie) See, if he's got a fighting side, then you gotta have a nice guy side!
      Dark Jackie: (referring to the talismans) Once I give these to Valmont, I'll have a rich guy side!

    • Light Jackie: Are those seats real leather? (crying) Oh, those poor cows!

  • Notes

    • Tohru won the pie-eating contest after eating a record-breaking 47 pies.

    • In the episode "Bullies," Ms. Hardman said Jade got in trouble for stilt walking with ladders. While fighting Dark Jackie, Light Jackie actually did stilt walk with a ladder.

    • Shendu is restored to full power at the end of this episode.

    • New Talisman: Tiger
      It brings spiritual balance and fuses the conficting powers of all the other talismans into one (For example, if you use it with the Rooster and the Rabbit Talisman, you'll be able to fly fast).
      The Old Man at the pie contest broke it, so it split Jackie into his good and bad halves when he accidentally used it, but since the very end of this episode, when Valmont put both halves into Shendu, the talisman isn't broken anymore.

  • Allusions

    • n/a: Light and Dark Jackie
      Jackie Chan played twins separated at birth in the movie, Twin Dragons. One twin is particularly good and the other is particularly bad.